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Fly On...

Heart of Diamond


The Experiment

The Torture – Part 1

Rose lazily pulled out of her deep sleep. She shifted slightly at first only feeling uncomfortable, but when she tried to move her arms, they wouldn't budge. The second time she tried a little harder to move her hands, but only to realise that they were strapped down.

She lifted her heavy eyelids slightly, wincing as she saw a bright light. Now that she was more awake, Rose tired a third time to move her arms. She felt the cold metal holding her wrist down and quickly realised there was no way it was going to give. Rose went for her legs, trying to set them free, but she only felt the mental on her ankles and just above her knee.

Rose forced her eyes to open, blinking at the harsh white light. She tried turning her head, but like her hands and legs, it was clamped down tight to the metal table beneath her.

Her heart rate began to pick up. She could hear a monitor somewhere behind her, the silence between the heart beats picking up in pace. Her sight became less blurry, but it didn't mean that she could see much more than what she was already seeing. A light hung above her head, but the space behind it was as black as could be.

"Help," Rose whispered hoarsely like she hadn't drunk water for three days. Her voice was congested and her throat hurt when Rose tried to cough. She felt the overwhelming urge to vomit, but there didn't seem to be anything in her stomach.

Rose looked around her the best she could, barely finding the strength keep her eyes open. The mental table she was lying on was flat, making it hard to see anything, but Rose seemed to be wearing some kind of hospital gown that seemed to be cut off at the knees (She could feel a zip running up her back too). She also noticed that there were a couple of sticker pad monitors on each arm and a few that disappeared down the neck of the dress. An IV drip was attached to her left arm.

That was all she could see.

"Someone…" She said a little louder, her breathing quickening. "Help me…"

There was a sound of footsteps behind her. Slow heavy steps on the tiled floor seemed to echo around the room Rose couldn't see. She couldn't help but feel dread rise up through her. They weren't the footsteps of someone trying to help her.

"Please…" Rose begged, coughing to try a clear her clogged up throat. "Help…"

A person came into view, only scaring Rose more. It was a man in a white plastic like suit. He was bald and wore some kind of elastic dust mask of his mouth and nose. Rose could only see his dark eyes, but they held no sympathy, nothing but intense fascination and not the nice kind either. The way his eyes scanned her it was like she was made of gold. Greedy. Hungry.

Rose felt tears leak out of the corner of her eyes, she didn't want to cry. In fact crying was the last thing she wanted to do, but she was so confused. She continued to blink, constantly having to clear her vision of blurriness. Her chest heaved and she felt her arms shake slightly.

"P-pl… please," Rose stuttered, trying to shift her body as far away from the man as possible.

His eyes crinkled slightly, as if he was smiling under the mask. Rose couldn't help but cringe.

The man lifted up a needle with his gloved hand. It was full of some kind of blue substance and it wasn't the small kind of needle either. Rose's breathing became frantic at the sight of it, jerking away from the man as much as she could. She had no idea what it was, but it couldn't be anything good.

She shook her head as much as the mental band around her head would allow her. "N-no, no… please."

He torturously lowered the needle towards her shoulder, Rose's wild eyes followed it fearfully. His eyes only crinkled more at her chaotic state and slammed the needle into bicep.

The pain was sharp, and Rose screamed at the man injected the substance into her. It burned her blood, coursing its way down her arm and across her chest like fire. Rose shook violently on the metal table as the man pulled out the needle and watched her shudder like she was having a seizure, enjoying the sight.

Rose continued to scream as the pain rocketed through her body. Any thoughts were killed by the pain she was feeling. The intense, overwhelming pain.

She didn't know how long it went on for. It could've been hours. Days. Months. The moment it had spread to every inch of her body though, the pain began to fade. Exhaustion settled her screaming to a series of groans.

Her eyes were unable to stay open, but her body began to shiver. It wasn't because she was cold. The fear and confusion she felt… it was too much for even her physical body to handle.

"Help… me…" She breathed, as sleep over came her.

There was no answer in return.

Rose woke up to a cup being pressed to her lips and liquid being poured into her mouth.


Never had Rose tasted anything so delicious. Pure water. Clean. Fresh. She tried reaching her head up to get closer but only to be held down by the metal bar across her head. Rose continued to gulp it down though, heavenly grateful as the water cleared her throat.

She didn't get much through. The cup was gone, and Rose felt desperate longing for more. She let out a drowsy whimper, licking her cracked lips tiredly to try and sustain the taste. Her eyes fluttered open and closed, blinking at the blinding light in her eyes.

"More…" She whispered weakly.


The reply was hard and had a dark tone to it. Rose gave a small whimpered, feeling her mouth and throat becoming parched already.

Her eyes drifted open, seeing the blurry figure of the bald man in the white suit. His back was turned, but for what Rose could see, he was fiddling with something.

"What…" She forced out through her heavy breathing. "You… what…"

"Shut up."

Rose winced at the abrupt answer. It felt like a punch in the face, but she wisely fell back into silence. She noticed that there was another IV drip in her other arm attached to a pinkish bag. Rose flinched away from it, as if the bag was about to bite her.

She took the miniscule window of opportunity to try and work out how she got here. Rose couldn't think clearly as it was, her memories muddled with her present fear and confusion. She felt as if she couldn't trust her own thoughts. Like she was in a dream, unable to tell what was real and what wasn't.

