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The voice of Drakken boomed from intercoms throughout the replacement observatory lair he had positioned on the outskirts of Middleton. It was ridiculous that they were still located near the town, but Doctor was utterly determined to stay near the cursed town. His determination was obsessively set onto bringing down the famous Kim Possible, who seemed to always foil his plans from time and time again. Even four years after high school, Kim still found time to beat the blue baddy at his game.

With the red headed hero on her mind, a black gloved finger screwed into green tinted ears as Drakken's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Damn it, Drakken, you don't have to yell!" Shego responded as her ears rung. She stood up and threatened the screen with a plasma bolt.

"Ah-hah.. Uhm. Yes, well. GET IN HERE!" He yelled again before the screen went to black. On the other side of the screen he retreated away, still afraid of her even at a distance.

The tall, raven haired fighter stood up and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her anger faded as soon as it came. Despite the man being a horrible villain, the money was good and gave her the opportunity to fight Kim who was the only one to, single handedly, keep up with Shego. It's a good reason to stick around, she told herself as she entered the laboratory at the top of the small tower.


"You have bad timing, Doc. Whatever this is… make it quick. I'm going out." She said "quick" in a sharp voice, grumbling the entire thing while her arms were crossed and her hips were cocked to the side.

Typical blue equipment rounded the entirety of the dark room, but what caught her emerald eyes was the stupid grin on the blue man's face. The crack pot DNAmy was beside him, wrench in hand as she tightened something into place.

"Alright, Drew-by, you're all set. Now where's my AI program!" The larger woman turned to reveal herself looking worse for wear. Oil streaks upon her forehead and cheeks were topped with her short, dark hair ruffled and sticking out everywhere.

"Yes, sweetums! I already have it sent off. You should have it by tomorrow." Testing his luck, Drakken made a kissie face at the bio-geneticist. DNAmy only gawked and shoved him back with a squeak.

"Drew-by, you know I'm in love with Monkey Fist!" She hollered, watching the man tumble backwards.

Shego, on the other hand, could only watch as the sudden motion brought his full weight down upon the dismounted ray. A full shot from the devise ricocheted off the wall before colliding with the cloning tube that was just to the left of Shego, setting forth a large explosion.

Letting out a cry, Shego's green and black figure flew backwards and smacked into the wall behind her. Crumpled to the floor, the she-villain groaned out several incoherent curses before she slowly raised her head. Her ears caught the sound of a high pitched squeal. Her throat felt like it was on fire as she tried to speak, but all that came out was a silent scream. Everything hurt. Convulsing, she threw herself back down onto the floor as everything about the green woman changed.

Drakken, helping DNAmy up, had managed to escape the majority of the explosion, and came away with only some burns and scrapes. But as the bio-geneticist made a quick retreat, Drakken was soon laughing as he watched Shego, who had just barely managed to stand.

Long, furry feet made her clumsy as she staggered. The tail behind her thumped the floor heavily and acted as a balance for her egg shaped body.

A full length mirror was looming above her. Strange, she thought as long ears twitched and her eyes turned up to look at herself fully within the mirrored reflection.

A sudden, high pitched scream erupted from the green eyed creature resembling a miniature Pandaroo that stared back at her.

WHAT HAS HE DONE TO ME? Her voice screamed inside her head before she launched herself at the blue man, her claw like hands engulfed by green plasma.

Having grabbed the stumbling man by the collar, she snarled, still in a slightly higher pitched voice, her soft brown ears flattened in fury, "What the hell did you do to me?"

Unfortunately, Drakken could only laugh in victory.

"This is perfect! Now you can sneak into Kim Possible's house and-ACK!" Drakken choked as Shego now had him by the throat, shaking the man's head as if he was a rag doll.

"Are you insane? Kim would know in a second and I'd be hog-tied!" By this point in her yelling, Drakken had lifted her up by the scruff neck, her voice calmed only slightly to which she then asked, "What AM I stealing anyway?"

Drakken could only smile before he began to explain his brilliant plan.

"It all starts with you stealing one thing: the Kimmunicator."

"How many times have I told you? We broke up like, three years ago. It was just too weird." Kim said into her phone as she walked out of a large building. Middleton University had finally let out for summer break, and with Kim graduating the following year, she needed the break before diving head first into the chaos of senior year.

"GF, I know. But you say that every time. What was weird about it was you, and you know it." Monique's voice could be heard as Kim sighed, getting ready for the same speech again.

