Curse of the Snake Demons

Chapter 1: The Talking Rattlesnake

Author: Herp a derp another fan fiction 8D this time for Rango and the badass Rattlesnake Jake… oh how good this will be if I can actually manage to get it DONE.

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Her father, she had to admit, was one of the weirdest people she had ever known in her entire life. Ever since he was a boy he had always been taking odd animals home and showing him to his mother, asking if he could keep them. Most of them were denied though somehow he managed to have a black widow and a wasp at some point as pets. She wasn't sure how her grandmother reacted but she could only imagine that it was shocked, scared out of her wits and/or enraged at her son's actions when she found out about them. But he lived either way considering he had a wife, two sons and a daughter.

So, to Claudia, it wasn't very shocking that her father brought home a rattlesnake he picked up on the road. It was only the second time he had done so but that was because he took it from their yard and put it someplace where it would flourish. This time it was a little different; instead of a misplaced animal the rattler, or a western diamondback rattlesnake to be more precise, was injured. Her father told her it looked like it had been in a fight with some sort of bird and he decided to bring it home and nurse it back to health.

What possessed him to do so she had no idea since the snakes were rather poisonous and posed a threat to her family. But thankfully it seemed to be out cold as her dad put alcohol and stitched its wounds together before putting bandages on it. She, herself, didn't watch what happened but one thing was clear, her father was going to have her look after it. She wasn't sure why though she had to think it was because that since her older brother moved away and was back home in the east she was the next oldest. Cause there was no way in hell they were going to give it to her young, ten-year old brother, he was too immature for this stuff.

"Do I really have to?" Claudia asked, sounding as if she rather not have such responsibility since she had to look after her younger brother. Her blue-grey eyes looked to her parents as her father spoke

"Yes, you are the oldest in this household and because of that you have to watch over him. Me and your mother can't because we have work" he told her. "Besides what else do you have to do for the summer? This is a time for you to learn better responsibility". Of course her father, after she had turned thirteen five years ago, started to make her get responsibility for almost everything she did, it was real bothersome but he was just doing that to prepare her for life.

"I know but… really, a diamondback rattler is to be my responsibility" she said with crossed arms.

"As long as you don't put your hand straight in the tank you'll be fine, I even have some live crickets you can feed him with" he said, pointing to the container of fresh crickets next to the snake's current habitat. It still didn't convince her but she knew her father was stubborn, much like her, and would not back down from his decision.

Thus the days of watching the snake was now her sole responsibility for the long summer break that had only just started. As she looked at it she found it really odd that it was adored with accessories like a black hat, a long belt of fake bullets and a fake gun barrel at the end of its tail. She could only assume that it was someone's pet and that it had gotten loose... she kind of felt sorry for whoever made him wear the stuff.

Despite the noises that were around the house the snake did not stir an inch, it made her wonder if it was dead. But the slow breathing of its body was proof it was alive, just out cold. To help heal it and have it wake up her father put a heating lamp above the cage to give the animal warmth… yet it had not moved ever since it arrived. She was starting to wonder if it was going to be in comatose forever over the days, but that would soon change by the end of the week.

While walking through the house on the fifth day of vacation Claudia went into her room to check on the little serpent that had been knocked out for the entirety of the week. At first everything seemed normal, till she saw, for a split second, a dark tongue flicker out of its mouth. She wasn't sure if she was seeing things so she got closer, making sure she was being as quiet as possible. Unfortunately with her next step the floor creaked, causing the reptile to jerk up and look towards her. His sharp coils bunched up as he looked towards the human as his metal tail rattled, warning her to keep her distance.

She looked into the unnatural fiery eyes it had, causing her to feel uneasy and very intimidated. Despite her being the larger animal she was smart enough to know that diamondbacks were poisonous and one bite could easily kill her. The scowl on its face stayed there as they stared at each other before she started to back away slowly to give the animal some space. When she felt she was far enough she sighed as the rattling started to slow down till it completely stopped.

"Great now it's awake and I'm going to have to feed it…" she said out loud to herself. "It would probably have been best if it slept until my parents came home" she added with her hand on her head as she pondered what to do.

"Awfully rude of you to be talkin' about someone as if they're not in front of you, girl" said a voice with a bit of western accent. She blinked before looking to where the source seemed to be, which was in the cage as the snake was looking at her and flickering his tongue. She looked around to see if there was anyone around who could have been the one who was talking to her, but it was just her and the snake… well her little brother too but he was in the basement. She then looked back to the snake with a questioning look

"Did you just—" she was about to say before being cut off

"Of course it was me! You see anyone else 'round here who'd be talkin' to you?" he asked. The snake had actually moved his mouth and TALKED; this had to be a dream. She momentarily went to her arm and pinched it with her right hand; nope there was pain, this wasn't a dream. Well… this situation just got awkward

"No but… snakes don't normally… talk or at least I've never heard of them talking before" she told him her excuse as she looked away and her two index fingers were pushing together. She could feel that his gaze was telling her he wasn't going to let that cut it and his words went well with his stare.

