Just an idea that wouldn't leave me alone, I just hope that now that it's out of the way I can get back to my other stories.


Skyline, Chiba Prefecture, 9:25 PM August 31

"Yehaaa!" a person could be heard yelling for several blocks as a shadowy figure jumps across rooftop to rooftop as though it were the easiest thing in the world.

'Go ahead.' the figure thought as it landed on building and it's shape took form, revealing a man in a red and blue cat suit with a black web design over the red parts of his suit. Running towards his left, the figure jumps of the roof top and on another; and continued running until he reached the middle of the building before jumping and launching a white web like substance from his right wrist.

'Tell me there's something better.' he thought as he grabbed the web and swung himself forward. Letting go of the web, he launched another stream to the next building over and kept on swinging away.

When he reach the apex of his swing, the figure let go of the web and flipped on to the side of a building. Sticking to it with his feet, he began to run along the side of the building as easy as he anyone would the floor.

'How I spent my summer vacation, by Kosaka Kyosuke!' he thought as he ran to top of the building. Reaching the edge of the building, he jumps off and does a series of flips. 'I can sum it up in one glorious hyphenated word.' he thought before launching another web and swinging away as he was at the height of the street lamps. 'Spider-Man!'

Letting go of the web the figure, back flips once and launches another into a higher building in the vicinity. Using the built up momentum and the strength and his wiry frame to pull himself up into the sky, to land on top of a close by building.

'There's only one thing missing.' he thought as he looked down towards the streets. 'It's my last night before school starts and I can really use some action.'

Hearing an alarm in the distance, the figure jumped of the building into a dive, with his arms spread at his sides. Flipping forward, he launched another web line into and swung his way towards the sound of the alarm.

On the roof top of a jewelery store, the door to the roof top access swung open with a loud bam. From the threshold, two-man ran on to the rooftop carrying two brown sacks over their shoulders and made their way towards the edge of the building; where the closes building to the jewelery store is located.

"What I tell you?" The man with a large build, buzz cut brown hair, wearing a stripped green sweater said to his partner as they looked at the building across from them. "One get away jumped to the next building and we'll be a 80 million yen richer!" he said with satisfaction on his voice.

"This ain't 80 million yen." he partner responded as he looked down at the next build over before turning to his friend. "Specially once the Bigman takes his share."

"Shut and jump." the other man responded and the one wearing the black sweater with his hair split on the side placed his foot on the rooftops ledge and began to jump.

Suddenly, a stream of web catches him from behind and he finds himself being pulled back.

"AAAH!" he yelled as he flew by his friend.

Turning quickly the man with the green stripped sweater saw his partner get tied with web on the tower on top the building across the street.

"Oh no," he said in dismay. "Not again!"

"Yup, again." Spider-Man said as he crouched on the tower next to his partner. "Hehe, what is this Marko like the third time this summer."

"Augh, augh, augh!" the man tied in the web said as he struggled to free himself. "Just wait till I get my hands on you. You skinny little bastard!" he threaten in his low growl.

Ignoring him, Spider-Man jumped off the tower and towards Marko; doing a front flip and landing on his feet in front of the man. Before he could react, he jumped over Maruko with another flip and landed behind him.

"So Marko, why do you feel the need to have me kick your ass?" he asked as the bigger man turned and swung the bag at him. Ducking under the swing, he ran backwards pass the crook placing himself behind the man again. "Is it a psychological reason? Or maybe just greed?"

"Graahh!" Marko yelled as he turned and took another swing, only to miss when Spider-Man duck under again and ran pass him. Turning quickly, he saw a fist coming his way and let go of the bag and leaned to his left avoiding the punch.

"Not in a talking mood tonight." Spider-Man said as he opened his fist and launched a web towards the dropped bag, before jumping back and taking it with him as Marko took swing at him with his fist. "That's okay, I can do all the talking for all of us!" he stated as he pulled the bag with his webbing and smashed it on the back of Marko's head.

"Augh!" Marko grunted as he lost his balance and stumbled forward.

Jumping over Marko, Spider-Man planted his feet on the mans back and pushed off causing him to fall on the ground. Landing on the his feet facing the man, he shot a web from both is wrist and used it to pull his arms back before grabbing both webs with his right and moving forward. Pulling his legs up with his left and used the web he to tied the bigger man's arms and feet together as though he were in a rodeo.

"But I'm sure your state issued shrink is gonna want to know."

In a darken office with wide open windows, two men watched a computer screen as Spider-Man handled the two crooks as though they were nothing but children.

"Is this a live feed?" the man sitting behind the desk with wearing a black business suit with a black tie, with chalk-white skin, hair and red eyes asked as he looked at the other man stranding in front of his desk.

