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Final Chapter: Departure

It was finally the end of the school year. Finally, after a year of hard work at Duel Academy, along with ending the Rider War and Kurogasa beating Zane in the Graduation Duel, the school year had officially come to an end. We now turn our attention to Kurogasa's room where the furniture was still there, seeing as it was school property, but there was something different about it. Normally, Kurogasa would have posters and other Kamen Rider stuff around his room, but there weren't any. That could only mean one thing… Kurogasa was already packed up and ready to go. The Kamen Rider Duelist looked around the room with his luggage by next to him. "Ahhhh… I'm gonna miss this place…" He said as the Kamen Riders appeared.

Yuusuke came beside Kurogasa, placing his hand on the Duelist's shoulder as he said, "Well, look on the bright side, bud. It's only for a few months. You'll be back before you know it."

"Yep, like the kid said…" Tsukasa appeared as he looked around the surrounding. "And you sure have some boxes of your stuff in there."

Kurogasa chuckled as he sat on his empty bed. "Well, I've been basically living here for the past year. I took just about all the stuff I needed to live at home and brought it here with me: clothes, video game consoles, toothbrush, etc."

"And your girl?" Tsukasa teased. "Too bad you can't bring her along with you so you two can start your make out session again."

"I know, I know…" Kurogasa waved off. "But hey, at least she'll e–mail and video chat with me whenever she can. Plus, she can visit my house for a few days and vice–versa. So it's not too bad."

"Ah, I wonder what kind of home you live in… I'm quite curious." Haruto pondered a bit.

"Ah, that's right. Haruto–kun never knew what our headquarters look like before." Kenzaki noticed. "But let me tell you, despite the old traditional internal decoration, it's comfy, Haruto–kun."

Gentarou gave nod as he said, "Don't worry, you'll love it!" Then looking to Kurogasa, he said, "And don't forget, Kurogasa–buddy, to keep in contact with your other pals!"

Kurogasa laughed. "I won't! It shouldn't be too hard to do with Koji and Rika seeing how close together we live."

"Obaachan said this." Souji said as he did his iconic pose. "'A bond is a deep connection that can never be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are still connected.'"

"Yep! I know that everyone would meet up again despite the distance between your friends." Eiji agreed. "I'm sure everyone would have a good time after all of the things that happened around here."

Wataru sighed as he lied down on the bed. "I'd say after the year you guys had, you've earned some rest and relaxation."

"That's ri~ght!" Tatsulot cheered as he and Kivat came into the room in their bodies, perching on Kurogasa's shoulders. "I can't wait to get back home!"

"Me too! It's a good thing we scouted around the island one more time, just for fun's sake!" Kivat said happy.

Kurogasa nodded as he took one last look at all his stuff. "Well, I should probably go and say goodbye to the others before Dad and Kaa–san come so we can leave the island."

"That's right. We gotta gather everyone for a group picture anyways." Takumi remembered.

"Oh yeah! Zane's last day is today, right? So, let's get that picture for the good memory!" Shinji said as he prepared his camera.

"Couldn't agree with ya more, Shinji." Tsukasa added. "In the meantime, I should sneak around the area for a bit; catch some pictures of the remnants of the last war…"

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea shounen." Hitoshi said.

"Yep. And we gotta put everything on file for this one, ne, Philip?" Shotaro asked.

Philip nodded, sitting at Kurogasa's computer desk, now empty. "Indeed. We should get those for posterity, aibou. Don't want to lose those precious memories."

"Yosha! We can finally go home from this crazy place." Momotaros sighed in relief.

"Yare, yare. Sempai, do you really hate this place?" Urataros asked.

"Hate it? This place gives me the creeps! Especially that Rider War thingy! But it's a good thing that it's the same place where I've shown my climax once I get annoyed!"

"Wai~! We're going home~!" Ryuutaros chirped.

"Onsen! Wait for me back home!" Kintaros said as he cracked his neck.

"Didn't this place provide such a magnificent hot spring already?" Sieg asked.

"Nothing beats a home family hot spring! And besides, Kurogasa's mom didn't know about that hot spring, y'know?" Kintaros pointed out.

