Hide and Seek; Day 1

'We are currently on our way to Fujimoto High School. They have had numerous of odd occurrences such as the usual disembodied screams, apparitions caught on camera, objects moving on their old, cold and hot spots, and one instance of someone being pushed down a flight of stairs.' Naru paused and tapped his pen against the clipboard, 'The cold and hot spots are expected in a school that old: objects moving can't be counted because of the high traffic in a school: and the screams, well, it is a high school full of pubescent teens: also being pushed down a flight of stairs hardly counts, it could just be a case of bullying.'

'However, there is something suspicious in the way the principal almost refused my asking for more information. I have a very bad premonition about this case and I fear for our safety, maybe even more so than during the Urado case.' The last word Naru wrote came out smudged due to Lin bringing the car to a sudden stop. He glared at Lin who merely slightly lifted his shoulders in a shrug.

"We're here."

A quick intro for the first case, I want to get a case where the team actually focuses on investigating.