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Hallway leading to the Theater Room - Friday Evening

"In all seriousness, I'm sorry for calling you a cyborg."

Hector ruffled up his head more with his towel. He'd recently gotten out of the locker room after dragging Ash back in from their training session. Hector offered to wash her back, leading to Ash to curtly decline with a tired retaliation punch. He was now walking with her to the Theater Room where they would find if Stewart and Teddy, probably just now finishing Hector's assigned training for the two.

Hector peered over at Ash apologetic expression for a moment. He sighed, he was really stretching his apologies that day. Usually, it was a once a year type of deal. "I apologize for attempting to take off your bra-" Hector started before he stopped himself.


"Nothing. Anyway, I thought you knew I had a prosthetic leg. I told you last night and I even threw my bones at you."

Ash shuddered at the memory. "Well, how was I supposed to know that you didn't go buy a skeleton online and position it? The whole thing seemed staged."

Hector snorted. "You can't buy skeletons online."

"Not the point. Besides, those bones could've been one of your arms or legs. I wouldn't know because half the stuff you say is total bullshit. I'm sure it'll everyone feel better if your got a BS detector on your forehead."

Maybe a bra stands for Battle. Ready. Armor… Hector had the habit of thinking about something else entirely while someone had lost his interest.

Ash rolled her eyes when she noticed Hector space out from their conversations. She lifted her finger and prepared to jab him in the temple. She always did it whenever Ronnie was daydreaming. But then Ash stopped. Hector was nothing like Ronnie and she really didn't have the strength to defend against Hector's unpredictable behavior. As Ash's finger hovered right next to Hector's head, she noted that he was flinching.

"Will you stop that!" Hector swatted Ash's finger away and shook his head violently to shake the uneasiness. Then he set his jaw and sent her a pointed stare. "Who told you that?"

Ash was grinning in her mind. A new power over Hector… "Told me what?"

"Don't act innocent. I hate when someone hovers anything near my head-"

"Yo, Hector!"

"What's up, man?!"

Hector turned from Ash and saw Stewart and Teddy just exiting the Theater room, running at Ash and him. He stopped in the middle of the hallway and waited for the two to approach him. "Your injuries must've healed…"

"Well, when you said 'man up', we did. Anyway, I wanna thank ya man. You pwned those thugs." Stewart held his hand out to Hector.

Hector reluctantly took it. Then he was surprised when Stewart brought him into a one-armed hug, patting his back before releasing him. The same process repeated with Teddy.

"I don't know many guys that would avenge me like that besides Stewart. Thanks again, Hector. You've got my respect, Captain." Teddy nodded at Hector.

Hector sent Ash an exasperated stare. It only took a video to earn Stewart and Teddy's respect.

Ash rolled her eyes.

"Aw man, the way you shut down that wiry kid! Awesome!" Stewart praised, referring to Young Hector's retrieval video.

"I didn't recognize that last guy but-" Teddy stopped himself short when he took in Hector and Ash's disheveled appearances. It seemed to click how the two trained while Teddy and Stewart were in the theater room. He grinned and nudged Stewart with his elbow. Then he nodded towards the two.

"Whoa, aw man, Hector. Nice!" Stewart jokingly slapped Hector's arm.

Hector looked from his offended arm back to Stewart. "Excuse me?"

Teddy barked out a laugh. "Oh, you're excused for round 2. Huh, huh? Wink wink nudge nudge. Know what I mean?"

Hector narrowed his eyes at Teddy and Stewart. "Just spit it out."

Stewart slapped a hand over his mouth, visibly trying to contain his laughter. "That's what she said!" Stewart barely got out before he started rolling along with Teddy.

Teddy was wiping his tear-streaked eyes. "Ah, my sides…" He chuckled, nursing the sides of his torso.

Ash might've been bone-tired, but she still had enough energy to shut them down.

"No. I'm suddenly feeling very tired. We'll end the training for today. For now, I'm going to go have dinner." Hector covered his mouth as a yawn came before he walked past Teddy and Stewart towards the Dining Room.

Ash wanted to kick him the rest of the way down the hall, but she do that after she ate dinner, when she had more energy. Ash sent a weak glare at Teddy and Stewart smiling from being let out of training. Then she weakly followed after Hector.

"This team is officially awesome!" Teddy high-fived Stewart.

