Chapter One:

Katniss POV:

"Good morning, guys!" Mrs. Portia, the music teacher, coos as she enters the classroom. She claps her hands in joy and turns to face the whiteboard. She picks up the marker and starts to write as Mr. Cinna, our principal, knocks on the door and enters the room.

"Hello honey!" Mrs. Portia squeals as she puts down the marker. She walks towards Mr. Cinna and kisses him on the lips, receiving sighs and groans from the class in return. Mr Cinna and Mrs. Portia have been this way ever since they got married a month ago. I have to say, I am quite tired of it, but they both seem happy.

"Jesus, go to the janitor's closet if you are gonna be like that!" Clove says while Madge laughs her ass off. Clove and Madge have been my only friends ever since middle school. Apart from Gale, but he doesn't count, he is a guy and his younger brother, Rory, is my little sister's boyfriend. Gale is two years older than me but he acts as if I am older.

"Okay, you have a new student joining you today class!" Mr. Cinna says after they break free for air. The class starts to whisper amongst themselves as I groan and lay my head on the table. Madge and Clove start talking about the stupidity of Glee and High School Musical as I laugh at the way they rage so passionately about the subject. Clove and Madge stop talking and turn their attention to the front of the class. The whole room gasps; redhead Delly Cartwright and her sassy girl friends start roaring and purring. Which would not be unusual for them. I roll my eyes at their existence and look up.

At the door, a blonde haired boy with ocean blue orbs for eyes enters the room and looks down at the floor. My eyes seem to be the only ones firmly in their sockets. I stare down at the floor while, every other girl gapes at the boy. The guys sink back in their chairs and give him envious looks.

"Okay... Um, class? Let's give..." Mrs. Portia looks at the boy, rolling her hand nonchalantly, as if asking him to continue.

"Peeta, my name is Peeta Mellark." the blonde boy says as the class repeats his name as if it's the new mantra.

"Okay, class, let's give Peeta a good day today!" she grins as she glances around the room. Mr. Cinna leaves the room after pecking our music teacher on the cheek. She glances around the room and bites her bottom lip as she points to the empty seat next to me.

"Okay, Peeta, since there is now twenty-two people, including you in this class, you will have to sit next to Miss Everdeen." she says as she glances between the empty chair. Peeta and myself. I sit up straight and pull my book bag off of the table and set it on the ground. Delly and her crew look back at me with jealousy written all over their faces. Madge and Clove glare at them, smug looks plastered onto their faces. I've always loved pissing Delly off so I give her a half smile, her jaw drops and she flips her hair as she turns around, definitely hoping Peeta would see. He doesn't, and I return my attention to the front of the room.

"There?" Peeta repeats as he points to the chair next to mine. Mrs. Portia nods while he turns red and drags his feet towards the chair. He pulls it out and sits close to me. I look away from him and at Clove and Madge, who are grinning widely at the closeness of Peeta and I. I glare at them, Madge bites her lip and Clove laughs her ass off, again. The whole class is interrupted and Delly turns around. I see her bratty friends whisper things in her ear and amongst themselves. Delly gives me a death glare with her lips pressed into a thin line.

Because I love pissing Delly off, I scoot closer to Peeta and smirk at her and her group. I actually have no intention of wanting him to like me, but they don't know that. They all gasp simultaneously and turn around, arms crossed over their chests. I turn to Peeta and give him a friendly smile. He grins back sweetly and turns a soft shade of pink at the cheeks. Is he blushing? I turn away and feel my cheeks heat up as I fight the smile that threatens to show on my face.

"So, you haven't introduced yourself," Peeta says behind me. I turn around and he is inches away from me. He sees my discomfort and scoots back, mumbling "sorry" and "stupid move, Peeta" as if he thinks I can't hear him. He finally looks up and I am blinded by his smile and his sparkling eyes. Jesus, he can light up the world in just one second. I look into his blue eyes and it feels as if I'm swimming, drifting further and further. Peeta clears his throat as looks at me patiently. I quickly shake my head.

"What?" I ask, clearly confused. Instead of telling me off - like some people - he just chuckles, I feel my cheeks heating up quickly and I have to stare down at the floor. I shouldn't be doing this. He is another one of those perfected boys that are heartbreakers.

"I said, what is your name?" he smiles and looks up to me. Damn, this boy, I can't even.

"Katniss Everdeen." I reply smoothly. I look up to him to see whether he heard me. Instead, he's grinning mischievously.

"So you're the famous and ever popular, Katniss Everdeen?" he says with a small bow. I give him a mocking laugh to show my disgust in the way he talks to me, like the Queen, but there is a tiny part in my chest that makes me want to hear it some more. What is going on with me?

"More like, 'the infamous and popular Katniss Everdeen!' " I laugh. I look over to Clove and Madge as they gawk me with their mouths open. I have never, not on my whole life ever talked to a new person like this, or at all for that matter. I need this stare down to end before Peeta catches the silent message.

"Will you two shut your mouths? The flies are coming." I say as they simultaneously exclaim, I never get the joke and they look like fools slapping the desk and laughing like they are choking, so haha, jokes on them, they look like idiots.

I turn back to Peeta who is smiling at my psychopathic friends.

"So anyways, what's up with that whole famous thing?" I yell over their loud laughing.

"Well, I was walking down the hallways, and everyone was talking about a Katniss Everdeen. Apparently, she was in the talent show... and she won." he says smirking at my embarrassment and my red face. "So I am guessing you are the Katniss Everdeen. The girl with the angelic voice but a monstrous attitude."

A blush crosses my face immediately. "I... umm..." I start.

"Class, discuss with the person sitting next to you how techniques used in music hundreds of years ago, have influenced our ideas of music now. Each pair is to hand in a poster next lesson," Mrs. Portia announces to groans and grumbles.

I can hear Delly furiously whispering to her friends a few rows ahead and I know it's not about the poster fragment of a whisper carries back of the classroom "...but that means that Catpiss gets to be Peeta's partner..."

I smirk my lips, I look up to see Peeta gazing intently at me. "Ready to start?" he asks. That boy.