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Heart of Diamond

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The Time Experiment

Healing – Part 4

While The Doctor was doing some long hindered repairs on the TARDIS, Rose thought that this would be the best moment to open her mother's Letter Diary.

Rose sat in one of the sitting rooms. It was one of her favourites for the roof was like a giant light show. It was made of a thin layer of some special crystal that they Doctor had lectured her on and she had forgotten about it. Probably because she couldn't take her eyes of the dazeling display of colour across the dark roof for only a few light sources. Rose could stare at it all. The fire was on. Of course, it was just an advanced hologram from the late 63rd centry, but The Doctor had installed the smell, sound and heat as if it was a real fire. In fact, it seemed that the only way to tell that it was a fake fire was if you tried to put your hand in it.

With a warm blanket wrapped around her legs and the pleasant hum of the TARDIS radiating through the room, Rose opened to the first page of her Mother's Letter Diary. She shifted herself until she was comfortable, before she began to read the first entry. It dated a mere two months after the event of Bad Wolf Bay.

To my dearest Rose,

If you are reading this then there is a highly likely chance that I won't be with you. The most likely scenario is that I am with Pete and the baby and you are travelling with The Doctor once more.

Today was the day you had snapped out of it. Can you remember? It was the day that you had come down the stairs (having had an actual shower and had changed out of pyjamas) and had declared to both Pete and I that you were going to do everything you could to get back. I know I didn't say it, Rose, but I'm so proud of you. I know I never really agreed with you traveling with The Doctor, but I can see now just how much he means to you.

I can see your determination and that is why I am writing this letter diary. I know you are going to find The Doctor. Mother's intuition. This book will contain everything I've always wanted to tell you and probably what I won't have the chance to, because you'll be neck deep in your project.

Rose, today I saw you become the woman I have always dreamt of being. You have found a goal and I can just see in your eyes you are going to stay fixed on it. So, today I begin to write down everything, so when the time comes and you find The Doctor, I can give you this book and it will say all that is need to be said.

I love you Rose.


Rose's gaze drifted to the artificial fire, feeling the heat on her face. She couldn't help but feel slightly guilty. Now that she had reflected on the memories, she did ignore her parents in her focus on getting back to The Doctor. All those nights she spent her small hours of sleep in Torchwood. She was with them of course, talking to them occasionally, but she never took a day off to rest or play games with Tony.

Rose gave a small sigh, leaning her head to the side and resting it on the sofa. She couldn't help but smile slightly. Her mother knew her so well. She never once disagreed with Rose about the amount of time she had spent working on the dimension cannon… because in that time she was writing this book, preparing herself for when her daughter left.

She closed her eyes and attempted to pull her mother's timeline forward from the continuous river of the Space-Time Vortex in her mind. She kept missing it though, getting mixed up with other linear timelines. Finally, Rose felt the TARDIS enter into her mind, helping extract the right timeline. Rose gave a silent thankyou before opening it, revealing her mother at present.

Jackie was sitting at the kitchen table, trying to feed Tony porridge. Pete was at the stove flipping pancakes, while stirring the porridge at the same time.

Rose smiled when Tony slapped his hands on his highchair sending the porridge flying in every direction. Jackie huffed and Tony giggled mumbling something gibberish. Pete seemed to be hiding his smirk.

They are happy…

"Yes," Rose agreed, keeping her eyes closed even as she released the timeline back into the Space-Time Vortex. "I'm glad."

The TARDIS gave a pleasant hum. … Just as you are…

"Very much so."

Rose continued to rest there for a moment, closing her book. She ran her hand over the cover and momentarily surprised herself that she could remember every word of the first letter at only one glance. She repeated them over and over in her mind, finding that she could almost hear her mother's voice saying those words. Rose almost fell asleep when there was a knock on the door frame. She opened her eyes, blinking, before breaking into a yawn.

The Doctor grinned at her as he casually walked over, his hands in his pockets. "I was looking for you everywhere."

