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Chapter 1 :)

***5 days before the Fireworks***

I woke up to Connor, and Travis, in their underwear, tickling me.

"Stop!" I shouted while trying not to laugh (though it was very hard). "I'm going to wet myself!"

"Do we look like we care?" Travis said, and tickled me even harder. Wow guys, very mature.

"Connor" I looked desperately at my brother "help me." He sighed and got up, dragging Travis with him. Hopefully to go put on some pants.

They did, and when they got back I finally looked around the room. Nobody was there. All the bunks were empty, and I was pondering whether I slept in or not.

Travis shouting from the bathroom soon answered my question. "Better get going sleeping beauty, you're going to miss breakfast."

Sleeping Beauty was my nickname ever since I came to camp. It was because I wasn't use to getting up on a scheduled time and was always sleeping in. In fact, I still do it to this day. For example, I had just done it.

"Crap" I muttered as I ran out the door. Mr. D was going to get me for this one. Why hadn't they waked me up sooner?

Thankfully I made it to my table just before Chiron started role call. Surprisingly, Connor and Travis made it too.

As I was eating I saw a familiar face walking towards my table. It was none other than Megan, daughter of Athena.

(A/N: this part was written by I am Bianca Daughter of Hades, not me)

"Hillary!" Meg grinned as she came over to the Hermes table and gave me her customary greeting hug for female friends. "You'll never guess-"
"Hey! No greeting for your old best friend?" Connor crossed his arms with a grin.

Megan rolled her eyes, "Hi, Connor."

"Aw, no hug?" Connor poured cheekily, sending ripples of laughter through the table.

"Well, you can have one if you're a girl." Megan chuckled.

"Hey! Now you have to kiss me as compensation for not greeting me properly AND calling me a girl." Connor grinned wickedly and high-fived his brother.

"I didn't call you a girl." Meg was unfazed.

"But you implied it." Connor replied smartly.

"Implying isn't the same as saying it to your face."

"But you still have to kiss me."

Then the whole table started to chant, "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss."

Meg bit her lip, "No."

"Yes!" Connor stepped directly in front of her persistently.

"No 'yes'."


"No 'yes'."
"No no yes."
"Then yes!"


"Just kiss me and get it over and done with."

"Not a chance."

"We all know you can't resist me."

"Watch me."

"Come on. We all know you're just saying that." Connor took a step closer to her.

"You wish."

"All the time."

"You do?"

"You wish."

"Oh, I do."

"What? Really?"

"You wish."

"All the time."

"Face it, YOU'RE the one who can't resist me."

"Okay, I give. Now will you kiss me?" Connor was barely a foot away from kissing Megan.

Megan tilted her head to the side as if to consider. "I lost my interest. Better luck next time."

Connor backed away with a crooked grin, "So, there is a next time?"

Megan gave an almost identical grin, "We'll see, Connor."

(A/N: now I am writing)

"Well" I said with a slight smirk "that was interesting." Though really it wasn't. Connor had been flirting with Megan even before I came here. Then again, they are one of the only girl/boy best friendships maintained at Camp Half-Blood.

"Eh, been there done that" she said while swatting the air with her hand. "The point is, you'll never guess what I just did!"

I smiled. Her face was lit up like a Christmas tree. She just had so much excitement for everything! "What?" I asked with interest.

"I finished it."

My smile grew wider. "Really?" I knew that she was referring to her novel. She had been writing it ever since she came to camp. We had both been waiting for this moment anxiously. "Can I read it?"

She had her notebook out and held it protectively. I know she would potentially murder someone if anything happened to it.

"It's okay, I completely underst-" my sentence was cut off as Meg quickly spotted Leo Valdez, and went over to talk to him. Probably about their next big project.

And thus I was left to eat my cereal.

"No" I stood beside the lake, tapping my foot. "I'd rather die."

Percy laughed and tried to push me forward, failing miserably. "Your gonna have to or else."

"I can't Percy" I huffed.


No, I was not going to tell him. What exactly? Let's just say it's girl issues…

"Percy, I just can't" I sighed. I wasn't going to argue any more. I wasn't going in, and that's final. Besides, I ran out of tampons.

He looked at me with disappointment. "You know you could just ask for swim less-"

"NO PERCY! I'M NOT GOING IN AND THAT'S FINAL!" I exploded at him, earning weird looks from my cabin mates. Whereas Percy looked shriveled up and dead.

"Okay" he whispered with a mute expression. Poor him… he looks really scared. (mission accomplished)

"It's okay Perce" Connor said from his canoe.

"Yea" Travis said snickering "it's that time of month."

I couldn't believe those nincompoops! Any good brother would have the common sense not to tell any boy that their sister is on her period. Plus it made me blush scarlet. Why, if Meg was here…

I now noticed that Percy was gone. I wonder where he has ran off too…

My thoughts were confirmed as a smirking Percy came back with a small, slender object in his hands. It couldn't be. But then again, it had to be.

He tossed the tampon in my hands, keeping the same expression. "You know, I'm such a good friend."

I was about to question him when he picked me up in the air and started carrying me towards the water. No.

"Percy, Perc-AAAHHH!" he was throwing me into the water. He was throwing me into the water!

I was submerged in a cold, wet sensation as I climbed back to land.

"You know," Travis was trying not to laugh "a good friend sits with you beside the canoe lake at that time of month."

"But a best friend" Connor had already started to chuckle "throws you a tampon and pushes you in!"

I then understood what to do "you know guys, you're actually right." I redirected my gaze towards Percy. "You are truly a best friend. Give me a hug!"

The whole cabin laughed as I chased Percy around the lake, arms open.

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