Stewart smiled. "Hells yeah! Let's go get some cheeseburgers!"

Once the group shuffled into the dining room and ordered their food, Hector cleared his throat to get their attention. "Alright, these are going to be my last orders for tonight. After dinner, Stewart, take Teddy and go back to the Theater room to play Battle Cross Ultimate League 3..."

Stewart and Teddy bowed down to their awesome captain.

"Ash, you come with me." Hector turned his attention to a flabbergasted Ash.

Teddy and Stewart increased their worship to Hector upon hearing that. It was obvious to them that Hector was going to go round two with their female teammate. They didn't care if it was just Ash. Hector could be tapping a wall and Stewart and Teddy would still be deeply impressed.

"Aw, come on! Are you serious?!" Ash threw her hands up in the air. "How come Dumb and Dumber get to sail through your intensive training while I had to barely get through it?!"

"I'll answer your question after dinner…" Hector excused himself from the question once the doors to the kitchen flew open, the kitchen staff setting the table and lying down the racer's meals.


Thompson Residence - The Porch - Friday Night

"Let the sky fall…

When it crumbles…

We will stand tall, or face it together…" Ronnie twirled around while softly singing to the intro song of James Bond: Skyfall movie she'd just watched with Frankie earlier that day.

Frankie had his hands in his pockets as he walked up the path to Ronnie's front door. It was the first time Frankie had ever heard her sing.

"Where you go, I go…

What you see, I see

I know I'll never be

Without your security…" Ronnie stopped and hopped over to where Frankie was. She faced away from him and pressed her back against his chest before going through the next verse.

In your loving arms…

keeping me from harm."Ronnie started rocking them both side to side.

Put your hand in my hand." Ronnie reached for Frankie's hand. "And we'll stand-" She drew out the last line until she was surprised when Frankie spun her around once. Ronnie grinned at him before leading him to her front door. "Alright, James Bond Junior, that's enough awesome singing…"

Frankie smiled. "I've never heard you sing before, Ron. You're pretty amazing…"

"D'aww. Flatter will get you nowhere though, Frankie…"

Frankie grimaced as if he just got shot down.

"I. Prefer. Action." Ronnie bounced up the porch steps with every word.

Shaking himself out of his stupor from eyeing Ronnie bounce up the stairs, Frankie's face flushed when he heard Ronnie. He knew he only had one chance. But he didn't want to be rejected in his advances. If he didn't, he'd regret. But then he'd regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't just go out guns blazing.

"So, can I kiss you?" Frankie was on unknown waters with the most unpredictable girl on Berk. His nerves were racking his whole body.

"Nope…" Ronnie opened her door and stepped in.

Frankie deflated back into his shell.

"You can kiss me in the morning…"

"What-" Frankie blinked before Ronnie grabbed a bunch of his polo and pulled him inside her house.

Half an hour later, a dark Nissan jerked to a stop across the street from Ronnie's house. The passenger door flew open and Hector fumbled out. He crawled away from the super car and look grateful for solid ground. "Thank God for solid ground!"

"Now you're just being overdramatic…" Ash huffed, shutting the car off before climbing out. "Get up so we can get Ronnie already." Ash strolled past him, crossing the street to the path to Ronnie's front door. She was about to step over the curb, but then she got tackled from behind into some bushes. She tumbled until she settled on her back with Hector sitting on top of her stomach. "Get off me- Mmph!" Hector's hand clasped on her mouth.

Hector held a finger to his lips, signaling Ash to stay quiet. Then he rolled off her and stalked towards the tree next to Ronnie's house. He managed to get to the base of the tree undetected. He turned to signal Ash to follow after him, but then he was thrown to the side by Ash. He flew backwards into more bushes before he got up and glared at Ash for tackling him. "Why-"

Ash interrupted him with a slap and held her finger to her lips. Then she pointed to Ronnie's mailbox.

Hector nodded in understanding. Then he whispered his thanks for saving him from being detected. He got up and put more effort into sneaking.

Dumb-ass… Ash shook her head. There was nothing there, she just wanted payback from the earlier tackle. Ash crept up to Hector and waited for his next move.

Hector scanned the area before starting to scale the tree. He was stopped by Ash when she grabbed a handful of his t-shirt and yanked it. He sighed before jumping down. "What?!"

"Why are you climbing a tree?!"

