A/N: prompt 14: helpless
Word count: 300

Purple Butterfly

Drabble 3 – A Chance to Stand

Even before she heard of the trio heading the student-based practical defense group, she found herself immediately attracted to the idea. It appealed to her non-quenched dissatisfaction with Umbridge's NEWT classes on the subject – what was the use of reading biased texts for hours on end? It wasn't going to help them in the future. It wasn't going to help anyone.

Oh, how she longed to march up to the toad-faced woman and give that Ministry lackey a good piece of her mind. But even before she heard the whispers of Harry, of how he'd stood up for his ideas, for Cedric's death, she would find her voice sticking to her throat. Brought up in a family of rigorous culture, such rebellious views were never to be voiced to elders, much less with that level of disrespect.

But she had also been taught to stand up for her beliefs, so when news of the group to be titled DA met her ears, she immediately attached herself to the eradication of her helplessness. She imagined herself for once being at an active role (even her job as Seeker saw her on the sidelines).

And when she heard of Harry leading, emotions involved became far more complex…and less pure. Some focus drifted towards meeting him, talking to him, getting to know him better and putting both their hearts at ease (because she knew he was hurting, that he needed someone – and Hermione Granger was not that girl) – and then a pang of regret and pain would take her back to Cedric's gentle smile and tender hands guiding her as they danced.

The actual classes filled her with enough substance to quench the stewing cauldron. The precious seconds after were another matter.