"Yes sir." the other man replied, wearing a dark blue striped suit with a red tie.

"Then I've seen enough." he said, his voice low and menacing. "Summon the enforcers."

"Already done." the man in the blue suit said as he reached for the laptop and closed it.

Chapter 1

The next morning: Kosaka home, September 1

Having woken up early Kyosuke had finished taking care of his necessities and was getting dressed to go to school. Standing in the middle of the room wearing his uniform pant's and his Spider-Man outfit he, walked to his desk and opened one of the drawers before pulling out a black shirt and placing it one.

'This may be a bit of an over kill.' he thought as he picked up his uniform shirt from his bed and placed it on. 'But the last thing I want is for anyone to find out I'm Spider-Man.' he thought as he button his shirt and placed it inside his pants.

Picking up his tie he put it on before placing on his uniform jacket.

'specially father.' he thought with a sigh as he grabbed his bag headed for the door. 'If he ever were to find out, he would probably disown me.'

Walking out the door, Kyosuke suddenly had a familiar tingling on his head and jumped back into his room just as his younger sister ran by him.

"Move it slow poke!" Kirono called out as she ran down the stairs without giving him a second look.

"Good morning to you too." Kyosuke said in whisper as he moved to follow closing the door behind him.

Reaching the bottom step, he stepped around the corner and headed towards the dining table.

"Oh!" Yoshino Kosaka exclaimed as she watched her son sit on his usual spot across from his sister, placing his knapsack on the table. "Kyosuke, your up early." she commented as she moved the last of the food to the table. "Are you doing anything in particular today?" she asked and took her own seat.

"Not really." Kyosuke answered as he saw the news paper his father was reading, in the front page there was another headline about Spider-Man his exploits. "I just figure I should get an early start, pass by Manami's and walk to school with her today." he finished with a shrug, as he began to eat breakfast.

"Hmm." Yoshino hummed as a smile broke into her face. "Are you finally starting to show interest in Manami-chan?"

"I-it's nothing like that!" he exclaimed with a stutter. "I just feel like getting an early start." he tried to explain, but the way his mother nodded he knew it fell on death ears.

"Anyway," he continued deciding to change the subject. "Looks like that guy made the papers again."

"Hmph." Daisuke Kosaka responded as he turned the page again. "That vigilante should not be running around taking the law into his own hands." he said as he put down the news paper and looked at his son. "The only thing he is doing is putting people's lives in danger."

"Right." Kyosuke answered with a sigh and kept quite through the rest of breakfast, as Kirino talked to their parents about the how she beat her record yesterday in track and got asked to partake in the next big tournament.

Several minutes later, Kyosuke got to his feet as Kirino began to tell her parents about the up coming photo shoot. Taking his plate with him, Kyosuke walked to the sink and began to wash it as their parent hung on Kirino's every word.

'Well at the very least.' he thought as he finished washing his dish and picked up the towel at his side to dry it. 'I'm still ahead of her in school.'

Once he was finished, he put the dish away and walked back to the table before picking up his school bag and turning to go.

"Thanks for breakfast." he said as walked towards the door. "I'll see you all later today."

"Take care Kyosuke." Yoshino called after him. "And remember not to move to fast with Manami -chan, we want grandchildren but we can wait a couple of years."

"Okasan!" Kyosuke called out as he turned to look at his mother in shock, before shaking his head and heading out.

Akagi Corp

In the Akagi corp buildings main laboratory, two men could be seen arguing as the shorter of the two backed away with a nervous look on his face.

"You told me to bring my magnetic air-transport system to Akagi corp." The taller and older of the two men said in an accusing tone as he advanced.

"I-i Know." the shorter man answered as his back hit a railing and he turned to head to his left.

"You arranged the meeting with Akagi Noman." the older man interrupted his voice raising as he advance faster, causing the shorter man to stumble down the steps as he back away.

"I know, I had the best intentions." he answered as he grabbed on to the railings to keep himself from falling backwards and navigated the stairs, his lab coat sticking to his legs.

"He studied my ideas and rejected them." the older man continued as he walked down the stairs after him, his arms thrown to his side. "Then announces Akagi corp flight tech four months later!" he yelled as he made it down the steps and followed after the other man.

"Yea-wel-I, I'm sorry Adrien." the younger man apologized his eyes regretful behind his glasses.

"Don't you dare apalogize doctor." a voice called out from the side as a short-cropped red-haired man, in a suit walked in with two body guards at his side. "Akagi corp has nothing to apologize for." he said as he walked up to the railing and looked down upon them.