"That's right. We didn't tell her about that." Shouichi said, before he shrugged. "Oh well, we're coming back here anyways, once summer vacation is done."

Haruto sighed as he said, "Well, I say we get a move on so we can see everyone before we leave."

"Right." Kurogasa said as he stood up. "Ikuzo minna."

"Yosh!" The Riders said before they disappeared and Kivat and Tatsulot flew off his shoulders and went out the already opened door.

Grabbing his luggage, Kurogasa walked out his room before turning around seeing it one last time before saying, "Sayonara, Duel Academy. See you next year." With that, he finally walked out of the room, closing the door.

BGM: The Next Decade by Gackt


As soon as Kurogasa walked out from his room, the very first person he met up was none other than the Final Year Obelisk, Zane. "Finish packing already?"

"Yeah. So, what's up?" Kurogasa asked.

"It's nothing. I was about to wander around this place one last time before I depart…" Zane confidently smiled while he crossed his arms. "And remember, Kurogasa. You would be the one who'll carry the torch after me. I'm counting on you."

"Zane…" Kurogasa got out and Zane walked by him, keeping his smile, as Kurogasa did the same. "I'll try my best."

"Hey Kurogasa!" Rika called out, as she glomped on him in a hug.

Yoko ichiretsu no Chase hirundara dake~, haji~ maru~ REESU
(If you're afraid from being chased to the side, you'll lose your first race.)
Takamaru aseri to tsumetai ase kyou~fu ga, kimi~ no tsutsu~n~de
(There is a sense of urgency. The sweat feels cold, the fear swallows you up.)

"Oh, hey, Rika!" Kurogasa smiled as he returned the hug. "What's up?"

"I just feel like it before we go back at the mainland!" Rika chirped happily as the two broke the hug. "Besides, I really miss our friends there! I really hope my parents fed my hamster while I was still here!"

Kurogasa laughed as he said, "Knowing your parents and food, I'd be more worried if they fed your hamster too much!"

"Hey!" Rika exclaimed. "It's not like my hamster can't take all the food, y'know?!"

"I know, I know…" Kurogasa waved off as he remembered something. "Have you told Jaden about this?"

Hearing it, make Rika blush. "U–Urusai! You better watch your mouth before I end up hitting you with the frying pan again!"

"Wakatta, wakatta." Kurogasa laughed. "Anyways, we better get going for the group picture. I'm sure Marta's over there with Koji."

"I know~!" Rika chirped as the two headed off to Ra Yellow Dorm.

Tachi mamoru nara kokoro ni nido to hi wa tsuka~nai sa
(If you stop, you'll never ignite your heart again)
Migite ni yadoshita sadame~ daite~
(Embrace the fate in that right hand of yours!)

Inside the infirmary, as Victor peeled off another orange to eat again, he heard a groan nearby, catching his attention on the patient in bed. "Kurai? You're awake?! Are you coming too?!"

Kurai groaned again as he tried to sit up. "Hey, Victor. Ugh… Um, coming to what?"

Victor was happy after all the time Kurai was in coma for another month after the war, hugging him happily. "You're awake! You're awake! I knew you'd pull through!"

"Victor?" Kurai asked confused about the matter, as he could only blink while Victor teared up on his awakening. "What's going on?"

You're the Neeeeeeeeeext!

Next Decaaaaaaaaade (Hey!)

GOORU yori~ sono saki ni aru SUTATTO RAIN
(Beyond the goal is a start line)

Mezase~~~~ kanata e
(Set your sights on the other side!)

Hashitte yuke~ kizu darake demo
(Keep riding… even if you're covered in wounds)
Kono sekai no mirai wa ima… kimi no te ni
(Right now, the future of this world is… in your hands)

Inside Koji's room, both Marta and Mamori are helping him out with his stuff, packing everything carefully and in neat order. "Wah~, I c–can't believe Koji–sempai has a lot of things than I could remember… there's actually a lot more of these discs underneath his bed…" Mamori said while she packed his old school discs inside a box.

"And you've finally move up to Ra Yellow with Victor, love. I'm proud of you." Marta complimented Mamori, making the latter have a slight blush.

