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Episode 3: The Value of Life

In a forest far off from town, a man that looked to be maybe seventeen or eighteen was hiding behind a bush. He had short spiky light brown hair, whose soft facial features contradict his black biker's jacket, with a black T-shirt underneath, along with jeans, belt, boots, gloves and a black cowboy hat. To top it off, he had a brown scarf around his neck. He had his left eye closed, while his right pink eye was focused on a set of trees in front of him through a sniper rifle.

"I can see them." He muttered to himself quietly, before his left eye shot open, revealing to be yellow and looked more like a hawk's eye. "Sniper Rifle: Laser Impact Shot Mode!" In the blink of an eye, he rapidly pulled the trigger on his gun, shooting out several red laser beams a little to his left.

The lasers soared through the forest, not once hitting any of the trees. It was like this for a minute until they a few men were in sight, running away. The lasers bolted towards their intended targets, hitting them with perfect accuracy.

"Gawhhh! What the hell just hit us?!" One of them asked.

"Aqua Bubble!" Before anyone could reply, several bubbles appeared around some of the men, trapping them within. "Hooked, lined, and sinker!" A young man around the same age as the first said, stepping out from behind a tree. His long black hair in a ponytail and covered by a blue bandana. From what the men who didn't get trapped saw, he has light skin and brown eyes, is about 6 feet tall, wearing khaki t-shirt, dark blue pants, and blue shoes.

"How did you catch up to us so fast?" The same man asked.

"We didn't." Another voice said, though more feminine. A girl around the age of sixteen stepped out of the shadows that the tree across from them provided. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, with her hair tied with a white ribbon. She's wearing a red-white striped T-shirt, a black jacket and a black miniskirt, along with a pair of black boots. A purple feather mark could be seen just below her elbow. "We just lured you here to this exact spot."

"And just like a fish, you took the bait and we reeled you right in." The bandana-wearing boy said. With a wave of his hand, the bubbles popped, releasing their captives. They were alive, but fell unconscious from the lack of air within the bubbles.

"Now then, are you going to come quietly, or to we have to do things the hard way again?" The girl asked, stepping a little closer the men, who backed away in fear.

"You'll never catch all of us. Every man for himself!" The same guy said, running away. The rest of them followed suit, only to realize that black tentacles that sprouted out from the ground wrapped themselves around them. They were all screaming, struggling to get out.

However, unbeknownst to them, they were all completely fine, aside from the fact that it'd looked to anyone else that were just crazy, as to the normal eye, there were no tentacles around them.

The girl had her palm forward, giving off an eerie purple glow. She chuckled a little before speaking. "Illusion Tentacles work all the time."

"That went easier than I thought it would be, don't you think Reina?" The bandana-wearing boy asked his comrade.

"Well what do you expect Ken? These bandits weren't exactly the toughest of foes we've fought before." Reina responded.

"Yeah I'd say it's almost an insult for us to have to catch these guys with our level of magic." Ken said cockily, putting his hands behind his head.

"Take this seriously Ken! They may have been no match for us, but these bandits almost got away with all of the town's money." Reina said, a little irritated by how her friend could be so carefree.

"I'm just glad we're done already." The brown haired boy said, approaching his friends. "Because I could go for a nap right about now." He yawned to add for emphasis.

"Sheesh Sora, isn't there any day you never take a nap?" Ken joked.

"When he's not being a lazy punk, and even then he sneaks in a nap or two." Reina said, having knocked out all of the bandits. She tossed them into a pile on the ground, before addressing her attention to Sora. "Did you inform the Magic Council of our location?"

"Yeah." Sora said, nodding. "Sparrow should be back any minute now." A caw sound was heard, before a red-tailed hawk swooped down from the sky and preached itself on Sora's arm.

"Speak of the devil, or in this case hawk." Ken said, laughing at his own joke. Reina just rolled her eyes at her friend's awful joke.

"If we're done here, then I'm gonna go home." Sora said, walking away from the group.

"Wait! What are we gonna do with these guys?" Reina asked, pointing to the defeated bandits.

"Just wait there until some Rune Knight guys show up." Sora called back, not even bothering to turn around.

Reina frowned. "Don't expect me to wait for them! Ken I leave watching these guys to you."

Before Ken could protest, the brown haired girl disappeared into thin air. "Oh sure, very mature using your Illusion Magic to get out of this Reina!" Ken shouted out, before realizing that aside from the bandits, he was all alone. "I am so taking a three day fishing vacation when I get back." He muttered.

Back in Futaba Town...

