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The gun shot echoed through the large round room, and Shego felt something grab her by the head. As a second shot rang out, she was jerked down and covered by a set of tight arms. Before she could protest, the small explosion to the side caused her to jerk her head back up. The light of the sudden eruption caused the room to brighten slightly and she saw a figure in the door way.

One that turned it's gun towards Kim.

Without thought, Shego grabbed Kim by the waist and hauled her around, the twist almost causing her to lose balance in her crouched position. But the gunshot was the only thing Kim heard, as well as a plasma shot from the woman above her. The plasma ball missed the figure, but it's intention was to scare, not to kill. And it worked, because the figure, hearing sirens, bolted from the doorway and disappeared.

"They're getting away!" Kim shouted, but she didn't move, the darkness thick around the two warriors. It was only Shego's grip tightening on the red-head's arms that stopped her from running after the gun wielder.

"Damn it," Shego grunted, "You okay, Kimmie?" The pale green warrior's voice was a whisper, feeling Kim's hands cover her own gloved ones.

"Yes, I'm alright. Are you?"

"Peachy, Cupcake," she said, voice still a whisper.

It was then that the sound of squealing tires could be heard, guessing it was the visitor they had fleeing the scene. The small fire from the second gunshot started slowly spreading across the control panel casting a little bit of light around the room, enough to see Kim was watching her face with strained eyes. Shego's eyes, on the other hand, were directed in the direction of the fire. Something wasn't…

The lights flickered above them before fully coming back on and those emerald green eyes widened when her fear was confirmed. The lights soon spread around to the rest of the town, everyone gaining power back. But Shego didn't see anything, all she could register was shock, and that growing fear.

"Shego! Your arm!" Kim shouted, seeing the warriors arm was soaked with blood. She started to reach for it, but stopped. This is when Shego pulled away despite Kim's efforts to keep her still.

"Drakken!" Shego shouted, apparently not having heard Kim at all. She stood up and hurried up the few steps to the center of the room where Drakken lay on the ground. "Damn it, Drakken, wake up!" she yelled, but the words had no bite as she pulled the pale blue man over to lay on his back. The first bullet must have been better aimed in the darkness then one would think, for as the blood pooled under Drakken, slowly expanding, Shego noted the deep red stain on his torso. It was then that the man coughed, blood tinting his trembling blue lips.


"Hush, Dr. D, save your strength," Shego said, feeling tears in her eyes as Kim seemed to materialize beside her, folding up the jacket she had wore under his head to cushion him for the time being.

"I called Global Justice. They'll be here in minutes. Hang on, Drew, we'll get you to a hospital. Shego, you need to go.""I'm not leaving him, Kimmie," Shego said through her teeth, jaw clenched as the pain in her arm hit with a sudden realization that she too had been shotjust like her boss. A painful hiss could be heard when the green warrior was suddenly grabbed by the shoulders and jerked back, then spun.

"Shego, if you're here when they show up, they'll get you. And I shouldn't be saying this since I'm the good guy, but…" Kim's olive green eyes bore into Shego's "Run. Get out of here, and meet me at Middleton hospital once you're able. Can you take care of your wound?" she asked, her tone softening to show her concern.

Shego pulled away from the grip on her shoulders and grabbed at the sleeve of her cat suit. The bullet holes helped the pale green woman to rip the fabric down enough to expose the two fiercely bleeding bullet wounds. The entry wound was located just behind her shoulder, where arm and joint met, while the exit was diagonal from it's entrance, exiting from the lump of her bicep. Luckily bone had not been hit, or she wouldn't have been able to do what she was thinking.

"Give me something to bite, Kimmie. Now."

Kim looked around, trying to find something in the place that was suitable. She was just about to give up when her eyes caught something. On the hook by the door, there lay a long leather jacket, a bit too stylish for Drakken so she guessed it was Shego's. Quickly retrieving the garment, she offered the sleeve to Shego.