"I'm going to jump through her window!" Hector looked at her like it was simple.

"Why are spontaneously idiotic?! What will that do?!" Ash wanted nothing more than to throw him at the side of Ronnie's house herself.

"I jumped through your window and you came back. Simple logic. Duh." Hector's plan only made sense to him alone.

Ash made the motion of wringing Hector's neck for his immensely stupid idea. "You know what? Fine, go right ahead. I'm using the door like a person that has evolved from the times of dur hur hur!" Ash threw her hands up before storming away from him.

Hector was going to make a crack at how many big words Ash used, but he let it slide. He went back to climbing the tree to get to Ronnie's window.

Once Hector got on a secure branch, he launched himself at the dimly-lit room, that was possibly Ronnie's room.


Hector shielded his face and rolled into Ronnie's room, standing up and bracing himself. For the third time this week, Hector blushed. "My beautiful eyes!"

Ash walked in and her face flushed a deep red. "Holy-"

"I'M GOING TO KILL THE BOTH OF YOU!" Ronnie's face flashed pure malice at the two while she started dressing herself.

Hector stammered before ducking, narrowly dodging a Blu-ray disc that could've beheaded him. He stumbled backwards before vaulting out the window. Then he scaled down the side of the house before jumping away to half-land half-roll to the ground below. He shook off his sloppy landing and bolted for the Nissan. He ran and slid over the hood like a boss before lunging inside and quickly turning the ignition. Once he got it started, he hastily bypassed the performance options.

The front door exploded as Ash Superman-dived onto the front lawn.

Hector peeled out, disregarding personal health if Ronnie caught her.

Ash ran after the car and dove into the passenger window, clambering into the car. She could be mad at Hector later, Ash just wanted to be out of Ronnie's neighborhood. Period. "Burn rubber, Haddock!"

"Will you relax! This is the latest model of the Nissan GT-R super-car series. It has dual fuel injectors, a V12 engine, and a supercharger-"

A loud train horn sounded from behind them. Ronnie was tearing across all her neighbor's front lawns pursing Hector and Ash.

Hector shut himself up before switching on the sport's option for the transmission. Then he floored it.


HRT Tower - Hallway leading to the Kitchen

"Alright, a five minute break for snacks and then we go back to Call of Duty II!" Stewart bolted down along with Teddy for the kitchen.

"Deal-" Teddy stopped himself short when he saw someone running at them from down the hall. "Who's that?" Teddy stopped running and squinted his eyes.

Ash crashed into them within seconds, a frantic look on her face.

"Ash? What's up-" Stewart started, but Ash hid behind him.

"The hell is her problem?" Teddy looked at Stewart.

Stewart wasn't paying attention to Teddy. "Is that Hector?"

Hector came charging down the hall, he only stopped to sling Ash onto his shoulder and give Stewart and Teddy a warning. "If you value your existence, you'll run!" Then Hector ran past them.

Stewart and Teddy didn't even have to think for second before they barreled after Hector. Whatever got someone like Hector running must've been extremely bad.

The four ran down the hall until they got to the Dining Room, once again occupied by a relaxing Solomon.

Hector shoved the doors open and ran for hiding place underneath the table. He fell to his knees and slid under the tabletop. Stewart and Ronnie following right after them.

"What is the meaning of this-" Solomon was interrupted when hearing piece in his ear sounded an alarmed guard's voice.

"Mr. Haddock, please initiate lockdown of the Tower! I repeat, lockdown the Tower! There's an enraged teenaged girl causing a rampage in the- GAH!" Only static was heard.

Solomon grabbed his Tastykake Krimpets, Chamomile tea, and newspaper before ducking under the table. He looked to his sponsored racers and whispered what they were all thinking.

"Not a word…"

"No shit, Sherlock!" The four yelled before slapping hands over their mouths when the door to the Dining room crashed open.


Fort Suoredrum - Maverick Enterprises - Unknown Hour

Drake Maverick had the whole building unofficially evacuated the moment he got back from Berk. For justified reasons…

Screams and cries of pure unadulterated pain, anguish, and agony. These sounds were highly unlikely to ever be heard in Maverick Enterprises, maybe a hospital, but Drake didn't want the bad publicity. Even if it was his own son along with the Fort Suoredrum Mercenaries; 2 Hits, Smart-ass, and Killjoy. Not a damn was given that night when Happy passed away on the ride to Fort Suoredrum. Drake never liked the hyperactive freak of nature.

