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"Hey, did you see him?" "Did you hear about the new guy?" "He's gorgeous!" "Have you seen his hair?" "His car?" "He's ripped!" Girls ran across the hall whispering and giggling to their friends. I walked down the hall trying to avoid a collision with the jacked up ballerinas. The only thing worse than giving a ballerina non- caffeine free soda, is when a new boy shows up.

I had no idea we were having a transfer student come to the Academy. Normally I would be super excited at the prospect of a BOY coming. Now, since I already have two guys, adding a third would not be a pleasantry. It would be an absolute nightmare. I have a really hard, life- changing decision in front of me. Seriously girls, boys just make everything more complicated, stay away from them.

"Transfer student?" Said a knowingly voice. I spun to my left and my hand went to my heart.

"Ben! Stop doing that!" Christian slipped his hand into mine, hiding them from view. I squeezed his hand while I continued to argue with Ben about transfer students getting special treatment as we walked down the hallway. When we reached the door, Ben had a fake pout on his face from losing the argument and Christian was smiling at our entwined hands. Ben reached for the doorknob, and Christian dropped my hand reluctantly. We entered the room single filed to find a large group of girls (most of whom were not in this class) huddled in a tight, crowding circle.

"Damn transfers," Ben muttered. I elbowed him, receiving a loud grunt of pain. By then our teacher came in and cleared the room out of girls. Everyone sat in his or her seats settling down. The teacher began to rattle off important events in the Civil War when the door swung open with a large bang.

Everyone's heads snapped around to stare at the disheveled, and attractive if I might add, young man who had sprinted into the room flustered. Girls were running down the hall with crazed looks. He spun around and pushed the door shut with effort against them. Finally the door shut all the way so he locked it and slid down to the floor looking exhausted.

"Can I help you?" Asked our teacher with great annoyance. The boy looked up at us realizing there were other people in the room with him. The boy stood and dusted off his pants. He was muscular and very tall. His hair was blonde and went in all directions. He had a very sheepish smile with a dimple. His bright blue eyes were framed with long, dark eyelashes. I could see why the other girls were chasing him, yes, it was quite clear. However, I looked over at my guys and decided he had nothing on them.

"Hi, I'm Blake. I'm sorry to interrupt 'mam, but I seem to be lost. Could you please tell me where room 341 is?"

"You're standing in it. You must be the new American transfer student I was expecting." Girls around us gasped and giggled when they found out he was American.

"Later Mr…"

"Knightly 'mam. Blake Knightly."

"Yes. Later Mr. Knightly, we will discuss the importance of being on time. For now you can sit in an empty seat so I can find you a partner for this class." Blake walked over and took the empty seat behind me, the only person in the back row.

"One of the people from the group of three needs to volunteer to be Mr. Knightly's partner. Please discuss this now while I find the attendance again."

For three minutes, I had to listen to Christian and Ben fight over who was going to stay with me. I began to get fed up and held my hands up to stop them.

"I am going to end this and decide." They both nodded eagerly and stared each other down waiting for my response. By the time they realized I had walked away, I had already sat next to Blake and introduced myself. We began to talk and Blake shared a joke with me so I laughed ignoring the glares on my back.

"So why are those two guys giving me the death glare?" He asked interested. I rolled my eyes.

"It's complicated."

"Stuck between a rock and a hard place." He said knowingly.

"You know it."

"Happened to me too, but when you make the right choice, it's worth it."

"How do you know?"

"You don't know till after you chose. I made the wrong choice, but I didn't figure it out till later. You'll know who's the right one for you when later on in life you mess up, but they still come back and forgive you."

"Did that happen to you?" He nodded.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I know who the one is now. I just have to find her." I nodded.

"You know, I think we are going to be great friends," he said.

"I agree. The best." We smiled at each other imaging the good times that lay ahead of us.

Unknown P.O.V

When did he get here? He wasn't part of the plan! He's going to ruin everything! Wait, this could work. I can use him to my advantage and get my revenge on him as well. Killing two birds with one stone. It's time to pay up. Just bid your time, and don't let him recognize you or else all will be shot to pieces. Yes, this will work nice!