I saw him walk in through the door.

His beautiful cotton candy hair, his pink frosted lips, everything about him was amazing.

We were having a meeting and I was sitting by my best friend Poison Ivy when he came to talk to me.

"What is your name dove?" he asked.

"Im Harley, Harley Quinn." I said.

"Harley, would you like to come with me on a mission to remove Gotham's cavity?"

"Of course I would...Sweet Tooth"

"How sweet" he replied with a smile and then strode off to talk to the Riddler.

Ivy stared at me "Wow Harley, you sure are a sucker for them bad boys"

"Well you know I like'm bad"

Ivy laughed "so how are you doing now that the Joker is gone?"

"He was a joke if you know what I mean" I sighed. "He had too much make up"

Ivy snorted "Sweet Tooth seems alright but let me know if he needs a little...punishment."

I smiled "Of course". We both laughed.

Then Sweet Tooth called all the rouges to the center table.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have here on this table the plans to destroy Batman and Gotham." he stated "and this is my sweet assitant; Candy"

I stared in shock.