"Couldn't you find anything else!" she snapped, but without venom, her eyes now on her forefinger blazing harshly with plasma as if it was the blazing end of a gas torch. Kim's eyes widened in surprise, feeling the heat being thrown from it. With a quick shift of the leather in her mouth, she inched her finger closer… A loud whimper was heard from the woman, her eyes squeezed shut as a bit of smoke could be identified against the black of the glove. Shego's knees weakened and before she could stumble, Kim supported her with a set of strong arms around the ribs, holding the woman in place from behind. The older woman tried to focus on the grip instead of the melding flesh upon her bicep.

"One more, Shego," the younger girl whispered encouragingly, her face serious. Kim could feel the older woman's breathing strain against the tightness of her embrace. But another cry was heard, as well as the hiss of flesh searing as the second wound closed. The process took only a minute or so, but Shego felt like it had taken an hour. At least the bleeding was stopped.

"Now for Drakken," Shego mumbled, trying to shake off the pain from her arm. Her healing factor would help her soon, but Drakken was a different story. "Help me, Kimmie." She could see the argument in Kim's eyes, but they were mixed with worry for them both. Shego pushed forward and away from those eyes. Dropping to her knees, Shego ripped open Drakken's lab coat and the shirt underneath to the nasty looking wound. The bullet must have had trouble passing through, for the flesh around it was cracked and bleeding profusely. It only took a moment to close the wound on the man's torso, Drakken screaming in pain. His body convulsed even while Kim pushed down on his shoulders, and Shego was glad she closed her own wounds in order to heal her boss'. The shriek Drakken put forth was terrifying, neither woman had heard him make such a sound in their entirety of knowing him.

"Shego!" Kim shouted, hearing the faint whirl of a helicopter, "You have to get out of here! He can't take the other wound being cauterized." Shego was looking paler than usual, and Kim knew it wasn't from the bullet wound. Drakken was speaking then, past the coughs and the slowly dripping line of blood that began to stain his jaw.

"Sh..go… If I don't.. m-make it," he coughed, his hand clenching his torso near where the wound was freshly closed, if unprofessionally ".. W-will… In office…" he whispered. Shego started to panic. Drakken, despite his ridiculous attitude and demeanor, was the only father like figure she had. And he was dying before her eyes. A tear fell onto his jacket as she gripped his collar, taking all her willpower to not shake the man.

"Will I do what in your office? What's in your office, Drakken?" she was nearly shouting, Kim was gripping her by the shoulders and shouting as well. But Shego didn't let go. He repeated himself, though less coherent before he said a bit louder. "I-I'm s-sorry.. About the.. Splice.." His voice was in a whisper, but Shego's hands slowly lost its grip when she saw the man had passed out from pain finally, his chest rising and falling quickly.

"Shego!" Kim yelled to her face, "Get your ass out of here!" Her eyes were desperate, and Shego came out of her trance from the look. Grabbing the younger girl with her good arm, she hugged the girl to her tightly. Kim noted the lack of warmth coming from the body against her.

"Don't let him die, Kimmie…" And Kim was left standing there, watching as Shego bolted around the computers and down a set of stairs that Kim hadn't noticed earlier. The red head only had time to shake off the unsettling feeling she had and run back to Drakken when GJ soldiers burst through the doorway and started filing into the room.

The next hour and a half was a blur for the post-teen hero. She hurriedly explained what happened, keeping Shego out of her story. When questioned of the closed bullet wound, Kim pointed to the burnt set of controls and declared she used the burning end of a pipe to close it. She didn't want to take credit for Shego's quick thinking, but rather that then GJ suspecting she had something to do with his injury. It would be suspicious, of course. They would suspect her immediately since she had been off their radar, and they did, but Kim swore the figure was definitely not Shego. The hair was shorter. Which wasn't a lie, even if Shego's hair still ended near her waistline after the villainess cut a foot or two off a few months back.

One thing she did not think of, though, was the small pool of blood Shego's arm left behind. Even though Kim's boot prints lightly trailed around the room, one of the doctors noticed it and the blood over the front of Kim's left shoulder and bicep.