"Hmm," Rose replied simply, smiling easily.

The Doctor sat himself down on the couch and the edge of Rose's feet. Rose watched him with sleepy eyes and couldn't help but smile more. She had really found him. After all that time searching, Rose was back. That thought just couldn't sink into her head enough.

"Are you alright?" The Doctor asked softly, his eyes flickering to Jackie's book.

Rose maintained her smile, despite the slight sadness fluttering in the back of her eyes. She reached over and took his hand, squeezing it gently.

"I'm ok."

The Doctor studied her carefully and Rose smile grew at his concern. She didn't regret her decision, not even the slightest. She knew her mother was happy and her mother knew that Rose was where she wanted to be. There was nothing that either of them could want more for one another.

"What's up?" Rose asked, wanting to change the subject.

The Doctor didn't look at her, his hands fidgeting slightly. "Well… I was wondering, if you're feeling better… um… would you like to come, with me to… somewhere."

Rose cocked to her slightly, questioning why he was asking. Of course he could take them somewhere. That was a stupid question… Ah.

At the moment of realisation, Rose resisted the urge to laugh. "Doctor. Are you asking me on a date?"

His hand shot up to scratch the back of his neck. "No… well, yes, but…"

"Well, I'm afraid that I'm too busy today," Rose replied, unable to hold back her smile.

The Doctor frowned as he glanced up at her, unaware of Rose's teasing. After a few moments of admiring his gorgeously confused expression, Rose let out a giggle.

He finally caught on to Rose's teasing and let a lazy grin slip onto his face. "You cheeky minx."

Rose's giggles morphed into shrieks as The Doctor snatched a foot and began to tickle it. She squirmed on the couch, her mother's book falling onto the carpet, forgotten.

"Doctor!" Rose cried through her laughter, trying to push her hands away. It wasn't long before she caught onto a different idea and dived her hands towards his stomach.

The Doctor let out an incredibly un-manly scream only fuelling Rose's laughter. In wasn't long before the two of them were uncontrollable, their hands searching for the most ticklish parts of one another. Rose found she got the best reaction right at his hip, whilst The Doctor aimed for her knees.

Their squirming caused the two of them to roll off the couch and onto the soft carpet. The blanket tangle between them, wrapping around their fidgeting bodies. Rose collapsed onto her back, feeling exhausted from merely laughing. The Doctor crumpled down beside her, his head resting on her stomach.

Rose glanced down at him as the last of her laughs escaped her lips. She raised a hand and ran it through his soft hair. His eyes glanced up at her, full of mischief and… pure happiness. They laid their long after their laughter had died, their ears hearing nothing but the crackling of the artificial fire and their eyes seeing nothing but each other.

"Where would you like to go?" She whispered carefully.

The Doctor let a grin slip across his face. "Rose Tyler. You and I are going to spend Christmas in 1851."

Rose paused in stroking his head, frowning. "Christmas? Really?"

The Doctor's smile faltered. "What's wrong with Christmas?"

Rose smiled at him. "Something always goes wrong at Christmas."

The Doctor grin grew again.

Of course, Rose thought to herself. Have a week off, without doing anything must've been killing him. He was purposely looking for trouble. Why would she think any different?

She rolled her eyes. "You mister are asking for trouble."

"Well… you know me," The Doctor replied.

"Yes," Rose whispered, her voice calm. "Yes, I do."

She did. She knew him. The Doctor had opened up to her in ways that she would never have thought imaginable. He had told her things she had never thought she would hear him say. He was tired of running alone. Having to fight, remember, wish alone. Now Rose knew what he was going through… she would always be beside him, holding his hand every step of the way.

"I never said thank you," Rose said suddenly.

The Doctor seemed confused. "For what?"

For finally believing that you deserved happiness. "Everything," Rose said with a smile. "Just… everything."

The Doctor grinned at her. Whether he realised the truth behind that statement, it didn't show in his expression. "You are welcome Rose."

Rose smiled.

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