Black and Gold

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Warning: NSFW, but if you want to skip it the plot picks up after the first pagebreak

Merrill stood in front of the fire, her fingers nervously tracing the curves of the wooden Halla that Hawke had given her. She was trying to prevent herself from cleaning her house for the sixth time since she'd returned from Anders' clinic that afternoon. Doubts and fears revolved around her mind, and it was all she could do to keep them at bay. Night had fallen some time ago, and she had been unable to calm her nerves. She was under no illusions about what would happen if Anders came to her tonight, and the anticipation and anxiety had her constantly on edge. Merrill had never even kissed anyone until today, and the taste she had received had enflamed her, making her ache for his touch, to learn all the forms of pleasure he could give her. She knew it was going to hurt, but she was prepared to endure a little pain if it opened the door to the pleasure and intimacy his embrace had promised.

Her thoughts drifted to Marethari and her clan, and what they would think of this. To willingly couple with a human was looked on as the worst degradation by the Dalish, just barely a step above bestiality. If she had not been ostracised before, she most definitely would be now. It occurred to her how narrowed minded that was, to hate someone simply for loving a human. Her hands shook as the full extent of that thought hit her. She had never consciously attached that word to what she felt for Anders. She had skirted around it, knowing that she liked him, that she cared for him, that she desired him, but never acknowledging that she actually loved him. A sad little smile formed on her lips. She truly was everything that her clan despised, a blood-mage, a failed First, and a human lover to boot. But none of that would matter if she could save them. If she could manage that, they might even overlook the fact that she was in love with an abomination.

The creak of her front door opening roused her from her thoughts. Anders stepped across the threshold, looking trepidatious and nervously running his hand through slightly damp hair, having obviously bathed before setting out.

"Oh, there you are," Merrill greeted him breathlessly, replacing the Halla on the mantelpiece and moving towards him. "I wasn't sure you would come." She stopped a step or two in front of him, unsure of how to proceed. She tried to recall how these things had happened in the dirty novels Isabella lent her, but her mind had gone blank. All she could think about was how handsome he looked, freshly scrubbed, and how much bigger than her he was.

"Merrill…do you really want me here?" he asked, obviously uncertain. "After everything you've seen. You know what I am. You know I could hurt you."

"Anders, everything I've seen of you has only made you seem more fantastic and amazing. I've watched you give every inch of yourself to help complete strangers. I can't think of anyone who has given as much as you, except maybe the Hero of Ferelden, but that doesn't really count because I've never met him, and for all I know he's quite mean in person. So yes, Anders, I do really want you here, for as long as you're willing to put up with me." Anders felt a smile tug at his lips as he gently cupped her pale cheek.

"Then it seems I'll be here forever. Justice does not approve of my obsession with you. He believes you're a distraction. I'm happy to say I disagree."

His lips brushed against hers, making her tremble before throwing herself into his arms. Enveloped in his strong embrace as she kissed him enthusiastically, Merrill felt as though a strange magic had overcome them, where nothing existed beyond the man holding her and the connection they shared. His expert tongue and lips drew an obscene moan from her; a sound she would have been certain she was incapable of uttering. His kiss held promises of passion and unimaginable pleasures, and inexperienced as she was, Merrill was determined to collect on those promises. Pressing her body against his, she found delightful friction where his thigh was jammed between her legs, even as her own thigh slid against the bulge in his breeches.

She groaned in frustration when he broke the kiss, only to moan as he rained kisses and suckled along the sensitive flesh of her neck. Her hands snaked into his jacket, pushing the heavy fabric from his shoulders. It landed in a pool at their feet. His mouth moved it's way up to her ear, and her hands clutched his muscled back as she now moaned wantonly at the incredible sensation, grinding against him. His dextrous fingers roamed up and down her body, caressing her confined breasts and massaging her hips.

