Chapter 5

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*Sigh…* I uh…sighed, eyes closed, head down. I was bored, and I would kill for a drink. It's such a hot day!

My feet carried me to a vending machine, and I pulled out some yen. "Let's see here…" I muttered to myself. Green tea- 500 yen. Orange juice- 400 yen. Grape Ponta-

I felt a stab. It was Ryoma-kun's favourite drink. Maybe I should buy it for him after his game? Wait! I shouldn't be thinking like that. I've already told myself.I've gotten over him. I was free, remember?

"Ryuuzaki-san!" I heard someone call. I automatically turned around.

"Fuji-sempai! What can I do for you?" I bowed, as was the courteous thing to do to a sempai.

"Well… I was wondering… if I could take a picture of you?" Fuji-sempai inquired.

"Ehh?" My cheeks flushed. Nobody had ever asked me for a picture before. "Ah-ah- sure." I couldn't refuse him.

"Great!" beamed Fuji-sempai. "Now, just stand over here, stay still, and…"


"Perfect! Arigato, Ryuuzaki-chan!"

"Ah- don't mention it."

"Now, if you'll excuse me…" and Fuji-sempai vanished.

"Ehh?! Fuji-sempai can disappear?"

3rd Person

"I'd like this picture developed and blown up to poster size please."

"Wow, what a cute girl! Is she your girlfriend?"

"Nope. When will it be done?"

"Ah-ah-in one hour."

"Alright. I will be back for it then.

Fuji walked out of the photography developing shop whistling. He wondered what Yuuta would say when he found the poster of Ryuuzaki-chan in his room.

He would be pleased.


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