Drake did, however, value his son's life. He still needed Alvin to win the grand championship so he could win the bet with Solomon Haddock. Nothing paternal about what Drake had to go through to revive his currently handicapped son.

Alvin was unconscious right along with his team in the empty hangar when Drake finally found them. Drake had just gotten back from a pointless meeting with Solomon and his lawyer, the last thing he need was to push back the emergency crews and law officials that were converging onto the airport strip. The most costly event in dragging Alvin and his team to the company jet was the ruining of Drake's $800 suit.

With a huff, Drake threw in Happy's gruesomely bloodied corpse and yelling at the pilot to bypass all the safety regulations to get them out of Berk. It didn't help Drake's annoyance when he had to permanently retire the objective pilot with a sudden jerk of the pilot's neck. Drake flew his own jet back to Fort Suoredrum without strapping-in the intensively-injured racers for Maverick Enterprises.

Now back at his building, Drake carried the group, one by one, to his conference room. It hadn't been used in years. He discarded his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Then he ignored the hospital recommendations of giving the injured their sedatives, and started the surgery. But before Drake did anything, he left the dimly-lit room and went to his office.

Once he got to his office, he leisurely strolled over to his cabinet and typed in his personal password, only few knew it besides Drake. After the password was accepted, a scanning pad slid out and requested Drake's handprint. Moments after gaining access past several barricades of security, each asking for further personal proof that it was a Maverick, Drake was awarded with what he came for.

With all the safety vault doors now opened, a small black cigar case was revealed in the final safe. The case had a light green reptilian design on its top. Drake reached in and set it down on his desk. After settling himself down in his chair, he unclasped the locks and opened the case up. Pressurized smoke flowed out on the sides of the cigar case as 16 vials filled with an electric green substance displayed themselves.

Drake took out six and closed the case. Then he set them in his desk's drawer for the time-being before he got up and exited his office. He got back to the conference room and headed straight for Alvin. Drake prepped a needle and injected the point into the vial's paper lid. After filling needle to the maximum, Drake carelessly tossed the bottle away and started for Alvin's legs. Without dabbing Alvin's leg with alcohol, Drake plunged the needle in and watched as its contents worked they're magic.

Not even five minutes in, Alvin woke up and started up screaming his lungs out. He was swiftly silenced when Drake elbowed him between the eyes.

"Your blood-curdling screams are the last thing I want tonight…" Drake found Alvin's gruesome healing process distasteful. He left the room to retrieve a towel to cover him up. Once he came back, Drake directed his attention to Killjoy and 2 Hits. He knew their injures weren't as severe as Alvin's, but he feel like wrapping them up. So Drake took a medical shortcut and injected them with the same medicine he gave Alvin.

Ceasing their insistent cries of pain, Drake was done playing doctor. He grabbed his jacket and went back to his office. He would call his new secretary and request dinner, a few guards, and other specific services of her.

It's not easy being me… Drake sighed as he sat down in his $1,200 leather office chair, tangling his fingers behind his head, relaxing before he dialed in Diana before his secretary.


Isle of Bog - Saturday Morning

Cameron was half-casually walking and half-sprinting for the gates to the airplane. With her obviously rushed clothing and frantic expression, the flight attendants quickly got out of her way. Cameron shielded her face from the security cameras and lunged into the tunnel to the plane. After ducking and weaving past the multiple stewardesses, Cameron finally settled down in her window seat. Then she held onto her chest until her heart calmed down.

So far, her disguise as a bat-shit crazy old woman was paying off. All of the other passengers had put her off and gave her the cold shoulder. Her outfit consisted of a ragged gray coat, a flourish of pink and red designed scarf around her blonde hair, comically huge sunglasses, and a large purse that would put Mary Poppins' own to shame.

"Oh ho ho, now this be me lucky day! Why, hello there, Ms. Foxy Grandma!"

Cameron paled. The last thing she wanted was to beat the snot out of some creeper grandfather. Cameron turned and took notice of her new seat mate. The old fart had vibrant red hair for someone his age. But that wasn't the most outrageous trait of the newcomer. He was wearing a brown trench coat to his ankles, yellow cleaning gloves that went to his elbows, an assortment of Mardi Gras bead necklaces, and mismatched yellow-red and orange combat boots. His eyes were hidden under his abnormally large straw hat.