"That's cause we don't bother talkin' to you humans; you all are too narrow minded for yer own good" he told her. When she looked back at him his eyes were straight onto hers like bees and honey… she couldn't look away. Then she heard metal rotating and a click before his eyes narrowed "Now I suggest you let me out of this damned contraption or so help me I'll send yer soul back to the hell pit it came from!" he said. He showed off his huge fangs to her, telling her not to fuck with him unless she wanted to be dead. Despite this, and the fact that she was scared of this creature (I mean who wouldn't when a snake had a gun for a rattler) she breathed in and looked at him.


"No? I believe you meant to say YES, woman!" he said with a growl, his gun tail seemingly ready to fire as his voice was coming to a yell.

"I can't" she told him as she tried her best to stay calm despite those hell fire eyes piercing her very being.

"Why can't you exactly?"

"Because of your injuries, idiot" she told him, though she soon regretted calling him an idiot, but she had to go on. "My father found you on the road, unconscious with injuries that were given to you, by his estimate, a huge bird" she continued. "I can't let you out or else those wounds will open, they will get dirty, you'll get infection and you'll DIE". She was pretty sure that he didn't know much about human medicine and how the body works, but if he did he would be smart and just sit there like a good snake. It wasn't going to be as easy as that though

"You don't know shit about my body, woman!" he yelled at her. He was angry at her but also still mad at the fact that damn bird had hurt him that badly. He was going to get his revenge whether he was sick or not

"Really? Cause I'm pretty sure we humans know much about the anatomy of snakes and your kind of snake ain't any different" she told him. She was now scowling at him despite the butterflies in her stomach about looking him in the eyes. "It'll take another few days, maybe a week for you to get better and no matter what you say you're not going anywhere". Well she figured that was that as she waited for the rattle gun to shoot through the glass walls of the container and kill her. She heard the click… but there was no shooting. A click, a click and another click, still there was no shattered glass and she remained unharmed; what was going on?

"Dammit!" the snake cried, making her look finally to see that he was looking at his tail and was trying to get it to load and shoot. She smirked as she realized that he could not shoot her and that she was safe, for now at least as his gun was jammed. He looked at her furiously, probably mad cause he couldn't shoot himself free, and he probably hated that smirk she had on her face.

"Looks like you'll be staying" she told him before he hissed at her

"Don't go thinkin' that just because I can't use my gun I won't be able to get out" he said to her "When that happens I'm going to make sure to give you a long and painful death with my venom" he threatened. He opened his mouth and showed his fangs again as he hissed at her. It did scare her, the thought of him getting out of the cage and killing her, especially since he was in her room, but he had forgotten one thing. He still had injuries and those were not going to bode well if he tried to move too much. Thinking about this Claudia started to walk towards the cage, giving a puzzled look on the snake's face, not sure what she was going to do. She then crouched down to his level

"And how are you going to do that when you can't even move that much?" she asked him calmly. "If I were you, I would just be thankful that the humans didn't just leave or eat me…" when she said that she finally remembered something. 'Should I ask?' she thought to herself as she looked to the side for a minute before looking back at the snake. His eyes that glowed red and orange looked at her distrusting-ly and with anger; no she was not going to ask him. She rather feed him when he fell asleep again or when her parents got home; besides if she did feed him he'd probably try to bite and kill her. That was when she stood up and turned around, starting to head out the door.

"What's wrong? Ain't you going to feed me?" he asked her with a crooked smile but she was not smiling and didn't even look at him as she slammed the door.

When Jake had woken up he was surprised to find that the sound waking him was a human female and that she had put him in some blasted cage of some kind. Considering he gets rather moody when he first wakes up he didn't have the patience to hear the human talk about him and not talk back when he could understand every word she was saying. It may have been a mistake but at the time he didn't care, he was too grumpy to think straight and angry at how he let himself get nearly mauled by a bird. But what really got under his skin was that, despite being shaken up by his presence, the human spoke back to him and he couldn't do a damn thing about it. His gun was jammed and he knew he didn't have the strength to get out of the cage and poison her by digging his fangs in her pretty little neck.

"Should've just said no, damn woman" he said to himself after the human slammed the door to the room. Another rumble came to his belly as he frowned, another thing that made him grumpy was being hungry and the sound of crickets next to the container was not helping. The only thing that seemed to override his hunger was the sheer fact that he knew he scared the girl, even when she stood up to him. The thought made him smirk again as he knew no creature alive would not be scared or at least intimidated by his stare, well except for birds of prey. Despite that he got a kick out of knowing that she was frightened of him; that was the best thing about being an outlaw… well other than killing but having everyone scared shitless when seeing you was the next best thing if you couldn't do that.