"No, I'm fine. It's small, and it's stopped bleeding already," she lied through her teeth, but the doctor gave her a curious look before walking off and leaving with the second ambulance that had accompanied the first, already having departed with Drakken.

"Are you well, Ms. Possible?" Will Du's voice caused her to turn and she felt her body turn to ice. He had on a slight smile that he took no attempt to disguise or explain. She knew what he was going to say, the look in his eye was all too familiar.

"I'm sorry, Agent Du," ahe spoke with an added sigh and looked back at the blood left by the blue doctor and the men in uniform taking pictures. "This has been really hard on me. Do you think he'll be okay?"

"I didn't know you were one to sympathize with your enemies, Possible." His tone held a snap, his dark eyes narrowing slightly. Kim wondered what had caused Du to turn from a patient and well spoken man to a short tempered boy. It was possible that after the Russia incident that his ideals of protection swayed, as it was his lead that killed a dozen or so men in the explosion that nearly crippled Kim.

"He was a friend of my fathers back in their younger days. I'm afraid that if anything truly did happen to Drew, my father would be sad. I will need to talk to my mother at the hospital of his condition before I can tell dad the news. I can bring it to him after I get some rest." Her intentions were loud and clear. 'I will be going to check on Drakken at the hospital, I will not be seeing you after the visit, I will be going home, and I won't be coming to GJ Headquarters in two hours'. Will did not seem too happy, but gave a quick, curt nod.

"It seems like Drakken hacked into GJ satellites and took down their power grids before transferring that hack into the power plants. Our firewalls were cut through within thirty minutes," he said with another displeased tone, "Also, it seems like your Kimmunicator was how he was able to track the satellites. And I believe it was with it's help that the firewalls were hacked. How such a small device could pack such force is astounding."

Kim merely stood there staring into those dark eyes without looking away. Moments ticked by before Kim reached up and rubbed a hand over her eyes. "If we're done here, Agent Du, I would really like to get to the hospital before heading home."

"Of course, Ms. Possible." He seemed to hesitate before shaking his head and handing over Kim's fried Kimmunicator. "There's no way we'd be able to get anything out of this yet. But it may be evidence in the future. Do not dispose of or tinker with it till that has been confirmed or denied."

Without a word, the red-head took the item and tucked it in her back pocket before nodding a good bye and, with a hand on her arm where she had been 'hurt', she hurried out of the building towards her car. Angrily starting the engine, she buckled up and turned away from the large swat vehicles that blocked the entire right side of the road.

The hospital was a good ten minute drive, and in that time her mind was running on more cylinders than her vehicle.

Who was the shooter? Was Drakken okay, and what about Shego? And Will, she thought, Will Du had all but said that Kim herself was a suspect. She scoffed at the thought: Her? No, she'd never use a gun. It was one of the reasons Kim loved fighting with Shego. The woman never seemed to want to use outside force. Her plasma didn't really count since it was apart of her, she corrected herself quickly. Which led Kim's mind to run on another set of tracks.

Shego… Her plasma powers can obviously and easily cauterize a wound, and yet Kim had not received a single burn that took more than a day to fade. Why? Had Shego been toying with her this whole time?

No, that's not possible. Who would fight against an enemy and lose on purpose? Maybe the woman had more honor than Kim gave her credit for. She did have a lot of good traits, and it wasn't just recently that she discovered this. But the recent occurrences had jolted something inside her, and she wasn't sure exactly what it meant. A smile came to her face as she remembered how Shego, no 'She-roo', had defended her against Ron when his aggressive side had flared. As well as how she didn't tease or push Kim into conversation about it later on in the night.


Kim found herself blushing when she remembered how she woke up earlier, Shego clad in Kim's old green and black styled cat suit from her mind chipped days with the collar torn open. Shaking her head, she almost missed the turn off to the hospital, trying to clear her mind of the conversation that they had before the green beauty bolted out her window.

