"Humans." Lucifer said with a smile "You are so...strange you have a game that children play that makes the black plague fun. Your songs in general are so strange. However there is one that I like or at least I want to try out." Sam knew whatever it wasn't going to pleasant for him. Lucifer hand waved and suddenly Lucifer had a metal mallet in his hands slightly bigger than a hammer.

"The toe bones connected to the" he Lucifer paused in the song while he whacked his toes bones on both sides shattering the bones. Sam yelled in pain but still he could hear Lucifer singing "foot bone. The foot bones connected to the" Lucifer paused again while he smashed his feet "heel bone. The heel bones connected to the ankle bone" Lucifer paused while he smashed both ankle bones and Sam wasn't sure how exactly it was he could still hear the singing over Sam own voice yelling. "The ankle bones connected to the" pause and smash "shin bone. The Shin bones connected the" another pause and smash. His feet were still there just in tiny little pieces that screamed in agony. "Knee bone. The knee bones connected to the" Sam had tears streaming down his checks at this point. "Thigh bone. The Thigh bones connected to the" another pause and whack

"Hip bone. Isn't this fan Sammy?" Lucifer asked him and it was all Sam could do not to beg him to stop because Sam knew that Lucifer wouldn't and it would just give him pleasure to see him beg. Everything below his waist was screaming in agony. However he knew it was only going to get worse. "

The hip bones connected to the" another smash" back bone." he sang then stopped for a few moments just smiling at him happily looking creepily like a little child who should be the one singing this song. "The back bones connected to the" Another smash and Sam was sure that if he wasn't in hell he'd no longer be feeling pain because his spinal cord would be too damaged but the rules were different here. "Shoulder bone." apparently he got bored with the mallet and instead just pulled Sam's shoulders out of their sockets. "The Shoulder bones connected to the neck bone." He said using his hands to somehow snap the bones that connected the two. "The neck bones connected to the head bone." he said and raised his mallet again.

"Now hear the word of the lord!" he yelled just before bringing the hammer down.

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