Neji and Ino: Good Like Milk Bath

By kiwi4me

Summary: He never liked teasing and jokes, but maybe he'd try it. After all, she started it.

She was angry. Her jaws were clenching so hard she could feel the grinding of her teeth. The heat was burning through her skin, but she didn't care. At least not right now.

Her eyes narrowed.

How dare he! Did he honestly think what he said was true? She scowled. Her breathing sounded like a boar ready for the kill. She was in fact ready to do just that. Her knuckles were ghostly white as her nails dug into her palm.

He would die.

Her eyes twitched and a smirk played across her lips. She was currently imagining strangling the guy. He would be humiliated, embarrassed, bleeding. Oh yes, bleeding was what she aimed for.

"You're bleeding," a voice spoke up.

Ino, lost in her thoughts didn't even break her concentration. What did was the face in front of her. She blinked a few times feeling reality set in.

Blue eyes saw pale ones.

"Oh hey Neji," she smiled brightly as if nothing happened.

"You're bleeding," he repeated pointing to her hands.

She looked at her hands to see the drips of red liquid slipping down her fingers. She sighed. Placing her palms together, she started to heal it. She looked at the prodigy to see him with his arms crossed watching her.

She smirked.

"Do you like what you see?" Ino questioned.

Neji Hyuga, she admits, is a pretty handsome man. He was single, which was a definite plus. He is strong, very strong and fast too. Yes, he definitely was. Would she try for him? No point in not trying. She was never one to back down from a challenge anyways. It also helps that she already has a liking toward him.

"No," he said sharply and she could see the hint of a frown.

"Neh," Ino frowned prettily, "… Neji-kun, you are so mean."

She could tell he was holding back the roll of his eyes. She grinned. She reached out to grab at his sleeves causing him to narrow his eyes. Her bright smile, she knew, was probably glaring at him.

"Did you come to just stare at me then?" her grin eased down to a sly smile.

He tugged his sleeve and she removed her hand. There was a handprint: a bloody handprint.

His eyes twitched.

He glared at her and she looked surprised. He figured she might have forgotten about her hands when she reached for him. He will forgive her for now.

"You know," he continued walking, "… if you want," she was right next to him now, "… I can wash it off for you," it became a whisper.

He turned quickly catching the large grin and pink hues across her cheeks. Was she drunk?

"I'm only joking," Ino waved him off feeling the anger emitting off him, "… seriously. Did you see me so helpless that you needed to grace me with your presence?"

He turned.

Playing games were her thing. He never liked playing games.

"Mission," he didn't look at her.

"Aw," he could tell she was pouting, "… wonder who my mission partner is?"

He frowned. She already knew. Why did the Hokage put the two of them as partners again? He mentally counted the steps to reach the Hokage ignoring the names she listed out loud.


She hid in the bush waiting for the sign. It was getting boring, the same thing all the time. He goes and scout; she stays and wait. She frowned. Why couldn't it be the other way around? Oh, that's right; he lead and she followed.

She followed.

That nasty word rang in her ears. She was never a follower, never! Even in her genin days, she was the leader of Team 10. She crossed her arms staring at the emptiness around her. She hated waiting. She was never patient. Well, she was in all retrospect.

It depended on the situation and this situation made her bored.

Her eyes narrowed as she felt his chakra signature and a few others. Finally, there was some action. She waited. Rusting of the trees was heard before she saw her partner running straight at her.

"Yamanaka!" he looked frantic and she immediately stood, "… we leave now!"

Ino didn't need any explanation. Neji was strong. If he was running, it was a good reason. They continued running but they were being followed close behind. Ino took a chance to glance at Neji who seemed to be sweating an awful lot.

Her face grimed.

Though they were running, Ino could tell he was breathing from his mouth. That was not a good sign. Something happened while she stayed put.

"Neji," Ino said sternly as they rushed passed a few more trees.

Whether he heard her or not, he continued running forward. She noticed they weren't running as fast as they normally did and those who were chasing them were awfully close.

"Stop," she said slowing her run.

He glanced at her with a sign of indignation. What the hell was she thinking? He had to stop. That's when he felt it. His breathing was heavy and loud. He mentally frowned. He was getting weak and his chakra was running low.

"They're coming," he heard her announce.

He looked toward her to see determination and anger. He didn't get the chance to glance in the direction she was looking. His eyes were getting heavy and his body was burning. As strong as he was, he couldn't fight it. At least not right now.


She stared at him.

He looked so peaceful, so very handsome. She sighed. She touched his face and smiled at the feel of softness. Her smile wavered. How did he get his skin so soft? A thought caused her to giggle. Maybe he soaked himself in milk baths as well. She smirked. Maybe they could share a milk bath together?

She squeezed his face gently in frustration.

Why must you be so handsome? She got up frustrated as she headed over to the crackling of wood in the fire. She poked at it. The sparks flickered out of the flames.

She smiled.

She always liked the night time. She didn't know why Shikamaru didn't. Maybe he did, but chose the morning, since she chose night? She sighed shaking her thoughts.

She heard the removal of the blanket before the footsteps echoed into the night air. She instantly smiled. She already knew he was going to ask, but why not make it more interesting? She was bored after all.

"I see you're awake," she aimed her smile at him, "... I thought I was going to have to kiss you for you to wake up."

"I was poisoned," he stated and Ino's smile faltered.

"I wouldn't mind kissing you, you know," she admitted as a light danced across her eyes.

It was silent for a moment before she huffed with a frown. Why couldn't he just play along? She sighed.

"Yes, you were," she nodded, "… pretty bad actually. I had to make another cut so I could push the poison out before healing you."

He nodded still watching her.

"And the shinobis?" he was curious.

"You thought I couldn't take them," she smirked knowingly staring straight into his pale eyes, "… I'm not that weak."

"I never said you were," he defended with a blank expression.

"You were thinking it," she rolled her eyes and looked at the fire.

"You were in my head," he felt the anger coming. Did she not know what privacy was?

"I'm always in your head," she smirked.

"Yamanaka," it was deadly to push him any further when the killer intent was aimed at her, but she shrugged it off.

"What?" she feign innocence with big blue eyes, "… did I say something that wasn't true?"

Before she knew it, he was so close to her. His hands held her arms; his eyes bore into hers. She inwardly smiled.

She hit a nerve.

Maybe this wouldn't be boring after all.

Author's Note:

Hello dear readers, I just want to say that this story will be possibly five chapters total. Hope you all enjoy it so far.