The Middleton hospital was in an uproar when Kim stepped into the waiting room, filled with more people then there were seats. A child slept peacefully against his mother, whose arm lay around his shoulders protectively as they sat in a corner chair, keeping out of the way. An older couple sat clenching hands, the gentlemen housing a bruised gash upon his temple that was hurriedly patched. The chaos of the morning power outage had been far more devastating than Kim had anticipated. Several car accidents had been reported, as well as household incidents which would explain some of the injured sitting in the waiting room. The red-head couldn't begin to think of the other problems that the outage would have brought. GPS systems, sewage pumps, not to mention the fear of the generators working enough for those on life support.


A female voice drew her from scanning the crowd more thoroughly for familiar faces; or, instead, a familiar pale green face with long raven hair. "What are you-…Kim!" The voice shouted again, and Kim was grabbed and turned to face the sunken expression of her mother. Her hair was cropped in it's typically short style yet seemed a bit ruffled on the edges. "What happened!" Giving Kim no time to respond, Anne Possible pulled up her daughter's bloody sleeve and started to inspect what she expected to be a gaping wound, but only saw unmarked flesh.

"Mom, it's a very long story. I wasn't hurt," she reassured the woman, whose shoulders dropped in relief and her tense stance was soon replaced with a more relaxed posture. As she pulled Kim into a hug, she heard her daughter promise again that she was safe. "I'll explain later, but it looks like Drakken was taken here. Can I see him?"

Put at arm's length, her mother rested hands upon her shoulders and looked into her daughter's eyes with an almost glare to entice the truth from her. But Kim stood blinking, and Anne sighed in relief that Kim was still herself. "I heard he was here too. As long as you be quick about it, I can take you to him."

Sunlight filtered in through the elevator's glass back wall, coating the two Possible women in a dim flicker, supports casting a rhythmic shadow as they ascended the few floors towards ICU. As the elevator slowed and gave a slight jerk under their feet, the doors hissed open in invitation to the fourth story of the six story building. Drakken's room was not more than two turns down a hall and the second door on the right, titled to be room 4010B, a single bed room. Kim slipped into the horribly white four walls alone, the only primary color in sight was Drakken's blue skin, still pale and unmoving. The slow beep of the electrocardiogram was faint under the whirl of an oxygen tank hidden out of sight.

Taking several steps forward, she rounded the edge of the bed and took in his condition. Her mother filled her in on the way up. Internal bleeding was inevitable, but he was also scheduled for surgery within the half hour. The bullet that entered his back was feared to have grazed his spine, Kim remembered as she looked at the breathing tube shifting against the tape that secured it to his lips to remain down his throat. IV's as well as straps were tight against his arms, his legs were also forced in place by Velcro straps. He was already prepped for transfer, she figured. She felt her eyes welling with tears, and allowed herself to cry. During the course of the event, the post-teen hero had kept strangely realistic, but now that she was safe she couldn't help but feel guilty. If Shego hadn't moved her, the bullet would have caught Kim somewhere more detrimental then an arm. The green woman saved her again, and yet Drakken was shot in the back. But by who? Would Drakken die because Kim was far too engrossed by Shego to notice the shadowed presence of a threat?

As Kim wiped her eyes dry with a forearm, she reasoned that Drakken would be fine. Her mother said he had a good chance of surviving, but Kim knew that the chance was still small. "I'm sorry, Drakken," Kim whispered, letting out a breath to calm her clenching chest from building another sob into her throat. "I'll be back, okay? I'll bring Shego, too." Saying a goodbye, Kim exited the room and found her mother talking with a nurse before noticing her daughter.

"You okay, Kimmie-cub?" she inquired gently, putting a hand on the side of her daughter's head which soon nodded in response.

"I'm alright, mom." She spoke under her breath as a few nurses hurried into Drakken's room, then Kim turned away to face her mother. "I'm going to head home. Will you give me a call when you hear anything? I have to go make a call to Wade."