Tears leaked out of her crusted eyes, a soft whimper escaping her mouth. The bald man in the suit spun around and slapped her across the face. "I said shut up!"

The action caused Rose to cry out, but she bit her lip tightly to stop her from making any more noise as the bald man turned back to his work. Her body was shaking again as the tears still continued to pour out of her eyes and Rose wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball. She just wanted to hide. To seek some sort of comfort within herself.

The bald man turned around and without a word, unclasped the head brace. Rose felt an incredible wave of relief wash over her as she turned her head side to side, enjoying the small amount of freedom.

It didn't last long though. The bald man picked up the device he had been working on and turned around. Even though Rose's sight was blurred, she could easily make out that the device he held was some kind of wired head piece.

The dread seemed through her again, her breathing escalating. "No… no, please…"

The bald man's hand snapped out and clasped her throat. Rose splattered, opening her mouth to try and take in as much air as she could. Her arms strained against the metal clamps as she struggled to breathe.

"Hold. Still," The bald man threatened slowly, before releasing his hold on her neck. Rose gulped in the air, drinking in the oxygen gratefully. She kept her head still and remained quiet as much as her instincts were telling her to scream.

The bald man fitted the device over her head. Rose felt abused as the man screwed the wire helmet into place. Her eyes followed his hands tighten the screws on her head.

Rose had never been so terrified in her entire life.

The bald man ran his eyes over her again, only making Rose feel more violated. She didn't feel human anymore. She felt like a pet. A toy that he could do whatever he wanted to. Utterly exposed.

"This will hurt," He said. Rose winced as she heard the gleefulness in his voice. He seemed to enjoy seeing her in pain, his eyes crinkling as he lifted up a remote.

Rose felt several needles being injected into her skull. She let out an ear piercing scream and the pain erupted through her head. Her back arched and her hands clawed as she screamed with all her might.

Her body jerked as she felt something pulse through her head. Her screams cut of instantly, her physical body shutting down. It was unable to withstand the pain, but her mind was well and truly alive.

Rose felt something electrocute her mind every two seconds. It hit every nerve of her brain, electrifying the circuits. Intensifying everything inside her mind. She could feel something stirring. Something that was at rest in the back of her mind. At each pulse, Rose could feel it rise closer to the surface. Something was trying to defend her, but didn't have the strength to do so.

Rose's mind couldn't carry much more of the pulses. Slowly her mind could no longer handle the pain and like the body, it too slipped into a deep unconsciousness.

Rose woke once more to the trickle of liquid being poured into her mouth. She swallowed it appreciatively, moaning as the cup was removed from her lips. Rose so desperately wanted water. She needed more water.

Her whole body felt like it had run a marathon the previous day, sore from head to two. Her head was still aching, and it didn't take long for her to realise that the needles on the wire helmet were still injected into her skull.

"Help…" She murmured. The exhaustion was overwhelming, especially when the pain was keeping her awake.

"How is she doing?"

Rose frowned slightly at the unfamiliar voice. It was much softer than the bald man's voice, female. Rose couldn't help but feel relief to hear someone else speak besides the man.

Her eyes drifted open and she saw a blurry figure of a woman. Like the man she was bald, but her white suit was more fitting, shaping her chest. Her eyes looked down at Rose with a similar expression to the bald headed man. To Rose, she was a psychopath.

Rose winced, closing her eyes, the tears falling again. She couldn't look at them anymore. The greed in their eyes was overwhelming. Without meaning too, her bottom lip trembled.

"She's strong."

They're talking about me, Rose thought to herself. It surprised her. That's was the first clear thought Rose had had since she first awoke here.

"Good. Do well to keep me posted."

There was a soft click of heels as someone walked off. Rose wanted to cry out in vain as she came to the obvious truth. No one was going to help her. Rose didn't know how long they were going to keep her here, but she wasn't leaving for a very long time.

The words exchanged between the bald man and the woman floated through her mind. Rose opened her wet eyes slightly as she saw the bald man inject something into her IV bag. She winced at the sight.

"What?" She croaked. The screaming had defiantly taken its toll on her voice. "What…?"

The bald man turned to her, raising an eyebrow. Rose cringed slightly at the expression in his eyes as he scanned her. Excited curiosity.

"Oh, you don't know?" He was lightly, clearly amused.

Rose watched as the man lifted up the remote again. She tried to pull herself as far away as she could from the torture device. Rose's eyes pleaded for him to stop. Begged for him set her free.

The bald man did something Rose didn't expect. He leant over her, bringing his face merely inches from her own. Rose bit her lip to hold back a whimper as she scrunched up her eyes. The violation was back. Rose realised that this man could to whatever he wanted to her. She was completely at his mercy.

"This is going to be fun," The man said lightly.

Rose let the sobs overwhelm her, looking up to the blackened ceiling. She tried to think, but her memories were blurred together. Wild emotions swirled through her mind, with no possible way to understand them. How was her life before this? Was there anything about her past that made sense?

A single thought answered her. The Doctor. Her life was The Doctor.

The bald man pressed the button on the remote and Rose's blood curdling screams once more echoed in the dark room.


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