But with that aside he now had to figure out how the hell to get out… though that was easier said than done considering his wounds. 'Damn bird' he thought to himself as he grimaced at his wounds, he really was going to have to wait until he got better before he could have his little revenge on the young human woman. Until then he curled his body more and put his head on top of the coils before closing his hellish eyes and getting some sleep, he would need it for the days ahead if that human was going to be as stubborn as she was that day.

While Jake was left to ponder his thoughts Claudia had her back on the door to her room as she was sitting in front of it. Her heart was pounding and she could feel sweat going down her skin as her nervousness and frightened thoughts ran through her mind. Never before had she felt so threatened in her life, God she wished her father would have just left him to die… okay she didn't wish that but she kind of wished that the snake wasn't as dangerous as he was. She was going to have a hard time sleeping that night… and others because of his threat towards her and the fact that his gun could get un-jammed any second.

"I am going to have to forbid my little brother from going into my room; it's too dangerous" she said to herself as she sat there. She needed to protect him, she was his one and only big sister and she was the oldest sibling in the whole house though he tended not to listen to her anyway. She sighed as she knew telling him will just want him to be in her room even more, but it was better to warn him than to let him just wander in. So she got up from the floor and walked down into the basement where he was playing his Xbox 360 with some game their parents bought him.

"Hey Lil' bro" she called to him, though he seemed that he didn't hear her as he stayed in his chair and played his game. "Brother!" she cried a little louder trying to get his attention

"Yea?" he asked, still not looking at her and being still preoccupied with his video games.

"I have something to tell you" she told him as she watched him shoot a head off of someone. God she wished her parents didn't give him such violent games; he was only ten years old. "Because dad gave me the responsibility to take care of the rattler I have to say you can't go in my room any more" she told him.

"Why?" he asked her as he paused the game and glanced her way "It's in a container right? There's no danger" he told her. She knew he was wrong, especially when that snake had a gun as a rattler and it could be um-jammed eventually.

"I don't care, I forbid you to go into my room, you understand?" she asked him, since she knew he wouldn't listen to her easily. She could see him roll his eyes as he went back to his little game "I mean it, little brother! Don't go into my room ever you got that?" she ordered, though he, again, gave no indication that she was even talking to him. She sighed as she left the basement and went back upstairs and, feeling the pains of hunger, she went to the kitchen to find herself something to eat.

Once she was done she sat there, wondering what to do next as she knew that there was no way for her to play video games since her brother was occupying the basement. The only other place she could find entertainment was in her own room… where that snake was. She didn't want to go back in there in fear he was still awake and that, while trying to do something, he'd keep staring at her with those eyes. She shivered just thinking about it as she looked around to see if there was anything to do. Of course there wasn't since there was not many electronics, save for a Wii and the Xbox down stairs along with a Tv… and then her laptop in her room.

Sighing once again she got up and walked cautiously towards her room, trying to make as less sound as possible as she approached the now "lair" of the snake. She took in a deep breath and then gently grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it before creeping the door a crack and looking inside. Her eyes looked around till she found the glass container and saw the coiled figure of the rattlesnake. As she opened the door more she got a better look though she still couldn't tell if he was awake since his hat was covering his eyes. Looking closer she saw that he was breathing slowly, indicating that he was calm and asleep.

Walking slowly to make sure the floor did not creep she started to approach the cage and the snake. Her breathing became slow and quiet in order not to alert the diamondback of her presence as she got in front of the cage. She slowly crouched down and got a better look at the snake whom was fast asleep, probably tired after the fight he had with the bird. She smile only a little as she thought that it was kind of cute as he slept there in peace and he was relaxed, but that was only when he was sleeping it was a different story when he was awake.

While looking at him the sound of crickets were heard and she looked over to the container of live crickets next to the cage. The snake was asleep now and it was a perfect time to feed him since he was no threat to her at the moment. She started to reach for them before a thought struck her 'What if he hears me open the top of the cage while I try to put them in' she thought. Damn she should have put them in when he was asleep 'Fuck…' she mentally added as she tried to think to what to do. If she opened the lid then he might wake up and strike… but she can't just not feed him, he'd starve.

"I hate my life" she whispered softly as she looked to the snake and then to the crickets. Decisions, decisions there were so many choices to choose from and so little time before she was sure he was to awake from his sleep.

Author: OKay okay I KNOW I have used the name "Claudia" a lot but... god dammit I love the name and it's nice to have characters with the name considering how rare it is _ Also I feel like an a** for making another fan fic but... well my obsession almost always gets the better of me xD Anyway this is done thank God and I'm already starting chapter 2 so... see you then I guess xD