I was afraid,

Afraid to face my reflection.

I was wrong,

Wrong to risk my life,

Over something

So irrelevant.

I was ignorant,

Ignorant to endanger others,

At the cost of my pride.

I was confused,

Confused what we were fighting for.




I don't know anymore.

I don't know who I am

I don't know why I am,

This way.

You may try to restrain me,

But my fear and rage reign.

You may try to comfort me,

But my guilt and sorrow,

pull me ever deeper into the abyss.

You may try to know me,

But I am a stranger,

In all eyes.

You may try to love me,

But I will always be the demon inside.

You may try to understand me,

Yet even I do not.

You may try to strengthen me,

But no strength can save me.

You may try to forgive me,

But I cannot forgive myself.

You may try to help me,

But no being or spirit can help me now.

You may try to respect me,

But the crusted blood on my hands

Block me from ever earning it.

You may try to heal me,

But my wounds are more than they seem.

You may try to speak to me,

But my cries will go unheard.

You may try to touch me,

But my anger will pull me away.

You may try to fight me,

But I will



And you will drown in your own blood.

You may try to revive me,

But my heart has already given way.

You may try to guide me,

But I am hopelessly lost in my own mind.

You may try