In a desperate move to protect Alice, Kiyo jumped right in front of Fudo's strongest spell, and countered with one of his own. The attacks collided with each other, leaving a small smoke cloud to cover up where they were standing.

Umbra could still not see what the outcome of those attacks meant for them, but hoped that they were still all right. In the meantime, Fudo was hysterical at what Kai attempted to do. "Hahaha! Did that weak kid really think he could stop my ultimate move?! He never stood a chance!"

Umbra snarled viciously at the Dark Mage, his normally calm gold eyes turning into slits. It looked as if he was about to jump into battle and bite the man's head off that is until...

"Star-Force: Pierce!"

Out of the smoke emerged five arrowheads like points, heading right for Fudo.

"What?!" Was all he had time to say, having to focus on evading the points. He used his Wind Magic to leap up into the sky, but the arrowheads quickly changed course and bolted up towards his position. Seeing no other way to avoid them, Fudo had to block. "Wall of Wind!" Fudo raised his hands up, and out of nowhere a strong current intercepted the attacks, but one managed to slip by and struck Fudo square on in the right shoulder. "Gawhhh!" Fudo quickly cast a spell to levitate him towards the ground, but was still clutching on to his shoulder.

The smoke had finally cleared, and from what Umbra could see Kiyo and Alice were standing there unharmed, with the former's middle finger and index finger raised in front of him.

"Lady Alice! Kiyo!" Umbra shouted in relief, his eyes returning to normal. He ran towards where his partner and their new ally were, while Fudo was standing there with his jaw wide open.

"How did-How are you two still alive?!"

Kiyo gave off a triumphed grin. "It wasn't easy, but I made it just in time." He said, panting a little.

"Lady Alice, are you alright?" Umbra asked once he reached over to her.

"Yes, I'm okay thanks to Kiyo." Alice said, turning to Kiyo.

"Just what on Earth Land was that spell you used?" Umbra asked, following her gaze.

"That my friend was Star-Force Magic." Kiyo answered.


"Yep." He nodded. "It's a Caster-Type Magic that requires me to draw a star out of thin air with my middle and index finger. Depending on the size or the power, it can have powerful effects. (Cue to a flashback just seconds before Fudo's spell collided with Kiyo's spell) Since I was short on time, I used my Crimson Explosion Spell to weaken his attack, and then cast Star-Force: Shield to block it. After that I used Star-Force Pierce when Fudo dropped his guard." Kiyo explained.

"Wow! That's such an amazing spell Kiyo!" Alice exclaimed, clasping her hands.

"I must say I am impressed. Maybe you're not as dumb as I though you were." Umbra said, giving Kiyo his version of a "compliment."

"Gee, thanks." Kiyo said sweatdropping.

Fudo was still recovering from his injury, largely ignored for the moment. He seethed with every breath he took, trying to overcome the pain that was aching in his shoulder. 'That damm kid! How dare he make a mockery of me like that!' Fudo thought angrily. 'I'll make him pay, oh yes I will indeed!'

He moved his left hand slowly, gathering magical power into it. In mere seconds a ball of wind started to form. "Take this! Wind Blast!" He fired the same blast of wind from earlier.

Kiyo and Alice saw the attack coming, and were about to counter, until Umbra jumped in-between them. "Allow me to hold him off. You two recover your strength!" A purple ball then formed in front of his mouth. "Shadow Ball!" He fired the attack, and the two magical balls collided. Umbra then sprinted towards Fudo, his tail transforming into a spear. "Shadow Spear!"

Lunging right for Fudo, Umbra jabbed his spear-shaped tail into Fudo's right arm, only for the wind mage to dodge and counter with several wind sickles that disintegrated the tail. Umbra growled as another Shadow Ball was launched at the Wind Mage.

Kiyo saw this and brought his middle and index finger together, before he drew a medium shaped star in thin air. "Star-Force: Pierce!" The pointed tips of the star expanded before they shot for Fudo, managing to avoid hitting Umbra.

Fudo was unable to block and ended up taking the full force of the attack, but was able to keep himself standing with his wind spells and propelled himself forward like a jet plane. Wind gathered around his hand in the form of sickles and he threw them at Kiyo. Seeing them the young man dodged each of them except for the last one, creating a rather deep cut in Kiyo right side.

"Oh no, Kiyo! Are you okay?" Alice asked, looking at the wound he sustained on his side.

"I'm fine. It's no big deal." Kiyo said, though he was obviously lying as face started to become sweaty.

"Lady Alice, in front of you!" Umbra warned. Alice looked up and saw Fudo charging right at her and Kiyo, still propelled by his wind. Alice stood in front of Kiyo, glowing with a white aura and her right palm rose.