The other passengers of the plane moved down the plane more since the newcomer came and sat down next to the original freak on the plane.

The old man waddled into her isle and sat down right next to Cameron. Once he got himself comfortable, he held his hand out for a casual introduction despite his fashion statement. "Call me, Mr. Foxy Grandpa!" The man shouted right next to Cameron's ear. His hearing aid long since expired.

Cameron had to keep up appearances albeit her inner annoyance of the old man. She reached over, about to shake hands. "Mrs. Foxy Grandma to you-" Cameron started, hoping the fact that her other disguise being married would drive off the pervert's advances, but she stopped herself when she felt the old man's hand wander. Before Cameron knew it, she was being groped by a yellow glove.

"Pardon me, my arthritis is acting up again! Must have a mind of its own, this hand!" Mr. Foxy Grandpa said, jokingly scolding his offensive hand, but slyly sniffing it. A dur hur hur face under his straw hat.

Cameron contemplated whether or not she should ram Mr. Foxy Grandpa's head into the window next to her, but then yet another person came up to her row of seats.

"Is this seat taken? No? Well, don't mind me." An elderly black woman with a ridiculous chest came up to Cameron and Mr. Foxy Grandpa. She was wearing a light purple dress with a blue flower design, thick-rimmed glasses, a pearl necklace, and simple brown shoes. She lobbed her massive purse onto the carry-on shelf above the seats and sat herself down. Then without warning, she slapped Mr. Foxy Grandpa upside the head. "Don't think I didn't see your dirty-ass feel up that defenseless old woman next to you!"

Mr. Foxy Grandpa yelped out in pain before fumbling for his fallen straw hat. He quickly put it back on before his face could be seen by Cameron.

The other woman ignored him and leaned forward with a hand raised towards Cameron. "Hellur, call me Madea, hon."

Cameron hesitantly shook it. "Uh, thanks for…hitting him?"

"Don't you even worry about that, dear. Old men need a good smack down every now and then." Madea waved off the thanks.

"Old women need to get laid. Can't take a joke nowadays…" Mr. Foxy Grandpa muttered from underneath his straw hat.

Madea reached into her dress's pocket and pulled out a .22 gun. She flashed it to Mr. Foxy Grandpa. "Excuse me, you're gonna hafta speak into my good ear. I couldn't quite make out what you just said." She poked her right ear with the firearm.

The other passengers were bracing themselves at the windows by now. Keeping quiet, trying to not anger the unpredictable elderly group.

Cameron pinching the bridge of her nose. The one time I get off scotch-free and these crazies decide to sit next to me…

"Whoa, whoa. I ain't say nothing!" Mr. Foxy Grandpa's gloves were shaking in surrender in front of his head.

"That's what I thought…" Madea tucked the gun back in her pocket, but not before sending a warning glance to the other passengers to keep their traps shut.

"Pardon me, I need to use the powder room-" Cameron started.

"I hope this seat isn't taken…" A large man wearing a Santa Claus outfit took the last remaining seat in Cameron's row.

FML… Cameron sat herself down and wondered if she should ram her head out the window to escape. She was about to snap when Santa Claus reached for a handshake.

"Ho ho ho. I'm Santa Claus- No, I'm sorry guys. Cameron?" Santa Claus dropped his hand and deflated into himself.

Cameron froze in her seat. The last thing she wanted was for one of them to actually recognize her. She leaned forward and slowly started to get up, readying herself to bolt. But then the pilot's voice sounded over the intercom.

"*Ping* Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mr. Doverman and I'll be your pilot tonight. I'd like for all of the passengers to please buckle up, we're about to take off for the island Berk. Thank you again for flying Bog Airways. *Click*"

Cameron was about to cry her eyes out. Now she had to spend two hours with these people.

Santa Claus noticed Cameron's expression. "I'm sorry, Cameron. It's me, Joel."

Cameron whipped her head over to stare at Santa Claus just as he pulled his white beard down and revealed himself to actually be Joel.


"Two hours of putting on this make-up, down the drain…" Madea's voice changed. Then she reached for her neck and peeled off her mask. Her white hair was taken off next, black dreads bouncing about.

