by The Plot Thinens

Chapter 1
John had it all

Doctor John Smith had it all, a great job as a professor of Physics at the local university. Well not just Physics, sometimes he would teach a class on several different subjects other than physics. One might say he was a PHD on several subjects in fact. This made him invaluable at university and he was never short on work and in the current economy, work was always a good thing. His only personal problems were dealing with a bizarre string of dreams and nightmares that he wrote down in a dream journal as suggested by a colleague of his. Perhaps one day he would make sense of them and discover his fixation on blue boxes.

He had a lovely Victorian era home, complete with a white picket fence, right outside of town and 20 minutes from work. Away from the subject of work, John was not the most handsome of men, but he was charismatic, charming and clever. With another worldly air that drew people to him like a magnet, he had no trouble becoming one of the most sought after professors on campus. He observed more than once that he caught the eye of some of his fellow employees and some students and depending on the reasons he was sought after, might have gotten him into a few uncomfortable situations once or twice. Fortunately, his best friend, Jack the Janitor, always seemed to be nearby when he needed saving. But for the most part he enjoyed the uncomplicated respect and admiration of his pupils and colleagues.

Because of the above mentioned it was all the more painful, for a few individuals, the day that John Smith was clearly and without a doubt off the market. John Smith as it turns out was not at all interested in dating anyone in his normal sphere and fell in love with a university store shop girl. They had met several times before while John was rushing to buy dry erase markers or some other school supply needed for his lessons. However, it wasn't until they had both caught each other late at night at the local Chippy restaurant off campus that they began to strike up real conversation. Well a conversation ensued after John had impressively rescued her, using just a cricket ball, from some muggers in an alley behind the Chippy. After filling out police reports the woman had treated him to chips as thanks. The conversation went greater than could be expected for two people with such different backgrounds and age gap. Despite her lack of academic education, John found her brilliant and saw that she had every potential for greatness if given the opportunity to apply it. He loved how she caught on so fast to his ramblings on various subjects. She could even keep up with him better than most of his students though she might not have understood everything he said. The two became inseparable partners in crime. They were always heading off on local adventures on weekends and ambling around the campus between work hours on weekdays. At first they shyly insisted that they were just friends and nothing more. They were almost comical to look at being so different from each other but on-lookers just shrugged and assumed that two extremely eccentric people had simply found a kindred spirit in each other. Eventually even those who knew them had to admit that their affection for each other, although unlikely, was genuine. They never had a lack of subjects to talk about and even thought it turned some head, and took a great deal of convincing from her mother, Rose Tyler became John Smith's wife after what some would describe as a whirl wind courtship.

They had been living happily, Rose even going back to school this term to get her A-levels now that she only had to work part-time, for now. Rose was a sponge for knowledge and now given the opportunity to learn again she was making great progress. And the sky was the limits as to what she could do with her life. Needless to say she and John were building up quite the wanderlust for the future. To celebrate her current success John and Rose had decided to attend a university ball that was sure to be an enchanting evening.

However, none of that mattered now because John Smith was finding himself being threatened by four familiar faces on campus brandishing weapons that disintegrate people! John was confused and frightened for his wife who has been snatched up by one of the lunatics. These four people were quite obviously crazy and wanted him to stop being human and change back into a Time Lord! Whatever that is? He just wished they would direct their insanity in some other direction other than him and his wife.
"We may have ended up leaving you alone for a while longer than planned, but we found you!" hissed Brother of Blood. Smirking he tugged on Rose's hair.

"I see you've been busy while we've been getting that vortex manipulator to lock on you. Did you enjoy your extended time as a human? I smell you all over this one."

John was getting angry and about to do something desperate in an attempt to save his wife. When suddenly Jack the Janitor busted into the room toting a gun that looked like it belonged in a space movie! Why? John didn't care because for whatever the reason the crazies were buying it. Jack took control of the situation and managed to clear the hall of its entire remaining guest. He then ferried Rose and John away from the mad peoples' clutches.