Giving her mother one more hug, she promised again that she'd be careful and would explain soon. Perhaps she'd be able to see them for dinner in a few days after Global Justice was done with her. As her boots clicked against the tiled floor, Kim pulled her old Kimmunicator out and hit a single button. Within a few seconds, a tired Wade looked at the screen and rubbed his eyes.

"Hey, Kim. What's up? " he greeted her tiredly, and she gave an apologetic smile as she waited for the elevator to clear out.

"He did what?!" he shouted at her, the red head wincing as the younger, dark skinned boy freaked over what happened. A much shorter story than she had originally intended, Wade having cut her off right after Kim mentioned Drakken frying the item with a hack program. "Dang it, Kim, that was the only model."

"I didn't do it, Wade!" she whined into the screen, the hiss of the elevator doors opening for her at the first floor and allowing her to exit before a small group filed in. "Shego had no idea what was going to happen, Drakken kept it from her, and yes, he confirmed it. More or less." She mumbled the last part, but Wade still glared at her. "And how does Drakken know how to hack into government technology anyway?" she inquired with a huff, hoping to distract the boy.

It worked and she visibly saw her friend sigh and relax a bit. "I don't know, Kim. It'll be something to ask him after he wakes up. But you'll have to deal with the old com for a while. I do have a prototype of the next version, but it's still in the early stages. Give me a few days, and I can have a couple of the current one made. Just in case something like this happens again." He gave her another look, but she held up a hand while swerving through the bodies in the waiting room and apologized again before saying goodbye.

A swift morning breeze brought the promise of rain as it touched the red-head's cheeks. The overcast sky from the early morning was a foreshadowing to the dark clouds rolling in from the west. Kim knowingly watched the line of storm clouds slowly rolling in on itself as it inched closer to Middleton and towards the dawn. Then there was a whisper on the wind.


Jerking a bit, Kim looked away from the clouds and around the parking lot, full of cars and several bodies that moved through them either leaving, heading inside, or out for a smoke break. Still unsure where her name was called from, olive green eyes kept flicking around her in a hurried panic. If it was the enemy coming back for Kim, then she would have to be quick. Could she beat a bullet?

Kim yelped when a hand touched her shoulder, but her body reacted. Grabbing the wrist and underarm, the heroine started the act of throwing the threat over her shoulder and away, but something surprised her. The wrist in her grip twisted, and forced it's strength against the weakest point of her hold. Once her grip relented, the black leathered arm jerked to the side, and around Kim's arm. The pressure of the lock caused Kim's shoulder to flare in an instant, threatening to dislocate.

"God damn it, Princess," rhe voice said with a familiar sarcastic snap, "A little dramatic, don't you think?"


"Ah!" Shego silenced her immediately, releasing her arm and putting a gloved digit to her lips. "Shush, Princess. It's not safe here. Tell me everything in the car." Kim watched as the gloved finger removed itself from the pale lips and the rest of them uncurled, palm up. "Give me your keys."

"No way!" she exclaimed, her mouth open in shock the other would even ask that. "You're hurt, you can't drive."

"I've been shot, not incapacitated, Kimmie. Now hand them over. The bags under your eyes are getting dark, and I would rather arrive back safely instead of ending up in some ditch," she smirked, wiggling her fingers to aide her words.

Grumbling, Kim dug into her pocket to relinquish the keychain. "You're tired too, I don't see how this makes you the better driver in this situation.""Thank you!" Shego grinned wider as she snatched the keys from Kim and headed towards the younger girl's car where it was parked inside the car lot. "When was the last time you pulled an all nighter? And I don't mean for studying," the green woman asked, though Kim knew she had a point. "Even if you were able to sleep for a few hours, doesn't mean that something like this doesn't catch up on someone who's not used to it."

"And I suppose you are?" Kim asked curiously, making their way up a flight of stairs to the second floor of the lot. Shego had been leading the way, and Kim didn't really question how the other would know where she had parked. Probably arrived here right after running, Kim thought brokenly, staring at the legs in front of her. Legs that were covered in a pair of dark jeans, not skin tight, but enough around the ass and thighs to allow Kim the pleasure of spying the muscles shift in them.