"White Feather, Feather Tower!" Alice conjured up more white feathers; this time they formed a tower that repelled Fudo's assault.

"Damn you!" Fudo cursed, but failed to see the newly reformed shadow tail wrapping itself around the man. The next thing Fudo knew, he was being slammed into the ground repeatedly, then into the nearest building rather harshly.

"I think it's quite obvious what the outcome of this battle will be like." Umbra taunted to Fudo, before turning to Alice. "I'll take care of him. You get Kiyo some help."

"And let you have all the fun pooch? Not a chance! I can still go a few rounds!" Kiyo insisted, standing up but panting a little heavy.

"You can't really be serious of fighting with such a large wound! It'll only slow you, and us, down." Alice pointed out. Before she could convince Kiyo to take it easy, she felt a harsh wind blow over. She turned and saw Fudo had just blasted Umbra into a stonewall. The Guardian was barely able to keep himself awake after the impact. Fudo then turned his attention towards Alice.

"Now hand over that Relic, unless you want to end up the same way as that little pooch, or worse." Fudo threatened, walking over to her and Kiyo.

"Dammit!" Kiyo grunted as he struggled to stand up but couldn't. Like hell they were going to give in that easily! Kiyo drew the signature star in the air.

However, he almost collapsed from his injury, falling to one knee. Alice looked at him, then back to Fudo, trying to think up a plan.

'This is bad! I used up a lot of magic during my infiltration mission. Kiyo and Umbra aren't looking any better either.' Alice thought. With the way things were going, there was no way she could safely secure the Relic and fight off Fudo. Sighing inwardly, she pulled out the Relic, The Tomb of Lost Magic that she was assigned to retrieve, then looked at Kiyo. 'If I let this Relic fall into Fudo's hands, then who knows what trouble his Guild might cause. There's only one option left.'

Kiyo was busy trying to focus and use another spell when Alice walked up to him with the Relic.

"Kiyo, I want you to take this Relic and bring it to my Guild!" Alice told him with a commanding tone shoving the ancient tomb in his hands. Kiyo looked at her blankly.

"What are you saying?! First of all, I don't know where your Guild is, and secondly I can't just leave you to deal with this airhead alone!" Kiyo protested, jerking a thumb at Fudo.

"It's the only way Kiyo. This Relic must get to my Guild at all costs, even if I'm not there."

"But Alice..."

"Please, go!" She commanded with authority, her signature feathers scattering around her, ready to assault the wind mage. Kiyo wanted to refuse, he truly did. But had to face facts; he was injured; he couldn't muster up enough power to use a spell. As much as Kiyo would hate to admit it, he would only be in the way.


"Just go!" Alice placed her right left hand on the ground in front of Kiyo, the hand glowing white in preparation for another spell. "Feather Tower!" Thousands of feathers rose up, and surrounded Kiyo, lifting him off the ground and over Fudo, placing him a safe distance from him.

"No!" Fudo cried out as he tried to chase him, only for feathers of silk iron to stab him in the back. The man growled at the feeling of the prickling feathers drawing blood. "Then I'll deal with you first!" He screamed as he dived at the female, only for a large shadow to capture the Wind Mage. Alice gasped and looked over to Umbra, who despite some bleeding form his head, smirked.

"Do not worry Lady Alice. As long as I draw breath, I shall always be here to protect you." He said confidently. He tried to contain Fudo, but failed when he shot a blast of wind right at his face, knocking him backwards a few feet.

"Umbra! That's it! Feather-!" Before Alice could finish, Fudo grabbed her left hand, stopping her from using her black feathers.

"I think it's time I finished you off, and then go after that coward who ran away!" Fudo cackled with glee.

"So long as the Relic reaches the Guild, I could care less about what happens to me! I'll give up my life if need be to stop your evil ambitions! "Alice shouted with pride.

"Then I'll gladly bring an end to it here." Fudo then gathered a concentrated force of wind in his right hand, ready for one final strike. "Time for this Angel's wings to get clipped off!"

Alice closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable finish.

'I'm sorry everyone, but at least I could make sure Kiyo got away safely.'


"Burning Phoenix's Crimson Fire!"

Just as Fudo brought his hand up, he was attacked from behind by a blast of fire, knocking him into a trashcan and releasing his grip on Alice.

Standing on the ground was Kiyo, his eyes filled with rage and vigor.

"Ki-Kiyo! Why did you return? Why haven't you ran straight for the Guild?!" Alice cried out.

