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The Time Experiment

Journey's End – Part 11

When Jackie stepped out onto the beach, she let out a groan and throwing her hands into the air. "Well, fat lot of good, this is! Back of beyond. Bloody Norway!"

"Norway?!" Jenny cried, stepping out of the TARDIS also. "Why on earth Nor…?" She paused, glancing around. "Oooooh! This is Bad Wolf Bay?!" She gave a squeal spinning around. "Oh it's beautiful!"

Jackie gave her one of her well known 'are you kidding me' looks. "As I said back of beyond."

The Doctor stepped out behind his daughter, as Jackie gazed around Bad Wolf Bay with distaste. She gave a sigh. "I'll have to phone Pete, he's on the nursery run tonight."

While Jenny was awestruck, admiring the view around her, Jackie turned and faced the Doctor, who was leaning against the TARDIS door. His eyes were down cast, looking positively guilty. Jackie huffed at the sight of him, determined to cheer him up. "I was pregnant, remember? (She smiled happily) Had a little baby boy."

The Doctor raised his eyes, smiling slightly at the attempt to lighten the tense mood. "Brilliant… What did you call him?"


The Doctor blinked, mildly pleased with her answer. "Really?"

Jackie rolled her eyes. "No, you plum. He's called Tony."

The Doctor opened and closed his mouth, his tone dropping slightly. "Tony Tyler? Okay… Nice."

"Tony?!" Jenny cried excitedly. "Oh Rose told me all about him. He can't be very old yet, yeah? I bet his…"


She stopped talking and spun around to face her father. The Doctor gave a sad smile. "I need to talk to Jackie… alone."

Jenny sobered instantly, knowing exactly what The Doctor needed to talk about. She turned to Jackie and gave her a final hug. Jackie held her granddaughter just as tightly, imprinting the memory of this moment.

"I'm so glad I met you," Jenny whispered.

"Me too, Jenny," Jackie whispered. "Me too."

Jenny pulled back, giving her grandmother one final grin before jogging back to the TARDIS. The Doctor stepped out onto the beach to allow Jenny passage into the TARDIS and closed the door after she had disappeared inside.

He hesitated, glancing at Jackie carefully. Rose's mother waited patiently, knowing that this was difficult for The Doctor.

"Jackie…" He began, pausing slightly. "Rose… isn't human anymore."

"I guessed that much," Jackie said with a smile.

"She's… well," The Doctor said softly. "Rose is a TARDIS."

Jackie's eye brows rose, glancing at the blue box that framed The Doctor's figure. "What? Is she going to turn into a Police Box?"

"What-No. Nonono," The Doctor said stepping out of the TARDIS and approaching Jackie. He licked his lips nervously. "She's a… humaniod TARDIS. She… well, there will be many things Rose'll be able to do. She'll be able to travel through time. Analyse time lines. Manipulate the Space Time Vortex. Possibly change form…" He paused, his eyes turning nervous.

"But… Jackie, she won't be able to survive here," The Doctor said softly. "It's the wrong universe. It's hasn't got the same rift energy. She can't… She won't…"

Jackie placed a hand on The Doctor's shoulder, giving a small smile. "Doctor, it's alright."

He took a deep breathe, apologies pressed onto his face. "You won't be able to see her again."

"And I know that," Jackie said seriously. "Doctor, when my daughter went missing for three months, I had no idea what to think. Pete and I searched every corner of the universe to find that she wasn't even in the same universe. (She smiled) The next thing I see is her beside you… exactly where she wanted to be all along."

Jackie let go of his shoulder, nodding to the TARDIS. "You take good care of my daughter Doctor. You're the best thing that ever happened to her."

The Doctor didn't know what to say. So he just stared, feeling the over whelming urge to apologise. Profusely. He was about to, but immediately stopped when Jackie's hand connected with his cheek.

"OW!" The 900 year old Time Lord cried out, staring at Rose's mother in shock. "What was that for?!"

Jackie shrugged light heartedly. "I dunno. For something you'll do in the future no doubt."

