Life is a Business trip.

You scam people out of their Pocket money, and they don't know until later on, after you've made a move on. Or you go into more convenient measures and just rob them flat out. Or, you can situate yourself with a Tourist Trap full of a bunch of convincing junk and rake in money from a bunch of dull people who always feel the need to stop by and spend a little money.

That was what Stan did. Made himself the Mystery Shack, made enemies out of the people down in town, and had a million secrets that would probably go with him to the grave. He was almost heartless, and would never hesitate to pull a quick buck.

Gravity Falls had a definite mysterious and dangerous air around it. That was for sure. He'd known it since he'd grew up here as a kid. But he chose to ignore it. No point in chasing myths and monsters, they'd just get you killed.

He'd never really loved anybody. Except maybe his wife. But that was short term.

But still, he knew he didn't want Dipper and Mabel Pines to get hurt, or worse. They were his nephew and his niece. Plus, they were workers, and losing them would lose profit as well.

Stan gave a new batch of suckers the rundown of the place. "And this is a painting of a Big Foot. Interesting, isn't it?" He showed a picture of a large, hairy, and ape like foot, simply printed onto a fake canvas.

Soos raised his hand. "Can I have it?"




Ugh. Soos was a handy man, large, and had a childlike personality. He was strong though, so he needed him.

An actual customer raised her hand. She had bright blonde hair, and a fat, tacky dress. "How much does it cost?"

Stan rubbed his fingers together thoughtfully. Just how much could he get out of these people? "Fifty Bucks, in cash only."

A skinny, not very bright looking brunette man crossed his eyebrows. "That print of a foot doesn't look like it's worth hardly anything, Sir."

Oh, great. Someone who was actually intelligent. And when someone who had smarts was around stupid people, they started to realize stuff too.

"That's because your eyesight's obviously very blurry. So, is it a deal?" He asked the fat lady. She was about to nod her head, and hand over the cash, when the man spoke up again.

"I think you're scamming these people, Sir."

Stan's brow began to sweat, as some very expectant eyes laid on him. He hates the run-ins with the cops, and he's been able to avoid them since he had Mabel and Dipper do those counterfeit bills. Yep, like the optimistic girl said, the County Prison was cold. So very cold.

"Mabel! Put your grappling hook down, you're going to hit someone!" A familiar voice shouted. He appeared from the back door.

The familiar, braced girl appeared as well, wielding the Grappling Hook. She'd got it as a thank you one of the first times they were here, as well as Dipper's hat.

"But I want to play with it!"


She accidentally pulled the Trigger, and a hook went flying, and it slammed right against the Skeptic's sleeve, pulling him all the way out the front door, and his weight was enough to pull the Grappling Hook gun out of Mable's hand, flying out the door with him.

Wendy sighed from the counter, but gave a playful smile. "What did I tell you two about harming pedestrians?"

Stan smiled smugly as he took the Fifty Bucks in exchange for the Painting. As long as those two young kids were running around, he'd never have any problems. Except for the ones they'd cause upon themselves.