Their odd night was now continuing in Jack's 'office'. It was more of a broom closet but out of the way and a good place to hide. It clearly did not look like your typical janitor's closet and was littered with space age looking collectables.

"Doc! It's time to change back, you've been found out!" Implored Jack to John handing him a silver fob watch with odd characters on it. Nothing was making sense to John and he was beginning to wonder if something was in the water making everyone crazy.

"What do ya mean change back? John, this can't make less sense, yeah?" asked Rose leaning onto her husband's arm.

"Of course it doesn't make any sense! He's forgotten who he used to be! But you can remember it all if you just open this watch up, Doc! Come on, I haven't been cleaning toilets for 18 months just for the universe to be destroyed now!" Explained Jack to the dark haired man.

"What those four people said is correct. You're the Doctor. You are a Time Lord hiding from the Family of Blood! You've been in hiding for over a year now. They are alien hunters who want to consume your life force so that they can live forever! The whole universe is in danger if you don't open this watch now!" cried Jack.

"You're just as crazy as they are Jack! Let's just call the police and let them sort it!" shouted John at a flustered Jack.

"Oh sure, bring the lambs to the slaughter, just look at the watch, Doc! That's all I ask! Then you'll remember everything! You asked me to keep an eye on you if something like this happened while you were in hiding! I've been your companion on your little misadventures since we met during the Blitz in London! You saved my life and now I'm returning the favor!" countered Jack. John raised his eyebrow indignantly at Jack who just frustratingly gestured at the fob watch. Smith then reluctantly diverted his eyes to the silver fob watch. It seemed to be an ordinary watch nothing at all important about it, but it felt warmer than cold metal should. He found himself starting to feel almost hypnotized by the small metal thing. He was about to open the catch when he caught himself. He dropped the watch to the floor, though not sure why. All he knew was that he felt driven to distance himself from it like a survival instinct. Not catching John's mood Rose laughed in spite of herself.

"It's just a watch, how scary can it be?" Rose bent down and pick up the watch, it was warm and inviting like a handshake from a new friend that you knew you would get along swimmingly with. She opened the catch and golden light spewed out from it surprising everyone in the room but Jack. As she peered into the watch the information dawned on her. Rose closed the watch and stared at it before raising her head to her husband.

"You're n' alien…Jack's right. You're the Doctah." Rose said in disbelief. John looked besides himself. He was beginning to think that this was one big prank being played on him and he could not believe that his own wife was in on such a sick joke.

"Rose, you are far too fantastic a person to be involved in this sort of thing! It's a bad joke! End it already!" he barked.

Rose was taken aback by his tone; he had never raised his voice to her even on the rare occasions that they had fights. She didn't want to believe it but somehow she simply knew that the watch spoke the truth and her husband had a very important job to do. She would have to convince him to open this watch himself and see what he had to be and do for the sake of the universe. A war was going on in her head: Keep her husband and watch the world be destroyed or give her husband to the universe and save it? Either way she would lose her husband or was this losing him? Was her husband gaining forgotten memories really losing him? But, he's going to change, what does that mean? Will he still love me the same? These thoughts danced around in her head in a never ending loop until the reminder that the universe was at stake came to the surface! She couldn't be selfish even though she really wanted to be and keep John all for herself.

Rose wondered that if she truly loved him would that mean having to learn to love his Time Lord side too? Was it a test of their love? Would he even love her after he remembered being this glorious Doctor that the fob had given her a peek of? A tear rolled down her eye as she raised her hand and pointed to the blue box in the corner of the room that until now had gone unnoticed. She knew that would convince him.

"There, that's what you need to see. The blue box…it's called a…" Rose was interrupted.
"TARDIS" finished John.

Author's Note: update. Hi guys I removed literally one sentence from this original chapter because it was preventing me from taking the story in the direction that I wanted to go. So it's not a big change, so hope you don't mind.