The Doctor mumbled something under his breathe, rubbing his cheek in annoyance.

"I've left her something on the bedside table in the medical bay, so make sure she gets it," Jackie said backing up with a smile on her face. "And for god sakes, whatever you do! Don't name my grandchildren after me!"

He didn't even realise that his jaw had dropped until Jackie burst out laughing and gave him a final wave. The Doctor watched her go, running a hand through his hair as he stepped back into the TARDIS. He admitted he slightly disturbed by what Jackie might be imagining him doing to her daughter…

As The Doctor closed the doors to the TARDIS, he watched with growing sadness as Donna rushed around, taking the time machine into flight. The time rotor moved up and down as the TARDIS flew through the time vortex. The Doctor steadily made his way up the ramp and stood beside Jenny who bore a similar expression of sympathy.

Donna grinned at him, rushing around the TARDIS controls happily. "I thought, since Rose is still healing, we could try the planet the relaxing planet Felspoon! Just cos... what a good name! (She gave a joyful laugh) Felspoon! Apparently, it's got mountains that sway, in the breeze, mountains that move, can you imagine?"

The Doctor watched her sadly as her face vanished behind the main screen. "and how d'you know that?"

Donna's head poked out from behind the screen, her eyes wide with excitement as pointed to her head. "Cos it's in your head! And if it's in your head, it's in mine!"

She moved around the controls again, steadying a lever. The Doctor followed her carefully, his expression becoming more concerned by the second. Jenny on the other hand remained where she was, biting her lip.

"And how does that feel?" He asked softly.

"Brilliant!" She whooped. "Fantastic! Molto bene! Great big universe, packed into my brain!"

"D'you know," Donna said mildly. "You could fix that chameleon circuit if you just tried hotbinding the fragment-links and superceding the binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary… (She finally broke free of the trance) I'm fine!"

The Doctor watched her, his gut twisting. She wasn't fine and she knew it. He didn't say anything though. The Doctor continued to watch his best friend breakdown from the inside out.

He wondered if this was how he acted when he tried to pretend everything was fine when it wasn't. That thought brought a miserable wave through him.

"Naaah," Donna said, keeping her eyes on the controls. "Never mind Felspoon. You and Rose need a date. Some place special. Like meeting Charlie Chaplin! I bet he's great, Charlie Chaplin. Shall we do that? Go and see Charlie Chaplin? Shall we? Charlie Chaplin? Charlie Chester? Charlie Brown?"

Oh Donna.

She quickly shook her head, righting herself. "No, no, he's not real, he's fiction, friction, fixing, mixing, Rickston, Brixton…"

Donna cried out, one hand clutching her head and the other holding herself steady on the control panel. Her face dropped the mask and the fear seeped through her eyes. "Oh my god."

The Doctor stepped towards her hesitantly. "D'you know what's happening?"

Donna stiffened. "Yeah…"

He watched her carefully, speaking softly. "There's never been a Human-Time Lord metacrisis…" He paused. "You know why."

It wasn't a question. Donna bowed her head. "Because there can't be."

The Doctor took a step closer, but Donna back away from him. He felt his hearts clench at the utterly terrified expression on her face. She was terrified of him.

"I want to stay," Donna said softly, tears beginning to leak from her eyes.

"You can."

They both simultaneously turned to Jenny. The Doctor's daughter stepped forward hesitantly, her gaze switching between her father and his best friend.

"You can't Dad, but I… I can let you keep your memories Donna," Jenny said carefully, taking a more confident step forward. "You have to trust me."

"Jenny…" The Doctor began. He was about to tell her that it was impossible. If Donna wanted to live, her memories had to be erased. There was no other choice.

Jenny shook her head. "No Dad, you have to trust me. I can do this."

"But there is no way…"

"You told me I could do this," Jenny snapped.

That instantly shut the Doctor up. He had guessed by the way Jenny seemed to know about some of his other companions that she was from his future. Of course, it had only been a theory, but these words proved that Jenny… this Jenny was indeed from his future.

