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"Hey Star I hope you don't mind us taking the R-cycle." Robin said as he loaded a box onto the back of his motorcycle.

Starfire stood next to him and was wondering what the box contained but simply replied,

"Oh no Robin, I do not mind. I enjoy our rides on your motorcycle immensely. "

As soon as she realized what she said she felt a blush rise to her cheeks. Robin simply cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrow with a smile.

Within minutes, the Boy Wonder and Tameranian were on their way on their date. On the ride there, the young superheroes were both deep in thought.

"Ugh, why does she always make me feel like I'm going through puberty all over again."

"I most enjoy his uniform but this shirt helps me feel the abs a lot better..yum."

"She looks so hot in that skirt…and here I am with a stupid polo and jeans. I should never have let Cyborg and Beastboy pick my clothes."

"I wonder how his buttocks looks in-"

"We're here Star c'mon." Robin interrupted the Tameranians thoughts.

As Robin helped her get out his R-cycle, Starfire surveyed their surroundings. At first she was confused since they were in the park but decided to follow him with her hand entwined in Robins.

"Alright here's the spot." Robin said sheepishly as he was hoping she didn't think this idea was lame. He thought so hard about where to take her and decided on going to the park for a picnic at night. He arranged a white silk sheet over the grass and filled it with glass cups with silverware and plates. Robin also grinned at the fact he got fireworks to be arranged for the night as a favor from the city; I guess there were some perks in being superheroes.

Starfire looked at how beautiful everything was placed and how perfect everything looked. She felt water fill her eyes and she looked away to wipe them.

"Hey Star? What's wrong? If..if this isn't what you like we can go to a restaurant? I thought you'd just like the privacy..and-and the stars?" Robin stammered as he dropped the box to the ground to go hug Starfire.

"No Robin, this is just so beautiful I could not ask for a better first date." She said as she hugged Robin back.

He sighed a relief and then reached to wipe the tear streak from her face.

"You don't know how happy I am to hear that Star; I wanted this to be perfect. I know I'm not the easiest to deal with and I just wanted to show that you." Robin said sheepishly

Starfire felt her heart soar with the words that came out her best friends' mouth.

"I am enjoying this ritual very much Robin, I should tell Galfore about it. I am positive my people on Tameran would love the joyous feeling from it." Starfire said with a huge grin.

Robin chuckled as he reached for his box and brought out a zorkaberry pie that was still surprisingly warm.

He saw Starfires eyes grow big as she kneeled down next to him and he couldn't help but feel accomplished for surprising her.

"Oh X'hal…Robin how did you obtain the knowledge to make it?" she exclaimed as she got a piece of the pie.

He felt his 'first date' jitters finally reside as he leaned back on his arms and admitted,

"Well it wasn't easy..I actually had to call Galfore for help."

Starfire was surprised with what he said and even more surprised that Galfore knew. She reached to touch his hand and gave him a smile.

"I thank you Robin, it tastes glorious and I'm sure Galfore would be quite proud of you." Starfire joked with Robin.

Robin smiled and turned to look at his communicator, in about a minute the fireworks were going to be lit and blew out a sigh of relief that everything was going so smoothly.

"You're welcome Star, I just wanted our first date to be perfect." He said as he stroked her face.

Starfire leaned in to his stroke and then jumped at the sound of explosions.

She looked above the sky and was in awe of the beautiful fireworks that clouded the sky.

Starfire felt Robin staring at her and she took it as an opportunity to lean in and kiss the boy that she loved the most.

"It's perfect Robin, just perfect."