This is a random idea, don't know if it's good but when it popped up I had to write about it!

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Chie was about to question her sanity by the time she jumped off the Junes roof that night. After leaving the hospital and getting chewed out by her parents

Chie found it hard to sleep that night. So she decided to test out her new powers by going for a midnight walk, or in her case swing. At first she wondered

how she could even do it, but after a few test shots she found that her new webs could stick to anything like her. So after a rocky lift off she found herself

gliding through the streets of Inaba like a bird, or as best she could in a small town. "This is a blast! Why didn't I think of this before?" The girl asked as she

nearly avoid running into the Junes building. After she scaled up said building ala spider climbing she looked down at the town. She had a strange feeling that

something big was going to happen soon, bigger even than the TV world. She knew somehow she had to protect it from this threat with her new powers but

what would the others think? None of them could stop her if she tried but strangely it was Youske that kept popping into her mind, with his eyes filled with

worry. "Youske…I'm pretty sure he was going crazy when I was sleeping. But why him? Unless…." Her mind came to the logical conclusion that the Junes heir

must have liked her but she had to know from him. So without thinking she leapt off the Junes roof and headed for Youske's house via web line.

Elsewhere Youske was about to call it a night after watching the newest episode of Cassern Sins on Toonami when he heard his phone ring. Curious as to who

was calling he checked it and saw Chie on the caller I.D. He answered quickly with a comment of. "Chie? What are doing up? Shouldn't you be resting?" At

first there was no reply then the girl asked him something out of the blue. "Youske….do you like me?" The Junes heir felt as if he'd been hit with another

critical hit to the nads as he stammered. "W-What's this coming from?" She simply asked him the same question and he was forced to answer. "The truth is…

yes. I like you a lot Chie, you're beautiful, strong, and different from other girls." When she didn't respond to this he feared the worse. But a knock on his

window showed that Chie was hanging outside his house. He quickly opened the window but before he could ask what she was doing their She grabbed him

with webs and pulled him in for a kiss. He was startled at first but soon he melted into the kiss. When it was done she resumed yanking him towards her as

she gestured toward the window and asked. "Care for a midnight walk?" He nodded and carefully held her hands as they swung through the night via webs

for a romantic date of sorts.

Miles away from Inaba in the United States, a man was studying a computer screen filled with holographic images of a mouse with three legs. He was middle

aged, wore a lab coat with a pined up sleeve and looked very tired. His name was Dr. Curt Connors and thanks to Peter Parker his life was going to be good.

All his life Connors had only one arm, and all his years in collage were spent alongside the father of Peter to try to grow the limb back. At one point they

seemed to have found the answer but Parker left with all his data one night, leaving his son with his uncle and aunt. Connors had lost all hope then but

thankfully years later Peter stumbled upon his dad's data, allowing Connors to heal limbs. Despite not being tested on humans he was going to be forced to

use it on himself. While he wanted his arm back there was no idea what the serum could do to human DNA. If only his boss hadn't demanded it so soon, he

could have tested it more. But if he had to give up on his life's research he may as well have two arms. Before the doctor could heal his missing limb, his

office was suddenly covered in thick fog and his mental alarm went off. "Do you wish to heal what is lost to you mortal?" A voice clearly female asked him

from the fog. He started to panic when he felt something dark stir within his heart, making his judgment about the mysterious voice dwindle. "Who are you?

What are you?" He asked the voice, getting chilled laughter in response. "I am the desires of mankind, the goddess of the fog, I am Izanami!" And that was

the last thing the doctor heard before he lost himself in the fog, and felt his body undergo a sinister transformation.

After much debate and some tender kisses from her new boyfriend Chie decided that she would use her newly found powers to use as a superhero. After all

her dream was to become a hero of justice, so this was a sigh or something right? While it was true that there wasn't much crime going on in Inaba (apart

from the murder cases) that didn't mean Chie couldn't be the hero she'd always wanted to be. Now if only Youske would stop trying to change her mind.

"Youske, for the last time I'll be fine! " Despite her telling the Junes heir this many times he still tried to convince her otherwise. "I know that! But…if I were

to lose you…" That was as far as he got before she trapped him in a tender lip lock that caught him off guard. He held her close to him, not wanting to let go

for fear of losing her, his lips begging to stay connected to hers as their tongues danced in pleasure. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she gladly

allowed him entrance as they resumed kissing. After a while they came up for air and Youske told her the three words she'd wanted him to tell her. "I love

you." She blushed deeply and pecked his cheek as she replied. "And I love you too."

Well that was a chapter, what happens next? Will Izanami summon forth the lizard? Only time will tell.