The Doctor stared at his daughter, unsure about what she was planning. He watched her approach Donna with the upmost of determination. Jenny took a deep breath and placed her hands on Donna's temples. "Do you trust me?"

Donna nodded, tears streaming down her eyes. With that reassurance, The Doctor watched Jenny close her eyes.

Externally, nothing happened. There was no shift in the air around them. No bright light or surge of energy, but the Doctor could see the battle before him between his daughter and his best friend. The way Jenny gritted her teeth, her eyes closed tightly. The way Donna clutched Jenny's wrists like a life line.

Finally Jenny gasped, her eyes flying open. Donna crumbled to the ground, taking Jenny down with her. While Donna slipped unconscious, Jenny rolled onto her back, panting loudly as if she had run a hundred miles.

The Doctor began to approach, but Jenny held up her hand tiredly. "No," she croaked. Jenny swallowed thickly, heaving. "Get… Donna back to her house. Quick!"

Trusting her instantly, The Doctor silently busied himself to setting the TARDIS' course. He rushed around the console, his hands moving quickly as he flipped the correct switches and adjusted the right leavers. He couldn't help but give an uncertain glance towards Donna who hadn't moved an inch.

Luckily that TARDIS was already set in the right timeline and only had to travel several kilometres to the southwest to arrive at In front of Donna's house. When a boom echoed through the TARDIS, signalling their arrival, Jenny sat up on her elbows.

"Get her out of the TARDIS," Jenny got out through her heavy breathing.

The Doctor hesitated, opening his mouth to say something. His expression was full of nothing but concern and worry for both his daughter and Donna.

"Now Dad!" Jenny cried, not particularly in the mood for arguing with her father.

Without a word he bent down and scooped Doona up in his arms. The Doctor gave a careful glance towards where Jenny lay, but this time he didn't hesitate to follow her orders. He strode down the ramp and exited the TARDIS quickly.

The moment Wilfred heard the TARDIS materialising, he was on his feet and rushing out the door. He passed Sylvia, who stared at him like he was mad.

Wilfred gestured outside, his grin a mile wide. "That must be her!"

He opened the front door, scanning the street for his granddaughter. "Donna!"

Across the road The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, Donna limp in his hands. His expression was desperate, contorted with what could only be described as fear. Wilfred stared, his happiness dropping. "Donna?"

"Help me," The Doctor pleaded.

Wilfred watched The Doctor lay Donna gently down on her bed. After making sure that she was comfortable, he dashed out of the room.

"I'll be back," The Doctor said quickly, without gazing at either of them.

Wilfred followed the Doctor to the top of the stairs watching the man skip down them speedily. He disappeared out the front door with a flurry of his coat.

"Sylvia," Wilfred said quietly. "Stay with Donna."

Whether Sylvia planned to respond to that or not, Wilfred wasn't sure because he was after the Doctor in an instant. By the time he had reached front door though, The Doctor had already vanished inside the TARDIS.

For a moment Wilfred was worried that The Doctor was going to leave her behind. That she was just going to be left there, but that fear dissolved when Wilfred realised that the TARDIS wasn't materialising. If the Doctor had planned to leave her behind, he would've left in a hurry.

When the TARDIS door's opened a second time, The Doctor walked out with another woman. This girl was younger with roughed up blonde hair and, unlike Donna, she was partially conscious. The Doctor stumbled out of the TARDIS and one of the girl's arms was wrapped around his shoulder. As they slowly staggered towards Wilfred's house, the TARDIS' doors swung closed by themselves.

Wilfred walked quickly over to them. The girl raised her head and a feeble smile lifted onto her face. "Oh… hello Wilfred."

Wilfred frowned at the girl. He glanced at The Doctor in confusion only to be surprised when the Time Lord's own expression matched his own.

Finally, The Doctor sighed. "Wilf… this is Jenny."

Wilfred took Jenny's other arm and swung it over his shoulder. "Hello Jenny."

Jenny gave him a tired smile, but said nothing. Wilfred guessed that she was too exhausted to say anything at the moment. So silently, the three of them staggered towards the house.


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