Koji chuckled as he helped Mamori pack up the last of his records. "You should be proud, Mamori. But yeah, my parents had a lot of these from the 1970's." Sighing nostalgically, he took out one of them as he said, "I can still remember listening to these in my room, teaching myself the Hustle and the Bus Stop."

"I see you're all packed up." Bastion said leaning on Koji's door, crossing his arms, catching the attention of the other three in the room.

Koji chuckled as he said, "Just about. We've got most of the stuff packed away. Just finishing up the stuff from my makeshift dance studio."

"Yes, and it did take some time, but at least we've done it." Marta completely agreed.

"I see. And after we finish this stuff up, we should go to Slifer Red dorm." Bastion said.

"Ah! T–The photo session, r–right, Marta–sempai?" Mamori asked.

Marta nodded as she said, "Mhmm. We want to get everyone together for one last picture before the year ends, love." As they prepared to move out, Marta was stopped by Koji. "Koji?"

"You guys go on ahead." the Boogie Knight Duelist said. "Marta and I will be along in a few."

"O–Okay!" Mamori nodded as she and Bastion moved out from the room.

"What's the matter, love?" Marta asked her boyfriend with a smile. "Is there something you need?"


Koji smiled as he pulled her in for a kiss, dipping her backwards as he did. "Oh my," Marta said, blushing with a smile.

When they pulled away, Koji said, "Baby, I'm not gonna see you for a while. So, there is something I wanted to do before you." Stepping into his closet for a moment, he immediately appeared dressed in his white disco suit as he said, "Would you boogie down with me one last time before we head out? Consider it your 'graduation dance' from Koji Shinamori's Disco Academy."

"Koji, it would be an honor of dancing with you." Marta accepted as Koji sets up his music. Once the music started playing, both of them held hands and started dancing to the rhythm.

Zenryoku de Keep on Top, hashiri tsuzukeru kimi~ no SU~PIIDO
(You use all your might to keep on top, Keep riding at your speed)
Nuki–satte shimau kuroi kage ga mie~ tara~ kimi~ wa dou~ su~ ru~?)
(When you see the black shadows completely overtaking you… what will you do?)

Meanwhile, Crowler was in his office, gathering his stuff. "Finally, I thought I'd never get my stuff all boxed up." Crowler sighed as he wiped his forehead of sweat.

"Uh… Dr. Crowler?" A random student called out.

"What is it, boy? Can't you see I'm busy right now?!" Crowler scolded, making the student flinch.

"Every student and teacher, are gathering at the photo session. You should be there too." The student replied back.

"Huh?!" Crowler gawked, before regaining his composure. "Yes, yes, of course, I'll be there shortly."

"Y–Yes, sir! I'll be sure to tell them!" the student said as he immediately hit the joint.

"I should pack these few things more before I start going to that photo session!" Crowler said worked up before he started packing things up again.

Idomu kokoro wo~ naku shitara mou kachi wa na~i darou
(If you lose your adventurous soul, you probably have no chance of winning)
Migite ni tsukanda hokori~ komete~
(Use all the pride in that clenched right hand of yours!)

Meanwhile, at the photo session place, a few girls swarmed on Atticus, making him smile. "Calm down, ladies! I'll be sure to call you during my summer time! I hope you all don't miss me too much!"

Jasmine and Mindy, particularly, were hugging his waist as they rubbed their cheeks against his chest. "Oh, Atticus, we'll miss you so much!" Mindy whined, practically in tears.

Jasmine, coyly, then said, "Won't you give us something to remember you by? Something to sate our love for you!?"

"Hmmmmm…" Atticus pondered, before he slyly smiled. "May~be."

The girls all brightened up, especially Mindy and Jasmine. "REALLY!?"

"Yeah! And I know you girls are going to love it!" Atticus smiled cheekily as the girls squeal at him happily.

You're the Neeeeeeeeeext!

Next Decaaaaaaaaade (Hey!)

Chiheisen~ nemuru taiyou mitsuke ni
(Find the sun lying dormant at the horizon)

Yami wo~~~~ kirisaki
(Cut through the darkness!)