"Virgil?" Cameron was inwardly relieved, but at the same time, she knew she was busted with her sneaking flights to Berk. She turned to Foxy Grandpa.

"Ah, you've got that look in your eyes now, lass. You want some of this-" Foxy Grandpa was interrupted when his straw hat was snatched off by Virgil. Charlie's wild ginger hair unleashed.

Cameron wasn't surprised in the least by Charlie's disguise. Before he could even counter, Cameron punched Charlie's arm.

"Ow! What was that for, Sweetness?! I didn't even feel anything-" Charlie's assaulted arm went limp as he massaged it.

"What'd you just say?!" Cameron raised her fist again.

Charlie backed away into Virgil's fake breasts. "Chill, Cameron! I love your fire, just don't direct it at me!"

Cameron calmed down and look thoughtful at her teammates. "I guess the cats out of the bag, huh?" She turned away from them and stared out the window at the passing clouds.

None of the other three made a move.

"I just wanted another life outside of Bog…something different." Cameron smoothed her hair back, sighing before taking off her scarf and sunglasses as well.

Virgil snorted. "Didn't know your friendship with us was so unbearable that you'd need to go to a whole 'nother island, Cam…"

Cameron quickly turned in her seat to face them. "That's not what I meant-"

Virgil held up his hand. "Relax, I- we know what you mean. No offense, but your mom can be uptight at times and downright ignore you."

"Yeah…" Cameron looked hopeful for a second, thinking she'd been forgiven-

Virgil took out his gun and put the barrel over his mouth. After he clicked the trigger, orange Tic-Tacs popped out. He didn't even notice Cameron's shocked expression as he continued. "But…"

She grimaced after the color came back to her face with the realization of Virgil's fake firearm.

"But that doesn't mean you can just up and ditch your teammates for a night out clubbing in Berk. Could've at least told us before leaving us to cover for you when your mom starts asking where you were. It seems trust is not what it used to be nowadays…" Virgil shrugged his shoulders and set his jaw before crossing his arms over his chest. Then he faced forward.

Virgil's, being Cameron's first best friend before Joel and Charlie, words hit home. Hard. Cameron glanced at Charlie and Joel for their say in it all. Then she lowered her gaze sadly. Although they didn't verbally agree with what Virgil said, Joel and Charlie didn't object either. Cameron hugged her luggage closer to herself. Something told her that the moment the plane landed, her team, her friendship would be over. It was true what Virgil said about covering up for her. Cameron only went to Berk for classes, but why would she be gone all day when she went on a weekend? On top of it all, Cameron left to have fun without telling them or even lying to her mother to invite them to meet Ash and Ronnie.

Cameron felt a lump in her throat as heat came to her eyes. Her dream was to win in a Battle Cross championship ever since the sport was first made public. So she got her childhood friends together, her mother's friend's children, and begged them to change hobbies so they could race with her. After a few months of various races, they were the rookies of the year for Bog's Battle Cross league. That's when she really wanted to push her team further to becoming the ultimate, the best there is. But Cameron was limited to Bog. That is, until Berk held its first Grand Championship, to compete against Bog and Fort Suoredrum.

But now, Cameron didn't care about the fame and glory. Virgil, Joel, and Charlie couldn't leave Cameron's team due to the contracts they each signed, but Cameron knew it wouldn't even be worth participating if they hated her.

"Hey, I'm not disagreeing with Virgil's 'tough love' speech, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna break the steady relationship deal we've got going on, Cameron." Charlie got in Cameron's face and gave her a small grin.

Cameron clenched her baggage tighter, letting her bangs shield her eyes.

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't care that you couldn't trust us with your secret-" Charlie sped up his sentence when he saw Cameron deflate into herself more. "I mean, you know. You had good reasons and all. And I-"

"I'm sorry, Virgil. I'm sorry, Charlie. I'm sorry, Joel." Cameron hiccupped.

Charlie shut himself up.

Virgil looked up when he heard Charlie silence himself and then he flinched when he saw Cameron. "Oh no, don't start with those tears- Aw man…"

"I'm sorry for lying to you guys and abandoning you. Just please don't leave…you're all I've got since the beginning."

Virgil was kicking himself for making Cameron cry and Charlie hadn't the slightest clue on how to deal with crying girls. Joel spoke up to save the two.

