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Summary: Sam's experience in the cage. Unrelated to my other story The Cage.

Rated M for violence blood and gore. Not all of it will be violent though just certain chapters and I tell you which ones. This one though is.

He was glad, he really was that Adam didn't have be tortured. Micheal and Adam had disappeared not long after the argument Micheal and Lucifer had had when they had realized they were sealed in the cage. Although over the years he had been less glad, because the constant pain never ended, and he wished there was some way to make it stop. He understood why Dean had gotten off the rack and had started torturing others, if he had the opportunity, he wasn't sure if he could turn it down either.

He was suddenly whole again and he looked up into the eyes of Lucifer. He wore Nick's face he had wore it most of the time they had been down here. Lucifer looked down at him with fake sympathy.

"Uh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. All this pain it could have been avoided you know, all you had to was let what was supposed to happen happen.

"And let everyone die." he he croaked out wearily. He used to have more fire in the beginning but Lucifer had slowly taken it out of him.

"Well what should we do this time? Sammy any preferences? There's so many choices?" Sam didn't say anything just tried to stare defiantly at Lucifer it didn't seem to work very well. Lucifer smiled at him then shrugged.

"Okay if you don't offer up an opinion, I'm just going to have to pick it myself, hmm...what haven't I done in a while?"

"Fire." he said with a gleam in his eye. Then suddenly Sam was on fire the burning the burning the smell of his skin and hair, the heat, the pain. Then it was gone, he still felt the pain and there was blisters on over his skin.

"Well I couldn't just let you burn to death Sammy it would be no fun...uh." suddenly there was an array of knives all around him. He used to dread the knives, he used to dread knowing what was going to happen, now he knew that no matter what it would just be pain pain again and again forever, there would never be an end. He used to scream, he used to scream so loud it hurt his throat too, but he learned that Lucifer liked it when he screamed. The more he screamed the longer it took for him to finally die and be reborn, so he tried his hardest not to scream anymore.

A slice into his already blistered shoulder and then another cut in his leg, he focused on not screaming he bit his bottom lip until he bit clean through it, not the first time he had done it and it wouldn't be the last. He kept thinking it like a mantra in his head don't scream don't scream, he tried to keep that thought as the only thought it his head to counter the pain. Another stab of pain in his head this time, then the pain got worse in his forearms, his feet his knees, then his throat again and again until Lucifer finally killed him. Each time he died he hoped it was be final that he wouldn't come back but he always did he always did.

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