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It's hard to believe that James and Jenna said "I do" two years ago. They had a wonderful relationship, until Jenna gave birth to their daughter. Yeah, that sounds bad, but the only bad thing is that Jenna died. He probably shouldn't be upsetting himself by looking at their old scrapbook, but sometimes he needs to reminisce about the days when Jenna was still alive.

He looks at the pages with tear filled eyes. He misses her so much. He wishes that she could be here to see their amazing baby girl Mackenzie, Kenzie for short. Kenzie is his whole couldn't possibly imagine life without her. She's fifteen months old and she's the sweetest little girl that James knows. It's too bad that he's raising her alone.

He looks up when he hears babbling coming from the baby monitor on the dining table. He reaches for it and walks towards his shared bedroom with his little girl. Of course, this little princess is gonna keep him busy. She always does.

"What do you want this time?" He asks, lifting her into his arms. He kisses he cheek lovingly, grinning as he tickles her tummy. She giggles sweetly and he carries her to the living room, laying on the couch. He playfully lifts her in the air, giving her a kiss every time he brings her back down.

"Up! And down." He says playfully. "Up! And down."

"Ba Ba Ba Ba..." Kenzie babbles, sitting on James's chest. That's baby talk for bottle.

"Baby, I'm weaning you off the bottle." James tells her, standing back up. "You can drink milk from your sippy cup, like a big girl."

"Ba Ba Ba Ba..." Kenzie keeps babbling, waving her arms. He mouths "no" and carries her to the kitchen. She only gets to have three bottles a day, then a sippy cup. Pretty soon, she'll be getting two bottles a day and two sippy cups. He doesn't wanna move too fast, though. They're taking it slow.

"See? I got you the nice purple one." He says after he has filled the cup with milk. He carries her to the dining table and hands the cup to her, kissing the top of her head. He flips the page of the scrapbook, a stray tear falling down his cheek. Jenna looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. In this picture, they're standing outside the country club, smiling into a sweet kiss. She should be here with him and Kenzie.

"I loved your mommy so much." He says, his voice choked up. He looks up to see his sister in law, Chris, standing there. He puts on a smile, hoping that she won't question him. He really doesn't feel like talking about Jenna.

"What are you two doing up this late?" She asks him, hugging him from behind.

"Kenzie was thirsty." James responds with a soft smile.

"And what are you looking at?" Chris sits in the chair next to him, looking at the scrapbook. He hopes that he doesn't break down in tears. He doesn't need her mothering him. She does that every time he gets emotional about Jenna's death.

"She looked beautiful." Chris says softly, wrapping her arm around him.

"Yeah." James whispers, adjusting his glasses. "She did."

"And this cutie looks just like her." Chris smiles, stroking Kenzie's cheek.

"Look, I'm gonna put her back to bed." James replies quietly, sitting Kenzie's empty cup on the table. He stands up and carries his baby girl back to their room. She rests her head on his shoulder, her eyes barely open. He kisses her on the head once more before lowering her into the crib.

"Maybe you and Lucy can enjoy a romantic date tomorrow." Chris says, leaning against the door frame. Lucy Stone is his girlfriend of a little more than four months. He wasn't too sure about dating again, but Lucy finally convinced him. Jenna will always be his first love, though.

"Maybe." He sighs, staring at the sweet little girl in the crib.

"Now get you butt to bed right now." Chris tells him, ushering him toward the bed. Seriously, people act like he's gonna break if he gets a little tired. Even though he's twenty three, a grown man, some people insist on treating him like a child. James, go to bed, you look tired! James, are you getting sick? He appreciates the concern, but sometimes it drives him crazy.


"Just do it." Chris says, ruffling his hair. Chuckling, he rolls his eyes and lays down, pulling the covers over himself.

"Hey, let's get you some breakfast." James smiles, reaching into the crib. He grins and kisses her cheek, giving her a hug. She grabs some of his hair and he reaches for her hand, chuckling as he lovingly gives her another kiss. She's a hair puller, but he's trying to put a stop to that. She can't grow up thinking that it's okay to pull someone's hair.

"I'll let you walk." He says, sitting her on the floor. She babbles as she toddles into the living room.

"Good morning, cutie!" Mama Knight says in a baby voice. James yawns as he walks into the room, still feeling a bit tired.

"And good morning to you!" Mama Knight says to him, lifting Kenzie into her arms.

"Good morning." James smiles. "Hey, I'm gonna get her some breakfast."

"I bought some more yogurt at the store yesterday."

"Thanks." James replies before walking into the kitchen. He opens the fridge and searches for the yogurt that Mama Knight mentioned. Kenzie's favorite food is vanilla yogurt, so James makes sure that they always have some. He makes sure that she eats a variety of foods, but he doesn't mind letting her enjoy her favorite snack. He's the same way with chocolate pudding.

"Carlos, Logan, Katie, get up!" Mama Knight calls out. "I'm about to start making breakfast."

"Where did Chris go?" James asks as he walks over to the dining table.

"She's getting dressed." Mama Knight responds, sitting Kenzie on his lap. James nods while opening the yogurt, grabbing the spoon. He scoops up some yogurt, feeding it to his little girl. He can tell that she's enjoying it.


"Kenzie, what are you saying?" James asks, giving her some more yogurt.

"Okay, I got the idiots out of bed." Katie says as she, Carlos, and Logan walk into the room. Katie is Mama Knight's seventeen year old daughter and Kendall's little sister. She recently left rehab after finally deciding to get help for her year long battle with anorexia. Yep, Kendall Knight's sister had an eating disorder, but she's doing a lot better now.