"Cameron, you don't have to apologize to us." Joel leaned forward from his distant seat.

"Yes, I do-"

"No, you don't. Just promise you won't do it again, okay?" Joel sent her an uncharacteristic stern look. His face softened when Cameron nodded. "Okay. I, uh, think we're supposed to hug now or something, right?" Joel reverted back to his fidgeting gentle giant self.

Cameron took a deep breath before wiping her eyes with her sleeved hand. "Right!" Cameron shoved Charlie up to stand and made the others stand up. Then she shuffled them out into the aisle. Being the shortest of the bunch, Cameron jumped up and brought them into a group hug using Joel and Virgil's shoulders. "I just want you guys to know…you're all pretty awesome." Cameron beamed at Joel's kind face, Virgil's calculative yet caring expression, and Charlie's usual jokester smirk.

The passengers didn't know whether to say "Aww…" or "What the hell?!" at the sight of Santa Claus, Madea, Mr. Foxy Grandpa, and the crazy old lady sharing a moment in the middle of a flight. They all settled with repeatedly jabbing their panic buttons.


Berk Airport - Loading Docks - Saturday - Late Morning

"Now what?" Virgil came out of the bathroom, out of his disguise, and into his usual purple schemed street clothes. With a short-sleeve purple t-shirt, a black and gray scarf wrapped around his neck once, black jeans and black and white sneakers. He traded his thick-rimmed glasses for suave-rimmed rectangular glasses.

Right after Virgil, Charlie and Joel came out. Charlie replaced the stalker trench coat and the rest of his unusual disguise for a yellow short-sleeved hoodie with a red long-sleeve shirt underneath it, bright red skinny jeans, and white quarter-top Protégé sneakers.

Lastly, Joel strolled out in blue denim jeans with a white belt and a blue jacket zipped up to his chest, a white t-shirt underneath his hoodless collared jacket.

Cameron smiled. She had on a red tank top with a tan short jacket, a jean skirt with black leggings, and brown slippers. Her hair was loose from her usual ponytail "Follow me, I want you guys to meet Ash and Ronnie!" She was jumping up and down inside. She couldn't wait for her friends to meet her two role models-

"Cameron? Is that you, sweetie?"

Cameron recognized the voice and turned around just in time to grin from ear to ear. "Hey, Ms. Thompson!"

Ms. Thompson just came out of another terminal when she saw a familiar face. After walking up to them, she matched Cameron's bright expression. Before she knew it, Ms. Thompson was glomped by the enthusiastic blonde. "Oh, it's always great to see you, Cameron!" Ms. Thompson gave her an one-armed hug and rested her free hand on top of Cameron's head. Once they parted, Ms. Thompson noticed Cameron's friends. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends, Cameron?"

Cameron remembered them and looked over at them. Virgil had his eyebrow raised at her, Charlie was lost, and Joel was looking the other way. Cameron hide her embarrassed blush and cleared her throat. "Ms. Thompson, meet Virgil…"

"Sup." Virgil gave a lazy wave.


"The pleasure is all mine." Charlie winked at her and jokingly growled.

"And Joel."

"Hey." Joel was the only one that held his hand out for a handshake.

Ms. Thompson smiled at him and shook it. "Quite the lot of friends you have, Cameron…" Ms. Thompson eyed Charlie suspiciously. "I'm guessing you're here in Berk to see Ronnie and Ash, right?"

Cameron was sending Charlie a warning glare before she turned back to Ms. Thompson. "Yeah, we're about to get a cab-"

"You will not!"

Cameron pursed her lips together and gave Ms. Thompson a strange look. "Okay, I guess we're suddenly not…"

Ms. Thompson shook her head at Cameron's comment. "I'll drive you a free lift to the house. My car is out in the parking lot."

"Oh, you really don't have to-"

"Nonsense, you children shouldn't even be in the city alone at this hour. It's dangerous."

It's the middle of the day… Virgil's face twitched, he didn't like being underestimated due to his age. He was about to object, but then Cameron held his shoulder and gave him an apologetic look. Virgil huffed and peered pointedly in the opposite direction.

"Thanks, Ms. Thompson." The four said in unison, Virgil held back the edge in his voice.