Hashitte yuke~ hitorikiri demo
(Keep riding… even if alone)
Tsugi no sekai ga, matteru no sa~~~
(The next world is waiting for you…)

"Man, I really hate leavin' this place already! This place gives me the sweetest duels ever!" Jaden pouted.

"Hey look on the bright side. At least we get to come back here for the next two years." Syrus pointed out.

Jaden sighed as he plopped back down onto his bed, still pouting. "Yeah, I guess. But what am I going to do for the summer when I'm not here!?"

Chazz scoffed, trying to ignore the Ojama trio around him, all getting ready for summer. "Not bother me, like these bozos."

"Wohoo! Summer vacation!" Yellow exclaimed.

"Yeah! And we get to spend it with the boss!" Green added.

"Beach parties every day baby!" Black laughed.

"Whoopee…" Chazz said unenthusiastically, falling onto his back with a long groan. "Why haven't I gotten rid of these ugly critters, already?"

"These guys acknowledge you as your new owner." Kyoshiro stepped in with his wife at his side. "You should be proud of it, y'know?"

"Yes. It would be a waste to not acknowledge them since they have helped you out." Yukina nodded in agreement.

Chazz flinched, not wanting to face her wrath again after what happened last time. "I–I guess…" Chazz stuttered.

"See? It's not that bad…" Yukina replied with a smile.

"You betcha, lady!" Jaden exclaimed happily.

"Saa, minna! We should get to the photo session. Everyone's waiting for us, y'know?" Kyoshiro said.

That instantly got Jaden in a good mood. "Alright! This'll be awesome!"

*Instrumental skips to 3:36*

At the front of the entrance of the Duel Academy, everyone is already there, as Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, Kyoshiro and Yukina is the last one to reach at the photo session, as they meet up with Kurogasa, Koji and Marta. "Hey there, son! Heading to the same place?"

"Yeah, just gotta find Lex." Kurogasa said.

"Hhhmmm…" Yukina murmured to herself thoughtfully. "You know, I think we passed her on the way here. I saw her heading towards the docks."

"Right, I'll go find her." Kurogasa said before running off.

He ran for a little while before he finally reached the docks, seeing Alexis looking off into the horizon as she stood beside the lighthouse.

"There you are Alexis!" Kurogasa called out as the former turned around to see him, and smiled.

"Oh, hey Kurogasa." Alexis greeted.

"What are you doing here? Everyone's waiting for you."

"Yeah, I am… I just came out here to think for a bit is all."

"Oh?" Kurogasa asked as he came up to her.

She nodded. "It's just hard to believe, all the crazy things we've gone through this past year, you know?"

"Yeah…" Kurogasa said as he hugged him behind putting his arms around her waist, "But in the end we won right? Everything's back to normal."

Migite ni chikatta inori~ towa ni~~~
(The prayer sworn in your right hand is forever)

She smiled, placing her hands on top of his as she nodded. "Mhmm… and this year has had more good things. I got my brother back. And…" Alexis turned in Kurogasa's arms, placing her hands on his chest as she kissed him and said, "…I got the best boyfriend I could have asked for.

"And I've got the best girlfriend I could have asked for too." Kurogasa smiled gently before the two kissed again, before they broke the kiss again. "Now c'mon, let's go to the photo session."

"Right!" Alexis nodded before the two ran off.

You're the Neeeeeeeeeext!

Next Decaaaaaaaaade (Hey!)

GOORU yori~ sono saki ni aru SUTATTO RAIN
(Beyond the goal is a start line)

Mezase~~~~ kanata e
(Set your sights on the other side!)

Hashitte yuke~ kizu darake demo
(Keep riding… even if you're covered in wounds)
Kono sekai no mirai wa ima… kimi no te ni
(Right now, the future of this world is… in your hands)

"Ah, Yukina–sensei!" A female Obelisk called out rushing to her side, catching Yukina's attention. "Thanks for the tip of taking care of my face. It's really working, like you said!"

"You're welcome, dear. It's the least I can do to help out." Yukina gently smiled, making the former smile brighter than anyone else as the same student looked at Kyoshiro.

"Kyoshiro–sensei! We're gonna miss you for this summer break!"