"Of course I am," the owner of those legs said, turning to the left and opening the door for Kim, noting the flushed expression the other was housing upon those soft cheeks. She kept talking to keep from over thinking things. "I'm a bad guy, remember? I've done 48 hour stake outs. There are several nights where I don't sleep at all so I don't get into the habit." The door shut behind them and it was Shego's turn to stare. Kim had indeed grown taller in these last few years, she noted.

Even after Shego and Drakken's supposed pardon of their crimes from the whole alien invasion, which seemed so long ago, the two women rarely fought anymore. It was actually something that had surprised Shego when Drakken called her back a few weeks ago to help him with his latest project. And her, being bored in her supposed retirement, shrugged and said why not and told him that she didn't think he could stay on the straight and narrow. Despite being bored, Shego didn't really want to be a part of it anymore. But she couldn't deny the fact that she was a bad girl through and through. The mishap of the Pandaroo incident had pushed his plans forward by a few weeks, the blue baddy wanting to grab Kim by surprise during Spring Break.

The red-head was now just about a half a head shorter than Shego, and though Kim's frame had filled out, softening a bit from the extended hours of class instead of sparring, she was still stunning and sexy. Shego would scold herself later for thinking of the younger girl in such a way, but for now, after the morning they had, she allowed herself this little treat.

Opening the driver's side door, Shego slipped in and started Kim's car up. Kim took advantage of the silence and flicked the radio on low before speaking about what her mom told her about Drakken. "What happened to your vow of not being a bad guy anymore?" she added.

As Shego put the car into gear, the raven colored hair shifted when she shook her head. "It wasn't a vow, Princess. I 'retired', and so was Drakken until he called me up and asked for some help with a project." Shego threw a five at the man in the booth and waved off the change, the gate opening quickly for them.

"But it's no use plucking apart something that won't give us any answers. We'll have to wait until Drakken is able to talk." And with that, Shego said nothing else on the subject, remaining silent even when Kim asked if the other's arm was okay. Her arm still throbbed horribly, Kim's stunt in front of the hospital didn't help even if it wasn't the one that was grabbed. An arm that was being spyed on by a certain red-headed passenger, though it didn't go unnoticed. Shego sighed and chose to ignore those prodding olive colored eyes, her own focused on the drive.

It wasn't until they were nearing Kim's house that Shego moved her eyes back towards the younger woman, who suddenly leaned around to grab something from the back seat. Shego could almost smell Kim's hair as it brushed against her seat. Kim grabbed what looked like a key of sorts and got back into position.

"What are you doing, Pumpkin?" Shego inquired curiously, an eyebrow raised as she turned the car into Kim's drive way. Did she hear thunder?

"You'll see," Kim said simply, opening the small garage with a push of a button. Shego rolled in carefully then shut off the car and exited before the door had closed on the garage fully. The scent of Kim's hair was causing her to remember the hours before.

Kim gave Shego a smile as she opened a side door that led into the small covered pathway to the house. Unlocking the door, she ushered Shego in and turned off the alarm. Shego sat herself down on the arm of the couch and started pulling off her boots as Kim flipped a panel on the side of the lock code, stuck the key in an open port and twisted. A noise was heard, and soon there was a faint hum on the wind. Standing, Shego went to the window and looked around, but saw nothing other than the darkening sky.

"Uh, Kimmie?" she asked in confusion, blinking several times as she was met with a grin and a set of glinting olive green eyes.

"It's an added feature I had Wade install for emergencies. It activates a radar outside, and if anyone approaches the house, the alarm will go off and be sent to Wade. And yes," Kim stopped the older woman before she spoke, "There are some on the roof as well just incase." Kim explained how the sensors didn't go off for just anyone, only those that weren't registered in the database, like Kim herself or her family. It was an added bonus that she didn't have neighbors that would just wander into her yard. Waving Shego over, she pulled a clamp from the closet while tugging Shego's glove off. It looked like an ordinary hair clip except there was a thin wire running from it to the wall.

