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I know I shouldn't write yaoi anymore. I am not going to update any of my stories until this issue of deleting stories are done. So sorry for people who wait for another updates.

Please enjoy this little fic that was created out of boredom.


The moment Akaya stepped his foot into the courts, he knew something was up. The amused, encouraged and even pity stares that he got were enough to give it all away. Throughout the practice, he was being extremely careful and always looked out for any potential threat. Alas, nothing happens until Yukimura called them all to end the practice for the day.

But of course, lady luck was not always with everyone.

And that explained why at this moment, he was being cornered by none other than the resident trickster of the team, Niou Masaharu who was smirking like a wolf, in the clubroom, with no one to boot. Yippy-fucking-doo…..

The little demon sighed, "Niou-senpai, I need to get home before seven. Nobody's at home and my mom asked our neighbour to call her when do I get home. She'll get piss if I pass my curfew." Little did he knew, all the other six regulars were pressing their ears to the club's door, with major difficulty.

Niou smirked a little wider that it literally made the younger boy took a step back, "Who cares, brat? I need to ask you something and you will answer honestly. Are we understood?"

Akaya rolled his green eyes, "Whatever, senpai. Just get on with it already."

A few thumps were heard from the outside while Niou chuckled darkly. Akaya furrowed his eyebrows and stared between the door and Niou suspiciously.

"That brat doesn't know how that sounds to others." Marui stated exasperatedly. Yukimura and Yanagi chuckled softly.

"Will you go out with me?" Niou stated proudly like he already had the answer he wanted in hand. Akaya did a double take before stammered out.

"E-excuse me?"

Niou sighed and tried again, "I said; will you go out with me?"

The little demon narrowed his eyes dangerously and stated with a flat tone, "No."

The silver haired boy smirked, "Brat, did you even know what I just asked?"

Akaya blinked before narrowing his eyes again, "Of course."

"What was it?" at this moment, Niou was positively grinning like a maniac.

Akaya was getting tired of these seemingly pointless questions, "'Will you go out with me?'" a few seconds silent passed before Akaya widened his eyes as the realizations sunk in.

"Fucking yes, brat!"

Yippy-fucking-doo indeed…..

Outside, Yukimura smirked and turned off the video recorder.

"This baby will be Niou's alibi if someone asks why Akaya disagrees to say he's going out with Niou." the chuckles that followed made some passers-by looked at the school like it was hunted.

Jackal wondered why he hadn't go to Fudoumine instead and enjoy his youth in some normal way…