Chapter 15:

Peeta POV:

I recount my night with Katniss to Finnick leaving out the details by only talking about the scenery - I am not some kind of porn show.

"So this is serious?" Finnick concludes.

"No, I just gave her my virginity because I felt like it," I reply sarcastically.

"If your gonna be sarcastic, at least do it well. Most people do get rid of their virginity because they feel like it," Finnick mutters.

"Well I'm not most people." I grin, "I hope."


After hours and hours of me recounting losing my virginity and Johanna being the expert at that stuff, we bid goodbye and walked our own ways home. I get off the bus and walk across the road. I notice a bold black shadow behind my gate. I walk around, knowing it was Peeta. I stop dead in my tracks.

No. Oh god. I scream in my head.

"Katniss. Finally. I need to ask for your opinion." Gale says in a rush. I back away into the safety of my front gate.

"Katniss, please. I'm sorry about the past month or so but I need your help. Please." He begs, holding his hands together and falling to his knees in the mowed grass. I know Gale. His straight face shows that he's not down for no shit, that he really needs help.

"Fine, get up." I say, rising to his feet, I step closer to him. "What do you want?"

"I don't know whether Madge told you anything, but - don't get mad, she forced me. We started going out early this morning and I said yes when she asked. But I didn't realise something at 3am though. I had a dream after that -"

"What! You're going out with Madge? After what I told you? Why?" I exploded.

"Katniss, please, let me talk. So I had a dream that I got married to a man. It was dirty and mischievous..." He continued, leaving me to think and leaving me more confused.

"What do you mean?" I ask, still not understanding him.

"I think I liked it - a lot. And I think there is no easy way for me to say this but I think I'm Bi. I like guys now but I still love Madge. What should I do?" My jaw drops in horror, how did he just realise he liked guys and girls? Why couldn't he had noticed that about himself earlier?

"I think you should tell Madge. She is a soft girl and the sooner you tell her, the more she will let go and choose what she wants, a straight man or a gay-straight man." I tell him calmly, "And if you don't, I will tell her, and she will never forgive you." He nods while tears well in his eyes.

"So who did you dream about?" I ask, grinning. I hope he sees that I do not disapprove of his sexuality but still care for him, as much as I hate him too.

"I think it was the other guy who works at the garage shop. He waxes and polishes the metals. He's hot but there was also a girl in my dream, I swear to god it was Madge." He blushes.

"Okay, well, go and tell her now and call me when you're done." I advise him. "Good luck, and don't worry! Even if she doesn't like the change, I'm sure she will learn to live knowing she once loved a guy like you. You guys can still be friends but if you try to mess with her... I warn you right now." I grumble, giving him a friendly pat on the back. I smile and say goodbye. I unlock the front door and laze up to my room. Fling myself on the bed and smell Peeta's scent on the pillows. I pick up the phone and dial his number.

Beep, beep, beep. I wait for him to pick up.

"Hey babe," he calls, I grin.

"Can you come over? Like, now?" I bite my lip, feeling myself get warm again in thought of last night.

"Can it wait for like just a second? Finnick is begging me to stay and talk to him. I'd love to go now but you know Finnick, impatie-" He whines.

"I can't find my pants..." I lie. I hear his smile and hurriedly say, "I'll be right over."

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