Weeellll of course we all know Stasia and Hellboy end not quite two years later, so the future didn't stay bright. Wah. But at least HB got some time feeling truly happy and positive about it. Guy gets put through the wringer so he needs a break now and then.

Since we've never had any illustrations of Stasia, I've always envisioned her as looking like Julianne Moore, for those who want to know.

As mentioned in my intro to this story, I'm writing a sort of mini-series about Hellboy and the women who've been in his life and through that, exploring his formative years, the development of his relationship to women in general and how he dealt with things like puberty and stuff.

The first of these stories was my HellboyxAlice fic, The Desperate Kingdom of Love. You can find it at my profile.

Next up: Kate Corrigan and Hellboy!

Translations were kindly done by Mayra De Laurentiis and thank you very much to her for doing so! I deeply appreciate it. She is from Argentina and is a sworn, literary and scientific translator who generously did these translations for me. You find her on tumblr under the user name misspinkeyes. As follows:

"¿Hellboy, alguna vez has disfrutado de los placeres de una mujer?" - ""Hellboy, have you known the pleasures of a woman?"

"¡Diviértete, mi buen!" - "Enjoy yourself, my friend!"

"Bienvenido, señor. Por favor, póngase cómodo." - "Welcome sir, please make yourself at home."

"No sea tímido, señor. No muerdo." - "Don't be shy, sir, I do not bite."

"Mmm, ¡qué grande!" - "Mmm, how big!"

"Muy grande!" - "Very big!"

"Si, dámelo todo, papasito. Así, justo así," - "Yes, give me all of it, big boy, just like that."

"¡Felicidades, mi amigo!" - "Congratulations, my friend!"

"Así que ya eres un hombre, ¿eh?" - "You are a man now, eh?"

Many thanks also to the fabulous Kristin Boucher, a fellow devoted Hellboy & BPRD fan, who acted as a sort of beta for me on this fic! You can find her and her amazing artwork on deviantART under the username blithefool.

I know that, unlike Desperate Kingdom, Hellboy isn't as anxious and hung up on his right hand in this fic. That's because this takes place before he learns anything about The Right Hand of Doom and all that it means so I figure he wouldn't be as hung up on it. By the time he's with Alice, that hand has become a pretty dark thing to him. But I figure that, even if people were freaked out by it and made him self-conscious about it, he wouldn't have a particularly more tense relationship with it than any other part of his 'oddness' at this stage.

Anastasia Bramsfield is the creation of Christopher Golden, officially adopted by Mike Mignola as part of Hellboy's history and appears in two books: The Lost Army and The Dragon Pool. How they met is detailed in the latter and is referenced in this fic.

With regards Hellboy's trips with Bruttenholm to the British Isles, his sojourn in Mexico and his habit of working for a few years then travelling by himself – all of that is based in canon. All the sexy/romance angst stuff is all me though.

I've nothing against kinky lifestyles by the way (as anyone who's read my other fics would know, hehe), I just think Hellboy is pretty vanilla and straight and would find that sort of thing a bit weird and not really be into it at all.

Once again, thank you so much for reading and I do welcome your feedback and concrit! :)