Author's Note/Glossary:
Given I'm updating this and I'm a bit older than when I first wrote it I realize that the random Japanese phrases which need a glossary kinda detract from the flow of the story, so I've mostly cut them out. I figure it's understood that they're speaking in Japanese, given it's a fan fiction based on a Japanese anime ^_^

This is sort of a PGSM_ification of "The Yellow Crystal Carrier".

I read through the questions I left the first time through the test. The ones that I want to think on a little more, and not answer hastily, as I pick the test paper up something skitters and jumps across the table towards me. I look at it over the corner of the question on catalytic reactions, and see it's an eraser.

The boy at the far end of the table is scrabbling for it, clawing out with one hand, looking embarrassed and desperate. I lay my paper face down, pick up the eraser and lean over to hand it to him. He smiles gratefully and almost says something, but thinks better of it, nodding and smiling and going on with his work.

I pick my paper back up, trying not to giggle at the sheer relief he had on his face. It's similar to the way Motoki-onii-san looks when someone brings him food for Kamekichi, and go back to answering questions.

I finish within fifteen minutes, and read the paper through twice, by the time I'm half way done with my second read through the teacher is standing in front of my desk to take the paper, and I read through my book on Calculus until the class has ended. When the bell rings, I hang back until most of the class has left, and then walk through the door. Usagi wanted to catch me after class, with Makoto so we could go and meet Rei.


I wheel around, wondering who it could possibly be that is calling my name, especially male. I don't know any aside from teachers. It's the boy who was sharing my desk, during the test. I inhale deeply trying to make sure I don't blush, "Oh—oh, hello," I stumble, bowing slightly.

"Thank you for waiting," he says.

I nod.

"I-I just wanted to thank you," he continues.

"It's okay," I tell him.

"I've admired you for some time," he plunges on.

I feel my face growing hot without control, "Um…thank you," I say, looking down at the bag I'm carrying and my shoes.

"I see you so high on the test rankings and I hope to be that good some day."

"Thank you," I say again, finding his enthusiasm more than a little unnerving, fortunately at that moment Makoto walks by, briskly, heading outside students parting in her wake, "Um…I—I'm really sorry but," I tell him, "but I have to meet some friends and I don't want to be late. Thank you, again." I pause realizing I never asked for, "Sorry, again, I don't know your name."

"Urawa Ryu," he says.

"Okay, I'm really, really, sorry Urawa-san, but I must be going," and I turn, and skirt around the edge of the corridor and am almost level with Makoto by the time we get outside.

Makoto nudges me, playfully, "Eh, Ami-chan, you have yourself an admirer," she teases with a smile.

I look down, at my bag again, as I lean against the low wall, and chew on my lip, "I don't think so." I say, "he just wanted to say thank you for something."

"Sure," she says, with a laugh.

I look up at her, "Truly? You think so. Why would he?"

She shakes her head still smiling, looking as though she would start laughing at me again any moment. I feel myself blushing, again, still perhaps.

"What's going on?" Usagi asks, running up.

"Ami-chan has an admirer," Makoto says, before I can beg her to be quiet.

"Really?" Usagi inquires, her eyes sparkling, beaming at the prospect.

"No-no," I put up my hands, "It's just , just a boy in my class. It doesn't mean that. It doesn't." I shake my head firmly.

"You like him too?" Usagi asks.

"Today was the first day I spoke to him," I answer, starting to walk, "We need to get to Rei-chan's don't we?"

"She likes him," Makoto says, quietly, probably sideways to Usagi, but I just catch it.

It was sweet of him to say so, but I don't. I don't know him. He's just a boy in class, and I certainly don't have time for things like that. I have so much to do, between studying, and working as a senshi, boys are not something I can even think about having time for. I shake my head.

"You okay, Ami-chan?" Makoto inquires, moving level with me.

"Hm," I nod, "Everything's fine. We just shouldn't be late. It's not polite."

"What's his name?" Usagi asks.

I look at her, "What's whose name?"

"The boy, silly," Makoto says.

"What? I? Why? Why do you?" I sigh, "Urawa Ryu-san."