AN: Very first Fanfic! So I thought ir would be a great idea to write about Robstars very first date. This was supposed to be a one-shot, but decided on making multiple chapters. Don't worry this won't be too long! Reviews are very much welcome. Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. ( if I did there would be a season 6)

Starfire stepped onto the tile floor of her bathroom, grabbing her soft purple towel and wrapping it onto her hair in the process. She sighed as she looked into her mirror, a happy Tameranian looking back at her. Today was the day Robin was taking her out in the ritual of outing. As Raven has explained to her, it was where a couple goes to fun, excitable places such as the movies or to dine on yummy food. She began to dry her fiery red hair and sighed. Her emotions were soaring high as she remembered how Robin asked her to the ritual of outing. It was a bright sunny morning when Starfire stirred up. She pushed Silkie, her beloved bumgorf, away as she stretched widely on her purple circular bed. She decided it was a good idea to go to the Titans kitchen and help herself to some cereal. As she walked past her sliding door, she reached a silver door where the name plate "Robin" was engraved. She looked around the hall to make sure none of the other Titans were around and when she confirmed there was no one, she touched the name plate gingerly.

"Oh Robin, why can you not see how much I want us to be more than the best friends" she heavily sighed.

As she was about to remove her hand, she let out a small squeak as the silver door slid open.

"Starfire?" asked the ebony haired boy.

He had on his oh-so-famous mask, of course, and his usual Robin getup but was now starring down to the flushing Tameranian.

"Um...yes..I am Starfire of the Teen Titans. I am sorry I was to ask you to come to breakfast?" she managed to squeak out.

Robin chuckled at his bestfriend. He enjoyed her English more than anything, he liked training with her, he liked her bright smile and innocence that she brought upon the Titans. She was his bestfriend, not a word that Robin throws out on anyone having to have lived with Batman. Let's just say he scarred him emotionally, but when he's with Starfire, he forgets all about it. It's been so damn hard having to keep his emotions about her locked up, he was a goner ever since she arrived at Jump. It's been 2 years since she's been on Earth and he still couldn't ask her out on a single date. So much for 'Robin the Boy Wonder', he wanted to tell her how he felt, but he didn't know how...or if he would even risk their friendship.

"Robin? Hello? Are you doing the zoning out?" asked Starfire as she waved her hands in front of his face.

"Yeah, sorry Star" said the Boy Wonder.

He gave his best friend a smile and felt tug on Robins arm lead him to the Titans livingroom,

"It is the okay Robin. Come, let us eat the break of fast"

Robin chuckled, "It's breakfast Star and yes, but I wanted to ask you if I could have a talk with you afterwards?" asked Robin tugging the collar of his uniform.

Talk? Has Robin gotten mad at me? Is it because I was standing outside of his room? These thoughts were running through the poor Tameranians head, but all she did was nod.