HRT Tower - Racetrack - Saturday Afternoon

"Now that we're all here…" Hector smirked at the female members of the team. The other three rookies stood a distance away from the still-fuming Ronnie. "We can start training for the Grand Championship. Seriously." Hector held up his wrist and smiled to himself before addressing his controller device. "Activate HRT Racetrack…"

The four rookies shared strange looks amongst themselves after Hector's command. Ash was the first to speak up for everyone, but then the ground beneath shook and the sound of groaning metal came from all around them. Almost everyone turned around and then had a look of complete shock painted on their faces.

The stadium-sized bleachers that encompassed the racetrack slowly flattened into itself until it looked like a smooth panel. Then it lowered down as if it were on a massive freight elevator. While the bleachers sunk into the earth below, the actual racetrack hissed and blew up dirt at several different points. The checkpoints parted and then multiple obstacles came up from the ground. A large ramp that could possibly launch a racer a good 75 feet in the air, a warped wall that placed itself at one of the turns, an UFC X-Cage just like the one in the garage, but it was heavily-fortified, an advanced bike dyno compared to Ronnie's, a weapons rack shelved with multiple unknown arms, a work-out set, and finally a simple strip of track that had gateless fences alongside it.

But the transformation wasn't done yet. The area where the bleachers used to be started its gears up again and a blank white wall elevated around the whole racetrack. The walls didn't stop ascending until it all became a dome around them, entrapping them in darkness by blocking out the sunlight. A moment passed of eerie nothingness until hundreds of stadium lights came on and half-blinded the rookies.

Damn, I'm good… Hector marveled along with Ash, Ronnie, Teddy, and Stewart at his own handiwork. Then he spoke into his wrist one final time. "Send up the Nightmare, Gronckle, Zippleback, and Nadder 2.0 armors."

Teddy's face broke out into a wide grin, but then a look of confusion. "Uh, Hector?"

Hector was still patting his back to answer back. He simply grunted in acknowledging Teddy's soon to be question.

"This is beast and all, but where's the track, man?" Teddy wondered out loud.

Hector gave a bark of laughter, unintentionally sending a chill up everyone's spines. "You people are no where near ready to even come out of the tunnels with me. I going to break you before I even allow you to get on your 420s to race with me." He sent them an intimidating scowl when they look slightly reluctant. "There's no backing out now, noobs. If I don't kill you all within this week, then you'll each have a sliver of my respect. "

The ground behind Hector cracked and then parted. The Ultimate Obsidian came up in its security case along with the other battle suits. Once Hector got the suit out, it didn't take him long to don it on. Then he hovered a finger over his rubber turtleneck switch.

"Do not lose your composure, do not break your stance, stretch out your awareness, and do not let your guard down for even a second. If you don't…"

The helmet enclosed around Hector's head. His voice changer deepened. "I'll kill you."



Equinox: "What a nice fellow man that Hector Haddock is, huh?"

RAGE: "Anyway, keep reading Hiccup2012 and anybody else. Let me make this clear on what type of character Hector is in this story for you all. We'll do something very simple.

Hector is a mix of the following:"

Batman: Dark, intelligent, and half the time sprouting motivational support to all those around him. /End Sarcasm

Tony Stark: Couldn't give a rat's ass even if you paid him to. Doesn't care what he does and does whatever he likes without thinking of the consequences. Hector's mind is being limited in this story due to mainly training Ash, Ronnie, Stewart, and Teddy for the Grand Championship. Let half of the HRT Tower under his command be proof of his mechanical, technical, and overall intellect be obvious proof of his skills and knowledge. You actually indirectly answered your own question, Hiccup2012, when you mentioned Iron Man.

Robin (Teen Titans; Dick Grayson or Jason Todd I couldn't care less. Just that spandex spaz wearing the yellow 'R'): Always has a way to escape from a tight pinch. Various fighting skills and acrobatic abilities. Also ignores his social skills to find the bad guy and end him once and for all. No killing of course, that's too problem-solving. *Snorts*

RAGE: "I would say Sasuke Uchiha due to the arrogance and brooding, but let's have some respect for Hector, huh? Anyway, those are just off the top of my head. And I doubt we could have a Spartan from HALO featured in this story. Maybe in the ending of this story."

RAGE: "Maybe a bit of Edward Cullen in Hector. Just because he's indirectly setting women back 50 years just by sparkling and causing Bella to turn fan girl just like Ash Hofferson. Nah."

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