Mothra called out as she tried getting up. "Stop! Stop! You battered me enough!" She started sobbing in pain. "Ourgh... I can barely be able to stay awake..."

Godzilla folded his arms as he shook his head. "Oh Mothra. You're never gonna get anywhere in life if you just let yourself collapse like that."

Mothra looked down, still hearing her stomach grumble. "Ugh... not even that did the trick. I guess I'll have to resort to the only thing that can stop this..."

King Kong gasped as he placed his hands on his face. "Oh, Mothra, you don't mean...!"

Mothra nodded as she turned to King Kong. Godzilla had a puzzled look on his scaly face.

King Ghidorah chuckled as he coughed a bit, speaking with his middle head. "Are you guys getting enough oxygen?"

Mothra, King Kong, and Godzilla all stared awkwardly at King Ghidorah, who rolled his eyes with all three of his heads. Mothra used what strength she had to fly towards a nearby patch full of cherry berries, eating as much as she could quickly. Mothra started laughing as she giggled with glee, feeling satisfied.

"Oh yes! Eating was the solution to this all along!" Mothra exclaimed, regaining strength as she flew all over the island, eating as many berries as possible.

Godzilla, King Kong, and King Ghidorah were unable to say anything, as were the other monsters on the island. Finally, after exactly an hour of devouring the entire island's fruit, Mothra sighed with satisfication as she slowly flapped her butterfly wings, having solved her tummy trouble.

"Ahh... I feel much better...!" Mothra giggled as she looked at all of the monster, finishing off with a moral, "And I like to thank you guys for attempting to help me! Because world hunger is something that affects all of us."

All of the other monsters murmured with each other in confusion as Mothra continued giggling.