Title: Quotable Moments
Rating: T for language, dirty minds and flirty bits. Rating may or may not change for later Mass Effect 3-centric chapters.
Note: I got bit by the LJ community 1sentence's prompt list again. I get way too wordy to limit myself to one sentence per prompt, so here's fifty little slice-of-life vignettes involving Juliana Shepard, her helmsman, and their shared love of vintage movie quotes that span the course of all three games. Spoilers abound, constructive criticism is encouraged, and since I'm awful at thinking up chapter titles, I'll just name the prompt I used for each instead.

New 2014 note: Holy smokes, it's been a while since I've touched this story. I meant to go back in and edit/polish up things as soon as I had it wrapped up, but technical issues and life in general got in the way, as well as a major case of writer's block. I don't really anticipate anything completely new story-wise to go on, but I might add a bit to chapters that were shorter and change up some wording here and there now that I'm looking back on stuff.

Once Joker was completely sure his new XO was out of earshot, he gave a sideways glance to his fellow crewmember. "Okay, was it just me, or did the Commander sneak up on you too?"

Not looking up from his work, Alenko gave a grim nod. "Completely didn't catch her standing behind us."

Joker arched an eyebrow and grinned. "Oooh, she's a sneaky one. I kinda like that."

Kaidan snorted. "You liked that she overheard your 'fly is undone' comment?"

"Hey, she'll keep us on our toes and she didn't mention it, so that probably means that she's not a hardass like everyone was afraid of." Joker leaned out of his seat to try to catch a glimpse of Shepard walking away. "Speaking of hardasses, damn, did you check that out?" He let out a low whistle of appreciation as he let himself think back on how her uniform hugged the curve of her hip like a second skin. None of the vids did her justice, he mused.


"Oh, come on! I can't be the only guy in the room noticing stuff like this! Shepard might be some big war hero and all, but she's absolutely smokin' hot, man." He closed his eyes, briefly fantasizing just how Shepard's hair would look like if she had taken it out of the severe bun it was fashioned in.

Kaidan's voice broke him out of his reverie. "She's also higher up in ranks than we are. That means…"

"Yeah, yeah. We can look, but we can't touch. Lighten up, Alenko. Sheesh, you're so serious sometimes."

"Someone has to make up for you."

"I can be serious!" There was a pause. "Hey?"


"Serious question: you think she's a natural redhead?"

Kaidan groaned, wishing there was something handy nearby to chuck at his pilot.