This is a drabble inspired by Nickelback's song 'Far Away'. Happy Independence Day everyone!

***Set after Beautiful Darkness***

"Come on," Ethan said, pulling Lena out of her seat.

It was the Fourth of July, and fireworks were going off in the sky in brilliant hues. Meanwhile, the townspeople of Gatlin danced and ate the night away at the community picnic. A slow song struck up from Link the DJ.

"Are you sure?" Lena asked hesitantly as they got onto the dancefloor. The last time the two of them had danced, it hadn't gone too well.

"The whole world could be in chaos tomorrow," Ethan said. "Just enough time for one last dance with the woman I love."

With a smile, Lena lay her head on Ethan's chest and Ethan wrapped his arms around Lena's waist, gently swaying with her in his arms, ignoring the stinging pain it brought on.

It's irony, Ethan kelted as he breathed in the lemon and rosemary scent of Lena's curls. Even though it hurts when I have my arms around you, it is nothing compared to how it hurts when you're not in my arms.

That was the worst part of all that mess, Lena replied. I thought of you all the time. I just wanted to hear your voice, lay against you. Your heartbeat is more beautiful than any lullaby.

I missed the Kelting. Us talking no matter how far away from each other we were. Lying in bed and listening to your voice as I fell asleep. I love you, Lena. I always will.

Even if I did turn Dark? Lena asked, looking up at Ethan with her one green eye and her one gold eye.

Ethan leaned down and kissed Lena until his chest started to hurt.