Chapter Seven – Can We Talk Now?

It had been a little over a week since the time Ciel had been returned to his body after Sebastian had killed him. The pair still had yet to talk, or even make eye contact, as the butler was being a coward, and sending Mey-Rin to serve the heir. Ciel sighed deeply as he watched the only female of the house left, closing the door with a click.

He sniffed the tea, and recoiled slightly – Earl Grey. And the scones were blueberry. It was clear that Sebastian hadn't made this. Sebastian knew that he now favoured Blackberry tea with cherry and blackberry scones. And he knew that there was no time to wait for the butler. Lizzy was coming today.

He groaned as he flung himself back against the pillows before rolling out of the bed. He knew that someone would come and make it as he was in the washroom. He dressed neatly in a dark blue coat over a white shirt, and long dark blue fitted pants. He also grabbed his cane, as he left the room, but not before that he noticed that his bed was made. He turned, and almost ran towards the bed, seeing the small bit of parchment lying neatly on his pillow. It was written in Sebastian's hand.

He dropped to his knees, letting the cane fall beside him. He grabbed the note with a shaking hand, and started to read the neat, curling script.

-My Lord,

I am so very sorry, about what happened in Paris, and the fact that I have been avoiding you. I have been a coward, but to my defense, I did not know how you would receive me.

I know that Madam Lizzy is arriving today, and that we wont be able to talk for another few days, but would you mind terribly making time to speak with me, after she is gone?

Your faithful servant,


Ciel smiled for the first time in what felt like months. He quickly folded the short note and placed it in his coat pocket. Me made a mental note to tell Sebastian yes at dinner tonight. He had just stood up once again when he heard the sound of a carriage coming up the drive. His cousin was here.


A young woman with tightly curled gold hair rushed up the stairs to embrace the Phantomhive heir, and Ciel smiled as he hugged her back. "Cousin Lizzy! You look very nice wearing golden yellow. It brings out the blue of your eyes, and the highlights of your hair."

Lizzy just smiled as she drew back from the hug, and took Ciel's proffered arm, walking with him into the giant mansion. "Was the drive a pleasant one? How are your French studies coming along?"
Lizzy blushed, but answered sweetly. "The drive was very pleasant, we were lucky to have such nice weather. My French is getting better, and I will be going to Paris in the fall."

Ciel smiled at her, and held open the door to the drawing room for her. With a slight curtsy, she led the way into the room. "Thank-you for allowing me to say a while, Mother and Father needed some space to do their work. I would have only gotten in the way."
Ciel looked mildly shocked that her parents had said that outright, but he smiled at her. He thought back to when they were children, how lively she had been, how she would always want to throw a party for something or rather. She had now grown into a wonderful, poised, smart young woman whom he was proud to call family, and a friend.

"I hope that you will find many amusements here Lizzy. You are welcome to do as you please."

She merely blushed, and smiled. "So, Ciel, how is the Phantomhive Toy Company?"
He laughed, before replying, "Ever growing, Lizzy, ever growing."

They both shared a laugh before the clock struck 7, and Mey-Rin entered the room with a small curtsey. "Dinner is served, My Lord."

He nodded his head. "Thank-you, Mey-Rin, we will be there shortly."


Sebastian was at dinner, and when Lizzy was talking to Mey-Rin about the wine, he whispered a hurried, "Yes, after Lizzy is gone." The butler looked pleased, and smiled at his master before hurrying into the kitchen to get the dessert.

Dinner was otherwise uneventful, and soon after, Lizzy retried to her room, bidding goodnight. Ciel smiled as he watched her go, happy that she had gotten over her hurt at the broken engagement so quickly.


The butler stepped out of the shadows. "Yes, My Lord."
"Can we talk now?" Ciel looked down. He had missed the butler dearly, and wanted nothing more then to confess his feelings.

"Yes, My Lord."

"Very well then. Thank-you for the note, it made me feel relived, for a time. But I simply could not wait until Lizzy was gone." He paused, wanting to get his wording right. "In Paris, you said some things to me. Things that I have to address." He stopped, and watched the butler, but Sebastian was studying the ground, so Ciel just went ahead.

"I love you, Sebastian, and in Paris, when I was dead, and a ghost, I heard every single word you said. You told me that you loved me, that you wanted to be with me, that you didn't just want my soul, but all of me. Yet, you have refused to look at me since we have been home. You have had other servants doing your work for you, just to avoid me." His voice cracked, and he could feel the tears. "You also said, 'I shouldn't have trusted the stupid shinigami with something so important.' What did you mean?" When the butler didn't look at him, he let the tears fall. "Sebastian, please don't make me order you to tell me."

It was then that the butler looked up, tears criss-crossing down his face. "You love me?"
Ciel heard the fragile hope in the words, and he just nodded, too emotional to speak. He watched as the tears ran down the demons face faster, and stood up, moving so that he was standing in front of the older man. He gently reached up a hand, and placed it on the demons cheek, marvelling at the softness.

He was a bit surprised when Sebastian pulled him into a warm embrace. "The meaning of the sentence is simple. I told Grell my feelings towards you, and it was his goal to find out your feelings for me. But he made a big mess of it all, and told you that I had left you, to see him. And then you kissed him, and I thought that I was going to die. I wanted to hurt you as you hurt me. And then… I killed you." At this, both of the men cried harder, and clung to one another.

"I love you, Sebastian."

The demon pulled the man closer to him. "I love you, Ciel."