You and Grant are arriving home after the Golden Globes show and the after party. In January 2015.

Grant carries you in his arms to the bedroom, in the house you two got together in late 2013, after a one year period in which you two lived together in your old house. He had moved in together with you after the Catching Fire shooting in late 2012. There were of course some people who thought you two were making a mistake because it was too early but you had proved them wrong so far. As you and Grant always knew.

Grant puts you down once you two are in the bedroom. Immediately he wraps his arms around your waist and gives you his best cheeky smile. "So, how does it feel to be the most gorgeous, stunning and beautiful girl of the night?"

You grin. "You tell me... How does it feel to be the most talented, brilliant and acclaimed actor of the night?" You wave the golden statue that you are holding in front of him.

He smiles truly happy. "Oh my god, I can't even begin to tell... I still think they made a mistake. Hahah!" He laughs loudly.

"Nah, no mistake. Best actor in a motion picture, drama. It's all yours. And so deserved. Oh, honey, you deserve all the awards." With your hand on the back of his neck you pull him into a passionate kiss.

When you two pull apart he says seriously, "you know, I said it tonight for everyone in the whole world to hear it and I say it again to you: I couldn't do it without you, without your nonstop and unconditional love and support all this time."

"In that case get ready for a lot of these statues, because I'm not going anywhere." You smile teasing him.

"You better." He teases you back, kissing you again.

"I can't wait for the Oscar nominations this week..." You grin happily.

"Hahah! Let's not get ahead of ourselves..." He giggles. "Let's just enjoy this for now..." Grant walks to the little table you have there and that's when you realize there's something hidden under a white linen cloth. He removes the cloth to reveal champagne, two glasses, a whole plate full of strawberries and a bowl full of chocolate.

"Oh dear." You mumble, looking at the champagne. You take a deep breath, thinking to yourself, 'now it's the time to tell him.'

Before you can open your mouth Grant is next to you again and he holds your hand in his. "You know, tonight there's a lot more to celebrate than just a dumb statue. Something much more important. And I know how you feel about alcohol, your low tolerance to it, how you haven't touched it the whole night or the past time actually... But I hope you will have some of this champagne with me and have a toast after what I have to say..." He takes your hand to his lips and kisses it softly.

You feel your heart beating a lot faster. "I need to tell you something too..." You say a bit nervous.

"Oh." You can see Grant's surprised expression. "Ok. Go first. I'm listening."

"I can't have any champagne." You smile apologetically.

Grant scowls confused. "Babe... it's just the two of us here... There's no problem if you get a bit tipsy. We're not in public anymore. Besides I haven't still told you what I have to..."

"Neither have I... Let me say it, I can't hold this anymore." You sigh deeply and your breathing rate speeds up.

Grant's face is now showing concern. "Oh dear, what is it?"

You take a deep breath and you smile shyly. "I'm pregnant."

"What?!" Grant opens his eyes in awe and a huge smile appears in his face. "OH MY GOD!" He quickly lifts you in the air and spins you around. "Oh my fucking god! I'm so, so, so, so fucking happy! That thing," he points to the golden globe, "is absolutely nothing compared to this." He kisses your lips eagerly and then looks at you with tears already filling his eyes. "I love you so, so, so much."

"I love you too, sweetheart." You grin happily hugging him tight.

"Fuck, I'm going to be a father! We're going to be parents!" Grant is all hyper and ecstatic. You can see he's really over the moon. "When did you find out?" He asks excitedly looking at your belly.

"Well, first there was some nausea and morning sickness, then the breast swelling and tenderness..."

Grant giggles, "I noticed that the other night... I thought I had been too harsh on you..."

You chuckle. "Right, and I thought it was just PMS... But after a week of missing period I figured what it could be... Urine test was positive. Then I got a blood test this week and a doctor's appointment. It's positive all right. Four weeks old." You smile trying hard to fight the tears in your eyes.

Grant finally puts his hand over your belly. "Oh my god. Our baby. This is just... Oh dear." He's visibly emotional. He hugs you tight. "I'm so happy! How did you manage to hide this from me?" He grins.

You shrug smiling. "I don't know... I didn't want to give you any false hope, so I wanted to be sure first. And then when I was sure I was just a bit scared... I decided I would tell you tonight. To cheer you if you didn't win the award, which I always knew you would, and you did so basically I just wanted to make you even happier."

"Happy is an understatement, my love." He sighs. "I honestly can't put into words what I'm feeling right now and how I feel about you. It's just so..."

You smile tenderly at him, caressing the back of his head. "I know. I feel the same. Anyway, what did you want to tell me?"

"Oh! That. I..." Grant seems a little lost. He breathes in deeply trying to regain his control. "Oh dear, after this news I don't think it could ever come at a better time..."

He pulls away from you and in a second he's kneeling down in front of you, taking a small black box from his pocket and opening it. "Love of my life, mother of my child, will you marry me?"

At this time you already have tears running down your cheeks, happiness tears, of course. He was proposing. He had already this planned and he wanted you to be his wife. His wife. You close your eyes for a second and you take a deep breath. "Of course I will, love of my life, father of my child."

Your answer makes Grant smile widely and standing up he manages to slip the gorgeous diamond ring on your finger.

"Fuck the champagne, fuck everything. We don't need anything as long we have each other." You two seal the engagement with a long, passionate kiss.

A/N Sorry, I had to finish this story with a 'lived happily ever after'. Hope you liked it and thanks for reading it.

I'm starting on a new story with Grant but who knows if I don't come back to this one as well with new drama... :)