Ever since Kim and her best friend Ron broke up, Monique mothered her over it like it was still fresh, and not years in the past. It broke the guy's heart. They both cried when she told him she couldn't love him like she thought she could. Still, she knew they weren't the same anymore. He had reassured her later on that they were still best friends and partners in fighting crime. It did help a little, still having him for support, but the words he yelled at the time still rung in her head.

Will no one be good enough for you, Kim Possible?

"Are you listening to me? Don't make me fly back up there, you know I will!" Kim snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the scolding over the phone, then laughed.

"Yes, yes. I heard you. Now I have to let you go, I'm heading home."

"Alright, C.Y.L." The darker skinned girl chirped, and Kim could hear the smile.

"Yup, call ya later!" Saying her farewells, she flipped her cell shut and started up her car then pulled out of the student parking lot.

Her best girl friend was over seas, studying abroad as she received her degree in high fashion design. She was currently in Paris, but, if Kim remembered right, she would be switching over to somewhere in Italy. Either way, the red head was very proud of her friend, and hoped that she would be able to come back for a few weeks in the late summer.

Kim was thinking of where they'd go when Monique did come back when she pulled into her parents' driveway. Though she didn't live at home anymore, she didn't live in the dorms either. Global Justice had paid her well, and she was able to purchase a small house some ten minutes from the University and twenty from her childhood home.

And from the Tweebs, who in turn, made their appearance as she exited her car. Smoke streams following the twin boys, now almost as tall as she was. Rocketing into the air, Jim and Tim circled around the back and one nearly smacked into a tree before they got their balance on the jet packs they had modified.

"Hey!" "Kim's home!" They said one right after the other, a habit everyone wished they'd get out of. Finishing each others sentences only worked so far on the sane factor. As they yelled for their mom while practicing, Kim took the steps two at a time before getting to the front door.

"Hey, mom. I'm home." She called, kicking her shoes off and walking in.

Dinners were the same as always; the boys teased Kim over everything, throwing food or laughing at quantum theory jokes that made no sense to Kim. Though James Possible would throw in a few of his own jokes and laugh with his sons. Kim and her mom would just shake their heads.

Despite the Tweebs being as they always were, Kim realized they never once took her and Ron's situation into something to make fun of. The blonde haired boy and his naked mole-rat, Rufus, were always welcomed guests at the Possible home, but he only visited a hand full of times in the last few years. He still came around when bad guys needed pounding, but otherwise, it was a phone call once every other week or a lunch date at Bueno Nacho.

Unfortunately, Ron's mystical monkey powers that, when activated, caused an eerie blue glow to spread along Ron's entire body, had gone fairly dormant. They only appeared sporadically during fights. It was worrisome for Kim, who had tried telling Ron one day over Nacos, but he just shrugged and said she worried to much.

"He's grown so thick headed," Kim mumbled to herself as she drove home that night from dinner, again hearing his words yelling in her head.

Will no one be good enough..

As she passed a street light, a sudden shadow darting in front of her broke Kim from her thoughts. Slamming on her breaks, the heroine's body lunged forward as the car came to a hard stop. A light thump was heard through the screeching of tires. The seatbelt stung the side of her neck in typical rope burn fashion, but otherwise, she found herself unharmed. The smell of hot breaks filled her nostrils.

"It was just a dog" she told herself, exhaling to regain her composure, but her voice wasn't the least bit convincing to her own ears. That definitely was too big to be a dog. Pulling the car off to the side, she took off her seat belt and opened her car door to have a good look around.

Despite the swathes of bright light from the lamps going down the stretch of road, their wasn't enough light for her eyes to locate what had almost come through her windshield. So before she fully removed herself from the car, Kim popped the glove box and brought out a flashlight.

"Come on, stupid thing." Smacking the edge of the item in her palm, the light flickering dimly before going out again.


Kim nearly shrieked when her name was whispered from the passenger side of her car, instinctively jumping back and pointing the suddenly working flashlight through the windows. She saw a large, dark lump and the light reflecting from emerald green eyes.

The voice called her name again, and she frowned in confusion. Such a familiar tone of voice, she thought to herself as she walked around the front of the car, still shaking the flashlight.

"Come on, Princess, get the light out of my eyes before I break the damn thing."

Kim gasped, the light finally bright enough to reveal a large creature standing beside her passenger door. With long, thin ears and a tail to match, the green and black Pandaroo stood staring at her, nose twitching in irritation.


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