Kyoshiro grinned widely, scratching the back of his head and said, "Oh, stop! You're gonna make me blush! But hey, you'll see me after summer break. I'll be teaching some classes for the upperclassmen, too, next year."

"Really?!" She exclaimed.

"You betcha!" Kyoshiro said with his usual big smile, giving her the thumbs–up, as his fan girls squealed happily.

"My, my… you sure make them happy, anata." Yukina praised.

"Hey guys! Sorry to keep you waiting!" Kurogasa called out as he and Alexis arrived.

"Oh, there you are, my fellow Obelisks!" Crowler said proudly as he looked at Kurogasa and Alexis. "You're just in time for the big picture!"

"Yeah, right on cue, man!" Koji said. "If not, we're gonna start without ya!"

"Okay, okay guys, let's go already!" Alexis laughed.

"Alright then! Time for a big picture everyone!" Sheppard cheered.


"Alright! Let's do this!" Victor cheered happily as everyone got into position.

"C'mon, Yukina! You and I should sit at the very middle of the pic!" Kyoshiro said happily while holding her hand.

"Along with our son." Yukina added.

Yep!" Kyoshiro nodded in agreement. "He's gonna sit right between us!"

"Then I should sit next to Yukina, for a good reason…" Sheppard said as some of the boys who wanted to sit next to her slump their head down in defeat.

"Yes, and I should sit next to Kyoshiro for the same reason as well…" Crowler added making Kyoshiro's fan girls get angry at Crowler.

Alrighty, get into position everyone!" The cameraman said.

"You heard the man! We gotta get into position!" Jaden shouted as the rest of the gang scrambled to get in a good place for the picture.

"10 seconds left!" the cameraman warned. And at that point, everyone got in a good and comfortable position.

"Here we go, guys! In 3! 2! 1! Say, 'Cheese'!" the cameraman said, as everybody does so with their huge smile. A quick flash of light coming out from the camera, which indicated that, the picture was taken.

A flash of light shined, changing the scene to the finished product. The picture showed all the students in the background including the Spirit Key wielders and the four students that were taken by the Shadow Realm in the middle. The picture also showed fainted images of all the Kamen Riders in front of them, doing their iconic poses from Ichigo on the left, all the way to Wizard on the right.

Along with them were the Duel Spirits of Rika's Foodons, Jaden's Winged Kuriboh, Koji's Boogie Knights, Chazz's Ojamas, Victor and Kurai's Ronin Warriors, and Marta's Fantasy Warriors.


As the camera slowly panned out from the finished product of the picture, there was writing in yellow marker that read:

"As long as you are alive, fight. Even if you are alone."

By Yukina Kururugi, once quoted by Tarakudo Shiryuu.


BGM: Cyclone Effect Acoustic

TWF: Well, it seems like we've reached the end of the line now, you guys…

Fenikkusumaru: Yeah… looks that way… do you really have to go?

SD: I can't believe it…

TWF: Don't be sad, you two… I know I've helped you guys a lot with this story, but there are times where eventually, you gotta continue on your own… and besides… *looking at my hand* my powers are nearly up…

SD: We'll miss ya, buddy.

Fenikkusumaru: …Is there really no other way you can stay longer?

TWF: I'm afraid there's no way I can stay here any longer now, aibou… saa, minna. Thanks for this opportunity for letting me participate in Fen–kun's stuff ever since this story started last year on Independence Day. We sure face a lot of speed bumps along the way, but in the end, we're satisfied with our finished product. It may be short but that just to show we've end this series with a happy ending at least.

Fenikkusumaru: *starts tearing up a bit*

SD: *Sniffles, tries to remain strong*

TWF: *smiles gently* Doushita, you two? Are you two crying?

SD: …I will admit, a manly tear or two has been shed.

Fenikkusumaru: …Me too. It's just… not gonna be the same…

TWF: I know… but who knows? Someday, I'll be back but when? That's where Gaia decides it all… *grabbing on one side of Xtreme Memory on the Double Driver* Saa… this is goodbye then…

Fenikkusumaru: Matte! *grabs TWF's hand*

TWF: Hm? What's the matter, partner?

