Neji and Ino: Good Like Milk Bath

By kiwi4me

Summary: He never liked teasing and jokes, but maybe he'd try it. After all, she started it.

"Neji," she spoke up stretching her arms up to the sky, "… I'm glad Tsunade-sama finally placed us as mission partners again."

"Took longer than should be," Neji admitted as he continued walking back to their home.

"Oh," Ino feigned surprise, "… it seems the almighty Neji likes little ol' me a whole lot more than I thought," Ino grabbed his arms and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Looking up at him and blinking innocently, she smiled.

"Neji-kun," she said softly as he stopped to look at her, "… do you think we could be…" she paused hearing noises around them.

She calculated seven heading straight to them. She pushed away from Neji and prepared herself.

Neji did the same, but not before giving her a look that said, 'don't die'.


"What happened?" the loud voice entered his ears and he felt himself shaken.

"Yamanaka-san," he looked the older male in the eyes to see the blues flare with flames.

"Answer me," Inoichi gritted out.

"We were heading back from our location when they attacked," he started, "… there were…"

"What happened?" this time it was lower and Neji blinked quickly, "… why is she in the hospital bed?"

Neji didn't say anything. What was he supposed to say? He figured whatever he did he would end up in the bed alongside his partner thanks to her father. Before he ran out of the older male's patience, the pinkette came out of the room.

"Sakura," the older male turned to her, "… how is my baby girl?"

"She's fine," Sakura smiled, "… she has a few scars and bruises, but they will heal."

"Thank you," Inoichi breathed out touching the female's shoulder.

"You're welcome Yamanaka san," Sakura smiled and turned to Neji, "… she's smart enough to avoid hitting the vital areas."

All Neji could do was nod with a sigh of relief. She was alive.


Ino was finally alone.

Visiting hours were done and she lay in the bed staring at the ceiling. Sighing she felt sleep taking her.

The mission was successful, yet the aftermath was unexpected.

She remembered them being stronger than she and Neji thought. She avoided as much as she could from the weapons before finishing them off with her jutsu. Another sigh escaped her lips as her fingers ran over the scar at the side of her stomach.

It was harsh and jagged.

"That's the scar," his voice floated into her ears.

"Hm," she sounded with eyes closed.

She heard him come closer and felt his hand remove hers from the scar. His fingers mimicked her movement on the scar earlier and another sigh escaped her lips.

Neji burned holes at the scar as his eyes glared heatedly. He wasn't able to protect her. Her body was practically scar-proof until now. This was his fault. He should've noticed them; he should've seen this coming.

He removed his fingers and his hands on her and turned.

"This isn't your fault," she said softly.

"I didn't see it coming," he confessed.

"You can't always," she rolled her eyes as she looked at his back.

"I should've," he turned to her.

"You know," Ino smiled, "… you're strong. I'm alive, aren't I?"

He didn't say anything as he watched her eyes holding something… beautiful. He was stuck at the same spot not wanting to move to her, yet not wanting to walk away.

"Do you like what you see?" Ino smirked not removing her eyes from him.

"I do," he nodded with a smirk of his own, "… the bed looks comfortable."

"Hm," Ino sounded, "… why don't you try it?" she quirked and eyebrow egging him on.

He walked over to her and she grinned. He kissed her and she kissed back. Wrapping her arms around his neck and his around her waist, she felt him lift her up. Too caught up in the kiss, she didn't realize he removed her from the bed.

Pulling back and blinking confused, she realized she was out of the bed and standing in front of him.

Neji smirked at her and pulled himself on the bed and lie there.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Ino pouted feeling loss.

"There is a bed in the other room," he smiled with his eyes closed.

"Is that so?" Ino questioned and headed out of the door leaving the smile on his face to falter.

Neji blinked in surprised that she actually left. His smile fell into a thin line as he sat up. He got off the bed and headed out of the door. Not really sure where she went, Neji stood in the low lit hallway. Visiting hours was over so he wasn't going to get caught.

"Pssh," Neji turned to the voice of the female he was looking for.

"What are you doing?" he questioned curious seeing her in a crevice of the wall.

"You found me," Ino giggled, "… help me out?" there was a pleading look in her eyes and Neji chuckled.

"You're stuck," he assumed and seeing the embarrass look on the blonde's face made the smile on his face widen.

"Please," she was reaching her arms to him and he took them.

Pulling her out and onto him, they both laughed softly.

"Neji…" she looked up at him, "… I wanted to ask you something."

He didn't say anything, but the touch of his hands tells her so much more.

"Are we dating?" she questioned confused watching the way his eyes deepen and his hands still on her cheeks.

"Is that really a question?" he smiled kissing the top of her head down her nose.

"Is that a real answer?" she retorts back giggling.

"Yes," Neji decided kissing her lips.

"Neji," she whined softly feeling his lips move over to her cheeks.

"I'm not teasing," he admitted, "… nor is it a joke."

"I would believe you before, but I'm not sure now," Ino smiled as he faced her, "… you're getting too good at it."

"Hm," he smirked, "… I have a good sensei," he kissed her lips again suppressing her laughter.

"Hm…" she breathed out feeling his lips underneath her jawline, "… Gai-sensei? I had no idea."

"Ino," it was a warning if she continued, he'd stop.

"Neji?" Ino asked innocently, "… can you take me home?"

He paused and looked at her before she captured his lips. Humming into their kiss, he lifted her up bridal style and walked over to the front.

"Excuse me," the nurse at the front desk spoke up.

"I'm fine," Ino waved her off, "… he's taking me home."

"I need for you to sign her out then," the nurse continued to stare at the way Neji was holding Ino.

"We are busy…" Ino pouted and Neji eyed the nurse, "… you already know Neji, can't you just sign his name or something?"

"I…" the nurse started but paused as he walked over with Ino still draped over him.

He picked up the pen and scribbled his name on the form and took off with Ino looking over his shoulder waving bye to the nurse.

As Neji continued with quick stride, Ino noticed this was not the direction of her home.

"Neji, this isn't the way to my place," she looked at him confused.

"You said to take you home," Neji reminded as he kept his speed.

"Yeah," Ino nodded curiously.

"I'm taking you home," he smirked and glanced at her.

He paused in front of the Hyuga complex. Ino blushed madly unsure of what to say.

She sees it now.

He gave her the treatment of happiness and a soft glow whenever she was with him. He was making her better, brighter, stronger.

He was her milk bath that she easily melted into and she didn't want to get out.

"Is there something wrong?" he questioned holding onto his smirk and pulling her closer to him.

"No," Ino nodded with a grin, "… to your room," Ino giggled kissing his cheek.

And off they went to his room where they kissed, touch, and love.

The next day the two were found together. Hands were not being held, kisses were not seen, but the way they looked at one another, the way their eyes lingered told much more underneath the smiles, the innocent touches, and the playful taunts.

Author's Note

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this story.

To all the reviewers, thank you. You all make my day. I smile reading the reviews.