Rain's POV

I couldn't believe it; Vein is on Coracant. Last time I checked the clone roster, she had been assigned to Umbara under General Skywalker…but I couldn't remember what happened there. She looked pale and nervous on the way to the temple, and she kept biting her lip hard.

"Alright, what's going on?" I demanded, turning her to face me, stopping dead in my tracks.

"Nothing," she said, looking even paler and nervous. "Nothing's wrong."

I raised an eyebrow before continuing. "You've been fidgeting and shaking the whole way here. I've known you for thirteen years, and I know when you're lying."

"I'm just a little tired," she insisted before continuing towards the temple. I sighed before following her, eyeing her body language carefully. "Will you stop doing that!"

"Doing what?" I asked with her annoyed tone, crossing my arms before stopping completely. She stopped, sighed, then turned towards me. Her cold gray eyes were red and puffy, as if she had been crying. She's one of the toughest clones there are, and she's crying.

"I-I…" she stammered before breaking down and bawling. My eyes widened at the sight of a hardened, beautiful soldier drop onto her knees and cry her insides out. I knelt down to her level and wrapped my padded arms around her as she wept. I couldn't think of a reason why she was so overcome, yet she was curled up in my arms like a crying child…that can kill you a million different ways, but a child all the same.

"Shhh…" I whispered, stroking her wet and dirty hair, looking for a place we could talk this over. I gently lifted her up into my arms, and slowly walked into the Temple, where I quickly explained the situation to a passing Master, who directed me towards some spare quarters.

As I set her down on the bed, I noticed how beaten and bruised she was, cuts and dots all along her arms and legs, several nasty bruises as well, but mostly on her head. Even covered in injuries, she was still my Vein, my love.

"Rain?" she asked, voice cracking in the middle of the word. I sat down next to her and held her hand, leaning in so she could see me with her tear-filled eyes.

"Yes?" I whispered, stroking a dirty lock of hair away from her face.

"I need to tell you what happened," she whispered back. I nodded so she could continue. "A-after we were sh-shipped out…I-I was assigned to Umbara," she said, gulping loudly. "General S-skywalker had been called b-back to…Coracant, so K-k…K-krell took his place.

"M-me and my troop were sent…on a suicide mission…b-but half of u-us survived…about five h-hundred…the men were afraid…w-we were lost in the d-darkness for a week…no food…no water…we couldn't find the outpost…w-we were ambushed…countless d-droids…w-wiped half of us out. The men were getting r-r-restless…kept fighting e-each other…saying they would eat…the l-loser. I was so scred…one of th-them attacked me…and I lost it," she bawled at the end, burying her reddened face in my shoulder. She was shaking uncontrollably now, barely able to breathe. "I-I…" she continued. "I…killed them. I killed them all."