This is my first Fairy Tail fic, so be gentle when giving this fic reviews. This will take place after the Tenrou Team return, and before the Grand Magic Games. I guess you could say it takes place either before or after the Key of the Starry Sky arc.

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Episode 1: The Lost Magic Wanderer

A young man around the age of sixteen was sitting on the docks of Futaba Town. He was drinking a bottle of water as he relaxed. He had brown spiky hair, calm blue eyes with a scar across the left eye, was of had a normal build, and somewhat pale, yet tanned skin. His attire was different from most people in Fiore, due to all of the stares he had received since he entered the town. He was wearing a red jacket, with white vertical lines on the front. He also had on a pair of blue jeans, with red sneakers. He had on a red cap, and a star shaped medallion around his neck.

He currently had his eyes closed, as if he was concentrating on something. He then opened them with a smile. "Look's like the weather will be nice and sunny again." The young man said. "But...somehow I get the feeling that something big is gonna happen soon. And when it does, it will affect just about every wizard in this continent." He closed his eyes again, laid down with his hands behind his head and his hat tilted to cover his eyes and took a nap. " Then again, maybe I'm just imagining things, but that's nothing a good nap won't fix."

Elsewhere, on the outskirts of town, a sixteen year old girl was running for her life, holding a dark brown book towards her chest. The wind picked up the pink hair which lay littered with a feather shaped clip as the purple eyed girl forced her slender figure to run forward. She was wearing a light pink unzipped jacket, with a blue blouse, teal pants, and brown boots. She looked over her shoulder a little to see if anyone was chasing her, but when she did a wall of earth appeared right in front of her. She stopped dead in her tracks just in time to avoid hitting the wall. She turned around and saw a bunch of men wearing grey robes.

"So, we finally caught up with you know. You know how much trouble your in for stealing that book girly?" One of them asked, smirking.

"Not as much trouble as you'll be if you don't back off!" The girl said.

"Oh please." Another of them scoffed. "Do you really think you stand a chance against five of us? We're some of the best wizards in the guild."

"Dark guild." The girl said with disgust.

"Like it matters? Now hand over that book or else we'll have to get rough with you." The five robed wizards approach the girl. They expected her to be trembling and afraid, but instead the girl was actually...laughing! "Hey! What's so funny?"

"You guys clearly don't know who I am if you think you can take me on!" She spoke, sounding more confident. "I was hoping to avoid a fight, but it looks like I don't have a choice."

"Do you require any assistance Lady Vera?" A voice out of nowhere asked. The robed wizards looked around for the source of the voice, but found no aside from the girl.

"That won't be necessary Kage. I can handle these jokers on my own."

"As you wish my lady."

"Wait, did I just hear your names Vera?" The first robed wizard asked.

Vera smirked, causing the five to move back nervously from her. "That's right."

"Then that means your...Retreat!" The five robed wizard attempted to escape from Vera now deathly afraid of her.

"Now that's what I call an easy win." Vera said to herself, as the grey robed wizards fled.

"I'll say. That was just pathetic." The voice said again. "I guess they're the type to talk big, but run like little girls." The voice chuckled at his comment, but that earn him a glare from Vera. "No offense."

She sighed. "None taken I guess. We completed our mission so now I say we relax a little before we head back to the guild."

"I concur. I believe that Futaba town is just a few miles from here."

"That a relief, because I don't think I could take having to walk any longer." Vera then started walking into the town, ready for a little r&r.

Vera made it into town with no trouble. She was turning head her from left to right, looking for an idea resting spot before she returned to her guild. She made sure to place the book she was holding earlier in a white purse she purchased on the way in, because she forgot her bag at home.

"You'd think it'd be easy to find someplace for me to relax for a little." When she turned her attention to the docks she saw a young man around her age sleeping there. She then noticed he was wearing different clothing compared to the other townspeople, some who were staring at him as they passed through. "Now that guy has the right idea."

"Be careful Lady Vera." The voice said. "I'm sensing a lot of magical power from him. He could be a potential threat if he's a part of those guys who were chasing you earlier."

"I'd highly doubt that Kage, though just to humor you I'll be careful." Vera said to the voice. She started walking over to the stranger, when suddenly...

"Hey, look out!"

...A carriage full of weapons was heading right towards her. Vera didn't even have time to react or cast a spell for it would be too late, when the young man who was sleeping earlier stood in front of her in a blur. He threw his hands out in front of the oncoming carriage.

"Flame of the Immortal Phoenix!" A red magic circle appeared before him, before letting loose a torrent of crimson red fire at the carriage, incinerating it, along with the weapons.

A few soldiers came running onto the scene, their weapons ready just incase. Some of them used a water spell to put out the flames on the destroyed remains.

One of the soldiers approached the young man and Vera. "Are you two kids alright?"

"Yes, we're fine." Vera answered. She then gestured to the teen. "This guy got here just in time to save me from almost getting flattened by that carriage."

The soldier looked over the damage done to the destroyed carriage, or what was left of it. Another came over and reported to the first one. "Chief, all of the new weapons for the Rune Knights were completely destroyed. There's nothing left but ashes!"

The soldier was right, as the chief and Vera looked behind him and saw the remains of the runaway carriage. 'Some of those weapons were suppose to be indestructible.' He thought before glancing over to the boy. 'Yet this kid was able to destroy all of them with just one spell.' He then turned to face the boy directly. "Hey kid, what kind of Fire Magic did you use? I've never seen anything like that before."

The boy spoke. "I guess you could say it's an old type of magic called Red Phoenix Fire." He said.

"Did you say an old type of magic?" Vera asked him. He nodded. "Then that must be a Lost Magic you just used." She beamed.

"Lost Magic? What's that the boy asked with confusion. Vera and the two soldiers stared at him like he had just said something stupid.

"Your kidding me right? Your a Lost Magic user and you don't even know what Lost Magic is?"

"Well..." The boy rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"It doesn't matter what type of magic he used." The first soldier said. He sent the second soldier to clean up the ashes. "The fact of the matter is, you've destroyed valuable weapons that the Rune Knights had just received."

"Sorry about that man." The boy said sincerely. "I just acted on reflex."

"That still doesn't change anything. Because you destroyed Rune Knight property, I must place you under arrest." He said sternly.

"Hold on for a minute!" Vera said, getting in-between the boy and the Rune Knight. "This guy only destroyed those weapons to save me!"

"Even so-"

"If your about to say that he still destroyed Rune Knight property, then my guild will pay to get each and every last weapon replaced!"

The boy looked at Vera in shock, surprised that she's defending a total stranger.

"Just what guild are you from to make you think you can afford to replace our weapons?"

Vera smirked, and lifted up her palm, showing a white stamp of a pair of wings. "My name is Vera Tsubasa, and I'm from the Angel Feather Guild." She then turned her head slightly to face the boy. "By the way, I never got your name."

The boy regained his composure before speaking. "It's Kai. Kai Shido"

And there is the first chapter. The next chapter will give us a little more info about the current characters. Starting next chapter, on the OC forum I will put down a bio for my OC's so you'll know a little more about them. Keep an eye out for the next chapter where they will fight a dark Mage attempting to retrieve the book Vera took, and both Kai and Vera reveal some shocking abilities. Next Time: An Angel of the Phoenix.