A surprised squeal escaped her lips when those hands took a firm hold of her hips and hefted her up around his waist. His lips captured hers once more as he steadily made his way across the room and deposited her on top of her dining table. Her legs remained locked around his waist as her hands lifted the material his shirt, allowing her the chance to admire his toned, lean chest. Her hands traced his pectorals as he took the opportunity to remove his shirt in a smooth, efficient motion. With a cheeky grin, Anders pulled away the scarf around her neck, and in the process pulled off her tunic and pauldrons. She gasped and then giggled, not having noticed his nimble fingers releasing the clasps and ties as they kissed. He kissed at her neck, leaning forward and forcing her to lie back. Her hands fisted in his hair, pulling it from it's tie so that it framed his face.

Gently, he kissed his way down towards her navel, managing to flick open the clasps of her chainmail with his teeth, revealing the soft alabaster flesh and Dalish style corset beneath. She rose up slightly from her laying position to push off the heavy protective garment, sending her arm and leg coverings with it. She gasped and froze as he nosed aside her soaked smallclothes and flicked his tongue over her engorged nub. Her wanton cries and moans of ecstasy filled the small house. Her thighs locked around his head and her hands clawed at the table as he lapped at her sex.

After what seemed like a century later, and yet all too soon, he kissed his way back up her torso, pausing to lavish attention on her breasts, removing her corset in the process. A surprising heat pressed against her slick folds, causing her to moan and press back, her body begging to feel that pressure within her. Anders paused in his ministrations to look up at her, his soft, honey-brown eyes uncertain.

"Are you sure?" he asked again. Groaning in frustration, she gripped his neck and pulled him into a rough enthusiastic kiss. "I'll take that as a yes," he chuckled, and the heat between her legs pressed deeper in, past her folds as it slowly began to fill her. She grunted as the stretching brought her pain, but then blinked in surprise as a cooling sensation took the pain away as easily as it came. Anders chuckled again at her surprise. "Healer," was his simple reply, and she noticed the soft blue glow of his hands.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear. A gasp escaped her lips as he slid all the way in to the hilt, sending a spike of pleasure throughout her body as he touched a part of her she hadn't known was there. Her legs locked around his narrow hips, and she raised her right hand to cup his cheek, looking into his eyes and finding all the warmth and affection she had never thought to find. Their lips met in a sweet, slow kiss, and the tempo of their love-making slowly increased. Merrill could not hold back the cries and moans that once again escaped her lips, especially when her lover nipped and kissed at her sensitive neck.

Merrill lost all sense of time as she was swept up in the unfamiliar sensations. It might have been hours, or it could have been days, when the two finally collapsed, panting and sated, side by side on her dining table. Merrill lay her head on his shoulder, her arm curled around him as he idly stroked her side.

"I love you," she blurted out suddenly. "I shouldn't have said that. I always say the stupidest things-," He silenced her with a kiss.

"I love you too, Merrill," he murmured against her lips. "And the things you say are adorable."

The dawning sunlight was creeping through the windows by the time Anders woke. He couldn't help but grin as his mind wandered back to the events of the previous evening, his arms subconsciously pulling his lover's sleeping form closer. He had carried her to the bed the night before, choosing to move them to a more comfortable location before his lethargy overwhelmed him. Now he lay with her in the morning light, wishing he could capture the moment and hold it forever.

She loved him. The thought both delighted and terrified him. All the reasons he had once given Karl to not fall in love drifted to the forefront of his mind. There were many good reasons why he shouldn't be here, lying in her bed and holding her close while she slept. But it was pointless to point them out, as she had proven herself determined to be with him, despite the danger. Her will was strong, and he was starting to believe that she was truly capable of standing up to a demon.

She snuggled closer to him in her sleep, burying her face further into the crook of his neck. He idly ran his hand down her back, pausing when he noticed the delicate black vallaslin that adorned her shoulder blades and spine. His fingers lightly traced the lines, eliciting a giggle as they trailed lightly down her spine.

"Good morning ma'vhenan," she greeted him softly, nuzzling against the rough stubble of his cheek, enjoying the way it tickled.

"Good morning to you too, Wunderschӧn." She gave him a shy kiss, which quickly became more enthusiastic when he responded, silencing her fears that he may have changed his mind. Things would have progressed further if it were not for the sudden pounding on her door.

The couple shared a startled glance before Merrill scrambled out of bed towards the door.

