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A/N - This is just a prologue/rough draft. Pretty much tells you what to expect from the upcoming FF feature, "Battlecross!"

Ruffnut= Ronnie Thompson aka Veronica Thompson The sixteen year-old bullheaded racer is too stubborn and dense to ever let anyone tell her different. Her behavior is hit first, ask questions later. Her skills in racing in Battle Cross are aggressive and explosive. But when she's in a serious competition, she'll lose the attitude and focus. Her childhood friend, Ash, has been with her since the beginning. At first, they were denied access to compete because they were girls, but Ronnie thought of changing their girly names to another alias. Next they tied their hair into ponytails or plain cut it short and finally got into the Battle Cross ranks. Soon after getting the hang of the sport, they adopted their eternal rivals Teddy Thorston and Stewart Johnson.

Tuffnut= Teddy Thorston aka Theodore Thorston *Equinox: "I'm too lazy to repeat what I've already said about Stewart Johnson."*

Snotlout= Scott is overused. Maybe Stewart Johnson or something. The cocky seventeen year-old rival of Ash is as arrogant as they come. He would've been the best racer in the league if he didn't showboat in every race he ever entered. His partner in some competitions is Teddy Thorston whom is equally as chauvinist as Stewart is.

Astrid= Ash aka Ashely Hofferson Sixteen year-old rookie allstar of Battle Cross. She had started young watching The Night Fury compete and dominate the sport of Battle Cross until his untimely demise at the Grand Battle Cross Championship 2 years ago. She swore to that day she too would overtake the game by storm and avenge the Night Fury by beating his executor, The Red Death. Her best friend is Ronnie Thompson. The both of them started together as preteens posing as guys with their nicknames. But due to their puberty, their true genders have become known. But since their credentials are high, they were allowed to show their to rivals, Stewart and Teddy, that girls can race just as good as they can.

Hiccup= Hector Haddock The seventeen year-old son prodigal of the whole Haddock Racing Tech. His father, Solomon Haddock, granted him the title of manager for the actual company. He is the youngest and most brilliant technician in the world. He personally sees over the whole production of the T-420 bikes used in Battle Cross.

Stoick= Solomon Haddock Founder and CEO of Haddock Racing Tech. He is also the one who created and hosts the Grand Battle Cross Tournament. The father of Hector Haddock.

And lastly the Night Fury. That should just stay the same. Did you want the Night Fury to be a guy or girl? I would love the idea of the Night Fury being Hector's hot jet black-haired older sister. O_O Dude! And have her with electric green eyes. AWESOME! O/O Hahahahah, I already have the "details" in my head!

NIGHT'S RAGE: "I'm beginning to regret our partnership…"

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