"And here I thought I scoped out this place top to bottom. I forget you like to hide things in plan sight-Ouch!" Shego yelped when the clamp bit her fingertip and drew blood, instantly being sucked into the clamp. A beep was heard and Kim pressed a few buttons into a hidden keyboard against the shelf before locking it down again. When she turned, she saw Shego sucking at her fingertip carefully. Keeping herself from rocking back from the sight of those full lips wrapped ever so sensually around a digit, she spoke quickly.

"I won't say I understand how Wade did it, and I won't ask about what you just said, but I just registered you in the database. Since you're here, if something were to happen and you needed to run, you won't set the alarm off and risk getting tranquilized. Ah… I didn't mention that, did I?" Another grin played on Kim's lips, and Shego shook her head in disbelief. But a yawn escaped that grin and Shego visibly relaxed.

"Come on, Kimmie. I think we could both use some shut eye."

Happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this. All those fairy tales are full of…


lips are on my lips. And our hearts beat as one. But you slip right out of my fingertips…


got a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine? Nobody's a picture perfect, but we're worth it…


often found you made my world make sense. Have many of my scars become my pain. Are many more to come…

Flipping the clock radio off, Shego growled and ran a hand over her tired eyes before letting out an irritated sigh. After insisting she sleep in the guest room, which thankfully didn't smell strongly of the owner, Shego had shooed Kim to her bedroom and even made sure the other was going to lie down before leaving. Now, Shego lay in the double bed staring up at the ceiling with a weight settling on her chest. Events of the last six days started rolling around in her head, soon slowing down when the memory reel reminded her of how she awoke buried into a fiery red mane of hair, smelling as sweet and fresh as the spring. Of the arm locked around a green waist, while Shego's arms were wrapped around the smaller woman's shoulders and waist. Another faint memory of Kimmie's breath against her collar caused another soft groan to escape her pale lips.

The songs on the radio were supposed to sooth herself into sleep, but every station held some sort of song that reminded her of her ridiculous memories of the red-head. She almost broke the small item with a plasma bolt, but remembered it wasn't hers.

Gah! What a stupid thought! She was a bad guy, she shouldn't care if she breaks something now and then. Lighting up a finger, she pointed it at the clock radio and narrowed her eyes, sending it a silent 'this is what you get for mocking me' before…

"Damn it," she hissed, her finger extinguishing before she did anything to the object. Laying back down caused a sharp pain to flare against her shoulder and bicep. The wound may have been burned shut, and her powers kicking in, but it'd still take some time to heal the oddly angled injury. Turning onto her left side, keeping off her throbbing arm, she closed her eyes and begged for sleep as she heard a soft rumble of thunder.

Just down the hall, a certain red head was having similar problems falling asleep. The room wasn't bright due to the storm rolling in. She wasn't injured. Nor was she wide awake. On the contrary, Kim was quite tired, but as she held her Pandaroo plushie to her chest she kept thinking of Shego. Her sheets, pillows, even the stuffed ball of fluff that was clutched to her chest had the older woman's scent on it. Knowing that Shego had slept here for a few hours after she changed back into her human form reminded her of how she told Kim of how they were laying. If she clung to Shego anywhere near as badly as she did the plush, then Kim was slightly impressed at how the thief had slipped out of such a hold without even stirring the holder.

A naked Shego, she reminded herself with a blush, burying her face into the pillow under her nose. Slowly, she inhaled the scent, as if Shego's long raven with the green sheen was right there. And despite how embarrassed she had been, she felt her heartbeat slowing down as she began to relax… She reached towards the scent. When her hand hit air and cool sheet, she allowed herself to witness the emptiness beside her and under her now gripping fist.

A soft patter of rain started tinkling against the house before slowly gaining force as the wind picked up, granting Kim and Shego a sort of lullaby. Each were grateful that they were able to keep to their respective rooms, despite their secret thought of what it'd be like to fall asleep in each other's arms properly.

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