"Nothing to apa-Augh!" The older man with a bald head, a beak-like nose and red business suit said as he turned and looked up at the man. "Akagi you stole my work!" he yelled as Akagi moved to the stairs and headed down the steps.

"That's dangerous talk Mr. Toomes." Akagi said with a smile on his face as he reach the bottom of the steps. "Dangerous and unsupportable." he continued and walked up to the man, placing his hand on his should. "Listen you old buzzer, you haven't had a single success to your name as a young man so who would believe that you would succeed as an old man." he stated as he removed his hand from his shoulder and his smile became a smirk. "Boy's show Mr. Toomes out." he said as he gestured for his men to take him.

"Good news," Adrian said to shorter man as he was getting escorted out. "I'm don't blame you anymore." before glaring at Akagi and turning making his away out of the labs.

Chiba, Magnet High school

Walking into the school grounds with Manami at his side, Kyosuke smiled as he listen to her tell him about her trip this summer. Manami's who lives with her grandparents and little brother helping out with their confectionery store, had spent the summer by interning for a one of Tokyo's largest confectionery company so that she could learn several of their techniques and use it for their local shop.

"I didn't think something like that would work, but the chocolate really was incredible light and fluffy because of it."

"Ho," Kyosuke responded. "So are you going to set up a miniature waterfall mix the chocolate?" he asked wondering how that would work.

"No, nothing like that." Manami answered with a shake of her head as they kept on walking. "But I have some ideas on how to get the same results using the mixers in our kitchen."

"Any that you can share with me?" he asked with a teasing tone.

"Ah, ah." Manami said as she shook her finger at him. "Part of the agreement for the internship was that I wouldn't share any secrets with anyone that doesn't work for our store Kyo-chan!" she answered with a smile.

"Well then I suppose I will just have to come over more often to sample your work." Kyosuke answered as they reached the doors.

"I'd like that." Manami responded.

"Hey love birds!" a familiar voice called out for them causing them to turn and look as Akagi Hari, they're classmate and friend ran towards them waving his hand above his head. "So are you two finally going to tie the knot, or Kyo-chan still indecisive?"


"Akagi!" Kyosuke and Manami said in unison as a blush rose on their faces. "You know perfectly well that were just friends!" Kyosuke continued missing the down cast look that flashed across Manami's face had when he said this.

"Yeah, yeah." Hari answered with a roll of his eyes, as he saw the look on Manami's face. "And stop calling me Akagi, I already told you It makes me look around for my father."

"Right." Kyosuke answered and gestured for them to head into the school. "So how did your summer treat you?" he asked as they walked through the doors and started heading to class.

"Horrible!" Hari answered as he shook his head. "My father dragged me with him on his business trips and I was completely bored out of my skull all the time." he answered with a frown. 'Though I guess that I didn't have to get any of my sister's yaoi games was definitely a plus.'

"I should have just stayed home and spent it hanging out with you instead. I bet you didn't do anything to exciting this summer right?" he asked as he looked at his friend.

"Nothing but norm." Kyosuke answered with a shrug as they headed inside to their classes.

Empty Warehouse: Chiba Docks, Afternoon.

In the middle of an empty warehouse, an intercom could be seen on top of a small table surrounded almost completely by darkness. Suddenly the warehouse doors open to admit four men, one of the four was the man who had closed the laptop last night.

"The Bigman want's a word." The man in the blue suit said as he walked inside followed closely by the other three. The three men that followed were each of a different build, from short to tall. The medium-sized man was a brown hair Caucasian wearing a brown suit and tie with a white colored cowboy hat on his head.

The second man was built like ox, tall and imposing with arms so big that they looked they cut bend steel girders. He's dressed in a blue and white t-shirt with jeans and on his face he had a larger handlebar mustache that stretched pass his face.

The last man was the shortest of the three, wearing a dark brown suit with stripes and a black bowler-hat with a chin strap beard for facial hair.

"Enforcers all present and accounted for." the man in the blue suit said as he and the other three men stood around the small table.

"Gentlemen, I'll get down to the point." the voice of the man with the white skin, spoke from the intercom. "For the last four months our operations have gotten plagued by a pest."

"At first I thought that I could hardy credit the reports." he continued.

"I thought the boys were trying to stiff us." the Man in the blue suit said as he punched his hands together. "I had to get rough to make sure they were, sincere." he explained.

"Establish the patterns of movement took sometime," the man at the other side of the intercom said. "But last night we got video confirmation that the Spider-Man is real."

"So what do you want us to do boss?" the man with the cowboy hat asked. "Wrangel him up?" he continued as the man in the blue suit handed him a folder and he opened it, to see picture of their target.

"No Montana. I want you to squash this pest." the boss answered with a tone that left no room for argument.