It was another day with Keroro….

"And you better do it right," Natsumi snapped. "I'll be back in an hour to see how much you've finished."

With that, she left Keroro to patch up the floor. Kero-kero.

Geez, how was it his fault that he didn't know that the termite-wolf-hedgehog hybrid ate wood and it went through the underground crevices? It wasn't. He didn't know that they would somehow escape from his room. He didn't know they would ruin the foundation under the house. He didn't know that there would be holes all over the house.

And he definitely didn't know Aki was going to fall down through one of those and painfully sprain her ankle.

At this, he inwardly winced.

Okay, that he felt bad for.

You should.

But not everything else.

So much for taking responsibility for your actions.

He glanced at Natsumi, who fussed over her mother. Aki was laughing gently, waving her off, telling her that all she simply needed was the television.

"Alright, but if there's anything…" Natsumi told her, again.

"I'm fine," Aki giggled. "If anything, this just gives me an excuse to relax for once and catch up on some shows I've been wanting to watch."

"Alright…" Natsumi said again. "I'll be upstairs. Please, if you need anything-"

"Go," Aki ordered playfully. When her daughter left, she pressed the remote control and turned on the device.

Throughout the day, Keroro had listened in on what Aki had been watching- some sort of soap drama that involved lots of romance and deception, and drama, and some sappy parts that Keroro couldn't help but gag on.

"Why don't you have a break, Keroro?" Aki suggested.

"Kero?" He turned to her. "What did you say?"

"You've been working so hard," Aki said. She patted the seat next to her. "Come and sit down for a bit."

"Oh, well, thanks!" Keroro helped himself. He turned his attention to the television for a few minutes, and finally asked, "What is it about this show that you like so much anyway? What's it about?"

"Well, for one thing, I like to watch shows that could give me inspiration for my manga," Aki explained. "My marketing likes to target young girls and this is what young girls like."

"And? What's this show about?"

"Well, this girl is in love with that boy," Aki told him, pointing to the characters as she talked. "In the beginning of this series, she tries hard to get him to ask her out on a date. Well, now, they're dating, and the girl can't keep her mind off of him. The plot is like, so predictable."

"How is it predictable?"

"Obviously something bad is going to happen. The boy will move away, or another love interest will be her rival, or the boy will somehow lose interest in her. And then she'll be depressed and hurt until she sorts everything out. Maybe she'll get the boy back, or maybe she'll get over him." Aki stopped to get a drink of water. She put the glass down and continued, "Either way, even though it's really cliché, the story is addicting. It's a great way for me to get ideas."

The two paused and watched a little more of the television. It was at this point that the girl on the TV was hugging her pillow and tell her friend on the phone how much she knew that her boyfriend is "the one". It went on until Aki said, "You know, some girls are really like that."

"Kero? Like what?"

"They'll be so distracted by their boyfriends or crushes they'll do nothing but think of them. It's sad, really."

"…..Really?" Keroro had a look on his face that was easily readable. He was lucky he had turned away before Aki looked down at him. "If you, uh, excuse me, Aki, someone have to finish their… punishment."

"I'd like to call all in everyone for a meeting today!" Keroro said. Dororo, Kururu, and Tamama were seated down and watching him expectantly. "Today I have received some really useful information!"

"If it involves the man-eating potato monsters, I will have no part of that," Dororo interrupted, folding his arms.

"Actually, Dororo, it's something more complex than that," Keroro straightened. "Everyone knows that Natsumi is one of Pekopon's most brutal and vicious warriors, and if we are to have any luck in invading this planet, she most either be stopped or painfully distracted." He paused for any questions, but all he got were blank stares. "So, because she cannot be stopped- we have wasted too many episodes on those- it's time to use tactics to distract her. With her out of the way, we can finally fulfill our mission."

"We've tried plenty of those plans too, Sergeant," Tamama said, nibbling on his cheesecake-bit fork. "All of them failed."

"I don't think we tried this plan, though," Keroro explained. He pulled down a huge board out of nowhere with a picture of Aki, Natsumi, and a black, man-shaped figure with a question mark for a face. He tapped on it with a stick. "Aki had told me that girls who are in love think nothing but their crush or boyfriends, even a bit obsessively. Natsumi is a girl." He tapped on the pictures respectively as he spoke. "We need to create the perfect guy to make Natsumi fall completely head over heels for him. We need someone good looking, funny, charismatic, and we can even throw in a couple of cheesy flirt-liners just for the heck of it."

"Ku-ku-ku-ku-ku~ so what do you have in mind?" Kururu asked.

"I was thinking maybe some sort of a humanoid robot?" Keroro suggested.

"Hmm, maybe, but that will take another week or so to make, ku-ku-ku-ku~" Kururu pulled up his laptop and typed in several words in his database. "If you would like to use an actual pekoponian, I had fused the Word Choice Chooser into this choker."

(Word Choice Chooser: An earlier invention used to force someone to say vocabularies according to the one behind the device. See episode 18)

"All I have to do is adjust the settings, and you'll have your very own mind controlling choker, ku-ku-ku-ku-ku~"

"Perfect!" Keroro said, taking it. "We just need the right guy."
"How about Saburo?" Tamama suggested.

Kururu gave him a rather eerie, darkened look- and he laughed manically as if he challenged Keroro to carry out the suggestion.

"Uh-uh…" Keroro backed away. "Maybe we'll go searching right-"

"Sorry I'm late." Giroro stepped in, sweaty from some sort of prolonged activity. "Long story, don't ask. What did I miss?"
With the looks Keroro, Kururu, and Tamama gave him, he knew he wasn't going to like it.