Fenikkusumaru: … … …I'll do it…

TWF: *smiles* Alright then… I'll let you do it. *let go of my hand on the Xtreme Memory* …whenever you're ready.

SD: N–Nani?

Fenikkusumaru: It's okay, SD… I can do this…

TWF: *calmly waits* And SD, please keep supporting him after I have dissolve into the data… he's still halfboiled after all…

SD: *Chuckle, wiping away a tear* H–Hai… I will… After all, what kind of Accel would I be if I wasn't there to support W?

TWF: Yeah… and aibou, I hope you'll find a partner that will be on my stead…

Fenikkusumaru: *Nod* Yeah… me too…

SD: *Places hand on Fen's shoulder* I'll be here, pal.

TWF: Hontoo ni… arigatou na… futari domo.

Fenikkusumaru: Sayonara… aibou… *Takes off the Xtreme Memory*

SD: Sayonara, TWF

TWF: Sayonara… eien de… saiko no aibou… *dissolves within data*

Fenikkusumaru: *stays silent*

SD: *Puts hand on Fen's shoulder again, giving it a comforting clamp* You gonna be alright?

Fenikkusumaru: Y–Yeah, I'll be alright. We gotta move forward, right?

SD: Mhmm. And he's still with us, in our memories, pal

Fenikkusumaru: Yeah… *turns to the audience* Guys, this story has officially come to an end. The first season of Kamen Rider GX is finally in the history. As said before it all started out when I read Ten–Faced Paladin's GX story, Kamen Rider Duelist. Seeing it incomplete, I was inspired to… finish where he left off and so I started this story Kamen Rider GX and this story turned to be one of the best stories I've ever written. Of course, I couldn't have done without the various friends that helped me out with this story. Especially… The Wild Fang… I'm afraid that if I name the ones that helped me out, I might unintentionally leave out someone in my thanks, so I was like to say thank you to everybody who helped out made what Kamen Rider GX turned out to be. And I especially thank all the readers who have read, reviewed, and supported this story throughout this whole year. Oh, and more thing, as of now, I will accept OC's for season 2. As of now, 5 spots have been taken. I might be willing to take in 5 more OC's. If not I'll have to take 3. So here's the OC Form:

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There is the OC Form. Fill out this OC form for OC or OC's. Oh, and if you have an original Deck, please send me the Deck Recipe. Again, thank you to everyone who helped out made what Kamen Rider GX turned out to be and all the readers who have read, reviewed, and supported this story throughout this whole year.

So as a BIG thank you to everyone, below this closing statement, is a sneak peek of season 2 of Kamen Rider GX. It is the official opening song of season 2 called Kamen Rider GX: Society of Light. So go on to YouTube, Copy and Paste what is underlined here: 【ナノ】「Now or NeverTV Size【オリジナルPVto the YouTube search bar, click on the first video, and enjoy following along the opening song below this closing statement. And as always, review.

SD: Before we go, I have an announcement of my own to make. So, as you guys know, I've written a few times for Fenikkusumaru, especially in this story, becoming a reoccurring guest author. As we approached the end, I started writing regularly with Fen and TWF, becoming the Kamen Rider Accel to their Kamen Rider W, if you will. Now, I would like to officially announce for you all that I will become a regular co–author with Fen for the next season of the Kamen Rider GX story.

I would like to thank TWF for everything he has done for the story. I promise, pal, I'll do my best to keep the story going with Fenikkusumaru. And I would also like to thank you guys for your appreciation of the work I've done. As most of you know, Koji was a character of my own creation and I am so glad that you guys have come to enjoy following his story along with everyone else's.

Lastly, I will promise you guys that things will only get more intense next season. Thank you guys for your support throughout this whole story. I look forward to bringing you more great stuff for Season 2.

Fenikkusumaru: And now, without further ado, here's the season 2 OP of Kamen Rider GX: Society of Light!