"Hey, we are not idiots!" Carlos argues.

"Well, you are." Logan points out. "But I'm not."

"Don't start arguing now." Mama Knight warns them. "Kendall and Jo are coming over later and I want everyone to get along."

"Okay, you finished." James says, putting Kenzie down.

"I think Kenzie wants a hug!" Carlos says in a sing song voice. James resists laughing as he takes the trash to the kitchen. He throws the empty yogurt container in the trashcan and puts the dirty spoon in the sink. Then he returns to the living room, where Carlos has taken Kenzie. Oh boy, he's making silly faces again. Every time he does that, Kenzie will start doing the same thing and James won't be able to look at her without laughing.

"Dada!" Kenzie exclaims, pointing at James.

"That's right, sweetie!" Mama Knight coos, pointing at James. "That's your daddy."

"And daddy wants a hug from his little munchkin." James says, getting on his knees. He holds out his hands, watching as Kenzie toddles over to him. He lifts her into his arms, kissing her nose. She touches his cheek and he happily cuddles her. He really does love this little girl. Even though he lost Jenna, he takes comfort in knowing that he has his amazing little girl.

"Alright, I'm here!" Lucy says in a sing song voice, barging into the apartment. James loves how she shows up completely unannounced.

"Me too!"

James recognizes that voice. Jenna's best friend, Lacey Russo, moved to New York City after Jenna died, but she must be back. Oh, this will definitely be...exciting. She use to drive people crazy, especially Mr. Bitters. She has caused that man even more stress than he had before. Don't even get James started on her relationship with Gustavo.

"Hey, the psycho's back!" Logan says with sarcastic cheer.

"Shut up!" Lacey snaps, following Lucy into the apartment.

"And how are my two favorite people doing?" Lucy asks, giving both James and Kenzie a kiss on their cheeks.

"What's going on here?" Lacey asks with a knowing smile.

"We're together, genius." James replies. "And what are you doing back in LA?"

"I missed this city, so I moved my new interior design business here!" Lacey smiles, sitting her purse on the couch. She graduated from college with a degree in interior design and she just recently started her own business. She's not very well known yet, but she has had a few customers express interest in her work.

"By the way, Gabby just rented an apartment here at the Palm Woods and I'm living with her, so you're gonna be seeing a lot more of me."

"Oh no." James groans.

"You know you're excited to see me." Lacey grins.

"Lacey, Gabby has a crush on me!" James tells her. "When the guys and I went on tour to promote our second album, we performed in LA and she actually snuck into our dressing room! She stole a pair of my boxers!"

"Whatever." Lacey says boredly, smiling when she sees Kenzie. "Aww, I haven't seen this girl since she was a newborn baby. Hi, cutie!"

"Kenzie, say hi to Auntie Lacey." James says, holds Kenzie so she's facing Lacey. The little girl rests her head on James's shoulder, seeming rather shy all of a sudden. She's one of those babies that has to get use to people that she doesn't know. She has only seen Lacey a couple times and that was when she was still a newborn.

"She's shy." He explains.

"Well, we can get to know each other now." Lacey says, stroking Kenzie's cheek. James sits Kenzie down and let's her walk around. At that moment, someone turns the doorknob and the door opens, revealing Kendall and his new wife, Jo. They just got back from their honeymoon a couple days ago and they have been busy settling into married life...and their new house, of course.

"We finally had time to visit!" Jo says happily.

"K-K-K-" Kenzie babbles, waving her arms. She's trying to say Kendall's name, but she hasn't quite gotten it yet. The only names she knows are Mama (thanks to James showing her pictures and talking about Jenna) and Dada. She has also started saying the word "no." She says no to everything, even when she actually means yes.

"Hey, sweetie!" Kendall says, picking her up.

She smiles cutely, putting her fingers in her mouth.

"Are we gonna eat or not?" Katie asks impatiently.

"Be patient!" Mama Knight calls out from the kitchen. James grins and ruffles Katie's hair, laughing as she pushes his hand away. She's really like a sister to him, but he still thinks that she has a secret crush on him, even though she always denies it. She'll have to admit it someday.

"How was your honeymoon?" Mama Knight asks Kendall and Jo.

"The best." Jo says dreamily.

""Except when I accidentally stepped on some kid's sand castle and he threw a stick at me." Kendall points out. "Oh, and let's not forget the beach dude that kept hitting on Jo."

"I threatened to call the cops." Jo adds.

"Wow," Mama Knight says slowly. "That"

"Totally!" Lacey agrees, eagerly grabbing another sausage. Something tells James that it's gonna be a pain living in the same apartment building as her. Luckily, Gabby is at an audition today, so that's one less person interrupting breakfast time. James hopes that those two won't be too annoying, though.

"Lacey, honey, shouldn't you be getting settled into your new apartment?" Mama Knight asks, trying not to sound too eager.

"I need help!" Lacey whines. "I can't do it all by myself!"

"Tell you what." Logan tells her. "If you leave right now, we'll come and help you later."

That seems to work. Lacey shrugs and grabs one more sausage before rushing out of the apartment. At the same time, Chris exits the restroom. Gosh, how long does it take a thirty year old woman to get dressed in the morning?

"Hey! You people started breakfast without me?" She questions, walking over to them.

"You shouldn't have taken so long to get ready." James retorts, laughing when she smacks him behind the head.

"Don't be rude." She replies, sitting next to him.

"Okay, I won't!"




"Okay, I promise!"

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