Two years later

"He's perfect." James whispers to his wife of two years.

"I know." Lucy says, looking at their newborn son. She gave birth to Ryan Carter Diamond just a week ago and they are completely in love with the little guy. Of course, Kenzie is four years old and she's still James's favorite girl. He's surprised that she has shown any signs of jealousy. In fact, she loves her baby brother. She's a great sister and James is really proud of her. And she's surprisingly gentle when she holds him.

"Ryan, I'm gonna get your sister, okay?" He coos, kissing his son's cheek. Ryan yawns, his eyes still closed. Gosh, he is so cute. Anyway, James gives Lucy a kiss as well before walking to Kenzie's room. He smiles when he sees the little girl playing with her dolls. He loves her and Ryan to death, just like Lucy does.

"Hey, you wanna see your brother?" He asks, kneeling in front of her.

"Okay, daddy!" Kenzie says as James takes her hand. She follows him out of the bedroom and down the stairs. They enter the living room, where Lucy is feeding sweet little Ryan. She is an amazing mom. She's still a little on the crazy side and she gets on Gustavo's nerves, but motherhood definitely suits her.

"Hey, cutie." Lucy says, sitting the bottle on the coffee table. "Wanna hold Ryan?"

Kenzie nods eagerly and climbs onto the couch. Lucy places the newborn baby in her arms. James sits on the other side of his daughter, gently kissing the top of her head. Life is absolutely perfect. James and Lucy have successful music careers, they have two gorgeous kids, Kendall and Jo are expecting their second child (a little girl that they have named Carolyn), Logan and Camille are married, Carlos and Stephanie moved in together...Everything is just going really well.

"Where do babies come from?"

Oh no...

"Um..." Lucy says awkwardly, frantically looking at James. He groans and hides his face with his hands, trying to cover his embarrassment. How do they explain that to a four year old girl? They can't just give her every little detail. If they had seen this coming so soon, they could have been a little more prepared.

"Um, the mommy's stomach." He says awkwardly.

"We'll talk more when you're older." Lucy says with a nervous smile. She and James look at each other, their eyes wide. Wow, that was awkward.

"I think Ryan likes you." James suddenly smiles, kissing Kenzie's cheek. The little girl giggles and cuddles her brother. James and Lucy watch her closely, proud of the way she's handling her new job as big sister. She's only gonna get better as she gets older. But she's starting out very well. She loves Ryan as much as her daddy and stepmom do.

"When do you wanna have another one?" James grins at Lucy. She gives him a look in response.

"Dude, our son is a week old." She tells him. "And childbirth hurt so I think I need a break from that kind of pain."

James chuckles and leans over Kenzie to give his wife a kiss. He still thinks about Jenna every day and they visit her grave whenever they can, but James is happy that he finally has a complete family. He has a wife and two beautiful children. Life is finally going the way he wanted. He's happy again and that's all that matters.

This was just a short epilogue about James, Lucy, and their adorable little family:) One of my reviewers requested it:)

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