(Cue in Now or Never by NaNo)

(Instrumental) The drums sounded and the lights flashed to the beat of the song on Kurogasa, Alexis, & his family together in one scene, Rika & Jaden side–by–side, Koji and Marta together as she hugs Mamori from behind, Victor and Kurai looking at each other as Victor handed out his Deck, and finally the rest of the GX cast, before going to the the main title, with all of the Heisei insignias rotate around the red core. When the title disappears, the camera zooms in at Kamen Rider City, then on a road with each Kamen Rider on both sides of the road. Kuuga, Ryuki, Blade, Kabuto, Kiva, W, and Fourze are on the left side and Agito, Faiz, Hibiki, Den–O, Decade, OOO, and Wizard on the right side, doing their iconic poses along the way before it reached the light at the end of the road, to trigger the next scene.

(LOST~, tesagari de sagashiteta [sagashiteta]) Sitting at the edge of a cliff as the sun sets Jaden looks at his blank cards while Rika looks sadly at him from afar.
(Tozasareta mirai no, kotae nante doko ni mo, nai hashiru shou~dou ima kaidoku funou~) Kyoshiro stood high at the top of the school building, looking at the view of the island down below with his wife Yukina at his side as they had their attention on their son, standing at the coastline of the beach.
(FOUND~, kudaketa hazu no unmei o~) Kurogasa looks at the sea before also looking at his blank cards while Alexis looks sadly from afar.
(Mijuku na yume no naka de, kikoetekita nda, saigo made "I'll be there for you.") After looking at the blank cards, Kurogasa lowered his head down, with the bangs of his hair covering his eyes. Alexis approached Kurogasa and hugged him tightly from behind before she whispered in his ears, while tears streamed down her eyes that were covered by the bangs of her hair: "I'll be there for you."

(Tachidomaranai~ kono hari dake wa~, boku no asu o kizamu oto tsukisasu!) In the next scene, inside the Obelisk Mansion, the possessed Sartorius laughed as the screen zooms out, as most students were now a part of the Society of Light until the camera turns towards Kurogasa, Jaden, and Koji facing them as Yukina stood by Kurogasa's side.
(Shinjitsu kara nigetara ima) Hassleberry, Syrus, Alexis, Bastion, Chazz, Victor, Kurai, and Aster look up to face the screen with determination on their faces on the right side.
(Genjitsu ni mo maketara ima) Rika, Marta, Mamori, Atticus, Crowler, Bonaparte, Sheppard do the same thing on the left side.
(Nani ga nokoru no~? [nokoru no~?]) Zane appears on the other side with his Cyber Dark Dragon behind him while donning his new suit with an evil glare and smirk, before the scene changes to Kamen Rider Sorcerer in his armor, looking at the screen.

(Kazoekirenai kono kizu dake ga, boku no kinou o zanzou to shite kataru) Meanwhile, Sartorius and Kamen Rider Sorcerer, with the Light of Destruction looming over behind them with the assistance of the Arcana Monsters, faces Jaden, Koji, and Kurogasa as Jaden has the Neo Spacians, Koji has the Lost Boogie Knights', and Kurogasa has the Secondary Riders behind them ready to face Sartorius.
(Unmei ga hodokete mo i~ma,) While the war is going on, silhouettes of new characters stood next to a figure wearing a mask from the figure's left.
(Sonzai o kowashite mo i~ma) Another group of silhouetted characters stood next to the masked figure's right.
(Boku no michi o yuku yo~ It's now or never!) The masked figure took off the mask, the screen showing the bottom half of the face and looks at the battle with a smile, thinking about Kurogasa. The figure and the silhouetted characters head towards the battle area, the figure saying "It's now or never!" before the screen flashed white to another scene.

(This is what they say "Live your life today" [Yeah, yeah!]. There will always be, there will always be a way. [Yeah!]) Kurogasa is on a cliff gazing at the sunset, as his thoughts of the Primary Riders appeared in the sky as ghost images.
(This is what they say "Live your life today" [Yeah, yeah!]. There will always be, there will always be a way. [Yeah!]) He bows his heads then closes his eyes, remembering the smiling face of Tarakudo, telling him to live a good life. Kurogasa opened his eyes with a small smile and looked to his left and sees Alexis next to him, smiling and he smiles back.

(This is what they say "Live your life today." [Yeah, yeah!]) Kurogasa and Alexis then look back at the sunset holding hands as the wind blew gently and the camera slowly pans out.