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After awhile of being on Lucifer's table again, after having endured decades maybe even centuries of pain, the pain stopped. Sam looked up at looked right into Lucifer's piercing eyes.

"You know, I've been through your memories a few times now, and I think I want to adapt something in there, and put my own special flair on it." Sam wasn't sure he wanted to know what he was talking about, but it was no use because Lucifer had barely taken a breath before he continued on. "And they say cartoon just rot your brain …"he smirked "I'll have to try that one later. This time though..."

"The wheel of mortality." he said with an exaggerated wave of his hand as a red curtain suddenly appeared on a wall, that had just appeared a few feet from him. The curtain pulled back and a huge wheel appeared. It had tons of suggestions of ways for him to die, he was only able to read a few such as GRATED, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, and BOILED before Lucifer spun the wheel. The wheel was a lot like the wheel of fortune, only on the wall and instead of money it had ways for him to die.

"Wheel of Morality turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn. And the mortality for today is..." the wheel slowed down and landed on STUNG TO DEATH. Sam sighed resigned. He had gotten stung to death a few times before, it wasn't particularly fun, but none of the punishments on the big wheel were.

Sam was suddenly some place else, he could see the area pretty well, there was a big light shining on him from a couple of feet away. He could hear a loud buzzing sound, the bee's and the sting of the first stinger sticking it's way into his skin. Of course just as he registered the sting another 7 had stung him and after that it was kind of hard to keep track.

Just the constant stinging, buzzing and then the swelling started. His eyes swelled shut , his face puffed up and his tongue swelled as well. Making it hard for his mouth to stay closed, but he did his best to keep it closed. He didn't want bees running around on his insides not when his whole outside body was swollen and in pain. His tongue was too swollen though, he had to breath and once he opened his mouth the bees entered into him. The pain inside and the pain outside, he hated this, the pain, the swelling the tightness of everything. Then some of the bees decided to attack his lungs and his ability to breath was non existent now. But like every other time the fact that in the real world he would be dead by then was denied and he still had more pain to go through.

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