This takes place during episode 19 of Toaru Majutsu no Index Season 2.

This is a work of fiction and any reference made here does not apply to real life people, places, or events. In no way do I claim the works that this story is based on to be mine. If they tell me to stop what I'm doing, then I will delete everything, apologize, and beg for mercy.

Story Start: Prologue

Dark... Why is it so dark?

That's right...

I'm dying aren't I...?

So this is what death feels like...

I knew this would happen eventually but... I wish I could have tied up some loose ends before kicking the bucket...

Accelerator's life flashed before his eyes, reminding him just how crappy his life had been. Ever since he discovered his esper abilities as a child, it seemed as if the whole world was after him. Many wanted to use him for experiments while others just deemed him too dangerous to allow to live. They came after him like vultures. Organizations, scientists, and hell, even armies came after him. It is needless to say that he destroyed them every time. With each successive victory, he gained a feeling of invincibility.

In Acedemy City, he was the strongest. Many scumbags came to him to test their strength, only to be brutally destroyed. Tired of this, he agreed to participate in an inhumane experiment that would let him evolve into a level six. There were seven level fives in Academy City and he was the strongest of them all. Evolving into a level six would establish his supremacy as the strongest. Upon achieving this, no one would dare to pick a fight with him anymore.

And no one would dare trash his apartment while he was gone.

All that was shattered when he met a certain spiky-haired idiot with a troublesome right hand.

The idiot stopped the experiment and caused Accelerator's reputation as the strongest to drop faster than a girl falling from the sky.

It didn't help at all that he lost part of the frontal lobe of his brain shortly afterwards. He had to be connected to a network of ten thousand twin sisters to compensate for the loss.

Hearing this news, the vultures came for him again, wanting revenge.

However, just because he got a little weaker, does not mean that they got stronger.

He destroyed them time and time again, hoping that they get tired of losing money and people on him. But life is just not easy...

Just when he was getting comfortable living his life with a little girl that he picked up from the streets and a big breasted member of Anti-skill, trouble started up once again.

He was attacked by Hound Dogs under the orders of his old mentor Amata Kihara while buying bandages for the little girl under his custody.

It was here that he lost his life due to a certain kitten appearing in the wrong place at the wrong time...

If I ever get reincarnated, the first thing I'll do is hunt down that damn cat... Damn thing flew out of nowhere and pissed on my head! What was its name again? Yes... I think I remember now... That girl in the nun outfit called it Sphynx...

As his memories faded away, he was thrust back into the darkness. A sudden force pulled him forward and he found himself sitting on a small boat. There is no one to steer the boat and Accelerator noticed that it is just following the river's currents. It was dark but he can still see outlines of Torii gates all over the river. Looking around, he sees a similar boat in the distance. Unlike his boat, this boat is being steered by a girl in a kimono with long, black hair and red eyes. The passenger seemed to be struggling but countless hands held him down. The black haired girl ignored his cries and said,

"This grudge will ferry you to Hell."

Poor guy... Hey, wait! Does this mean this boat is going to Hell too? I already know that I did not do anything remotely good while I was alive but... now that I'm actually getting there... Fuck it! If there is a God out there, then please give me a second chance!

As if hearing his prayers, a strange, oval of light appeared before him. There seemed to be a voice calling out to him in a language that he can't understand. As he listened, the words seemed to be getting clearer and clearer. After another minute, he was finally able to process what the voice was saying.

"My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe,

my divine,



and powerful familiar,

heed my call,

I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart...

Answer my guidance...

And appear!"

Accelerator thought about what he just heard.

Someone, somewhere is calling for a servant. However, the criteria seemed too specific to apply to him.

Divine? If he was divine, then the angels would weep.

Beautiful? His pale skin and white hair makes him look like a delinquent high on drugs.

Wise? He is certainly talented, but wise...?

And powerful... hmm... if only nerve cells can regenerate...

Oh, fuck it! I'd rather choose this than a guaranteed ticket to Hell!

Without another thought, he stepped into the light.