"You're still naked Merrill," Anders reminded her as he picked his discarded breeches up from where he'd left them on her bedroom floor. Merrill squeaked in horror, grabbing a piece of cloth from the pile by the table and throwing it over her self. She was still flushing from her near blunder when she threw the door open, narrowly missing being hit by Sebastion's fist as he realised a moment too late that there was no longer a door to knock on.

"The Qunari are attacking!" he exclaimed. "Hawke wants you to meet her near the stairs to the docks." He paused for breath, and noticed for the first time her state of dress. "Why are you wearing Anders' shirt?" Merrill was saved from answering by Anders exiting her bedroom dressed only in his breeches and boots.

"Did he just say the Qunari are attacking?" Anders asked incredulously as he began hurriedly picking up their discarded clothes, drawing the surprised archer's attention to them. He looked at Merrill with raised eyebrows, to which she simply shrugged shyly.

"Well, I suppose that saves me a trip, since Anders was next on my list. I'll give you two a moment to dress, and then Haltera needs us by the docks." He left the house and closed the door behind him rather hurriedly. Merrill turned in time to catch the tunic Anders was tossing at her, a grin on his face as he looked her over.

"You look good in my shirt," he said cheekily as he helped her pull it back over her head. "Unfortunately, my coat chafes under my arms without it, so I'll be needing it back."

"I wonder why the Qunari are attacking?" Merrill mused as they hurriedly dressed, her brow pulled into a worried frown. "They always seemed perfectly content with their place at the docks." Anders shrugged, although the gesture was lost in the act of pulling on his coat.

"I don't know love," he answered truthfully, the term of endearment making his lover glow with happiness. "But if I know Hawke, she'll be in the thick of it, so we'd best not keep her waiting.

They left Merrill's modest home to find an impatient Sebastian leaning against the doorframe and tapping his foot. Without a word, the three companions ran towards the docks, and the waiting Hawke and Aveline.

"Anders?" Sebastian called as he gravitated across the battlefield towards the apostate.

"Now's not exactly the best time to chat," Anders replied with a grunt as he dodged a spear, flicking a lightening bolt at it's owner.

"Oh, I am aware," Sebastian replied as he sent a hail of arrows into the group surrounding Hawke. "But I've no idea when this will die down, Andraste guide us, and the sooner I've said what I need to say, the better I will feel about what I saw earlier." Anders had the grace to blush slightly at that. A sten barrelled towards them, only to be petrified by Anders, and killed with an archers lance straight to the face from Sebastian. "Merrill is young, naïve, and dangerous," Sebastian continued. "And she has lost much in her short life. I pale to think what would happen if she lost you too." Anders stabbed another Qunari in the back, and then rounded on the archer.

"I'm not toying with her, if that's what you think!"

"My apologies," the prince said coolly, continuing to fill bodies with arrows. "But you did have a certain reputation. I thought it in her best interest to make sure that your intentions were pure." Anders rolled his eyes while in the act of calling down a lightening storm. "Oh, and a word of advice?"

"What?" Anders asked petulantly, thoroughly tired of the Prince's meddling.

"You can count on my discretion, should you wish for it, but I suggest you tell Varric of this little development as soon as possible. He can be very protective of his 'Daisy'."

"Duly noted," Anders replied, loping the arm off an archer who dropped down beside him. He finished him off with a stone fist, looking around for more only to realise the skirmish was over. "And Sebastian?"


"Thanks. For caring."

"I'm always ready to do my duty," Sebastian said, before walking away to where Hawke was speaking with some hitherto unnoticed warriors.

"You smarmy git," Anders added under his breath, before his eyes followed the archer to fall on the pretty, raven-haired mage Merrill had just hugged excitedly. "Bethany?" he called in astonishment. His words drew attention to himself, causing the tall, blond warrior leading the group to turn towards him.

"Anders? Is that really you?"

"Warden-Commander. Yes, it's me." Hurt showed in the handsome warrior's hazel eyes.

"Warden-Commander? Since when did you stop calling me Alistair?"

A/N: Apparently the Anderfels is loosely based off Germany, so I'm using german for Anderfellan(?).Wunderschӧn means beautiful/wonderful, according to google.