"Sorry, but you threw me out of here before I could ask for directions. I could have bought a map; then again I don't really have the best sense of direction so I needed a guide." Kiyo joked, shoving off a few twigs and branches on his jacket and hat. "Next time you should throw me down a souvenir shop instead of a tree. It would have saved me a lot of time, and pain. Man, my back's gonna be sore for weeks after that impact." As if to emphasize his point, Kiyo stretched out his back, where a few cracking sounds could be heard.

"This guy is just unbelievable…" Alice muttered to herself. Here they were, in a life or death situation, and all that this guy can think about right now is complaining on how sore his back is, even having the nerve to joke around. What Alice also seemed to notice was that the wound on his side was bandaged with a red cloth, but she could still see some blood seeping out from it.

"There's also the fact that I couldn't live with myself if I abandoned you and Umbra." Kiyo continued, his voice taking a serious tone. He was looking at the ground with his eyes hidden. "I heard what you said, about how you're willing to give up your life just to get this book or Relic or whatever this thing is." He said, gesturing to the book in his hand. "But if you were to die now, then how do you think those who care about you will feel afterwards?"

"They'd be proud of what I had to do!" Alice said indigently, using what little strength she had left to stand. "At this critical moment, that Relic you hold in your hands is far too important to let Fudo's Guild get their hands on! Even if I have to sacrifice my own life, I would ca-"

"DON'T YOU DARE FINISH THAT SENTENCE!" Kiyo shouted, snapping his head to look directly into Alice's eyes, filled with anger.

"Can't you see your talking about your life as if it doesn't matter?! Do you really think anyone wants to hear that?"

Alice said nothing in response, and instead averted her gaze from Kiyo's sight. The Phoenix Caller wizard took her silence as a signal to continue.

"I hate it when people think so little of their life that their willing to give it up without a second thought. Sure, the people you care about would be proud for bringing in this book, but they would also be sad that it came at the expense of your life."

"I never thought of it like that before…"

"Well maybe it's about time you start thinking about it like that." Kiyo told her. He turned so his whole body was facing Fudo's recovering form. "I will get this book to your Guild, but you and Umbra are taking me there!" He declared, getting into a battle-ready stance. "You only have one life, one chance to be with those you care about, and I'm not going to just stand around and watch you throw that chance away!"

Fudo spat out some blood form his mouth and prepared himself. "Don't get carried away over one cheap move brat! You're fire magic is useless against me, and that other magic looks to have drained you of most of your power. What makes you think you have a chance of defeating me now?"

"I don't know how, but I will defeat you. For my friends!" Kiyo said. Alice and Umbra, who was helplessly watching the ensuing fight, smiled at how this stranger they just met is willing to fight for them, even to go so far as to say they're his friends.

The Relic in Kiyo's hands gave off a faint red glow, before intensified to the point it was shining like a light. Kiyo quickly took notice of this, and had a panicked expression on him.

"What's going on?! Don't tell me I broke it or something!" As fast as Kiyo started to panic, he soon became more relaxed as if he understood what the glow meant.

He wasn't the only one. As soon as he saw that red light, Umbra's eyes widened.

"I don't believe what I'm seeing. The's reacting to Kiyo! What could this mean?" He asked in bewilderment.

The book released a bolt of electricity into Kiyo's arm containing it. The boy grimaced until his eyes shot wide open.

Kiyo didn't understand it; various words and phrases were wrapping around his brain, forming words to a spell he didn't know of. His eyes took on a red hue, just like earlier when he watched Alice fight Fudo on her own. On instinct, Kiyo opened the tomb. As soon as he did so, the pages flipped over from one to the next in a big blur. After listening to continuous flapping sounds, the tomb was silenced when it opened up to a page where the source of the light came from.

"I don't get it. I can't read any of this, yet it's like I can somehow understand what it means." Kiyo spoke, looking like he was in a sort of trance, his eyes quickly skimming over the page.

Fudo began trembling.

"No, it can't be. The Relic is activating!" He shouted at the sight before him. His Guild have tried every possible method to open it and failed, but then witnesses this kid opening it like any ordinary book. Fudo wasn't sure how someone weaker than him could do what he, his Guild's best Mage could not, but he didn't care about that right now. All that he knew was that he had to kill Kiyo right now before, he gets killed himself.

"I'll just kill you now before you have a chance to strike!" Fudo raised his hands together, getting ready for his ultimate spell.

A few seconds later, Kiyo stopped skimming and let out a large gasp. "That's it!"

"Hurricane Cyclone!" The sky started to darken once again and the tornado headed straight for Kiyo. "I'd look up if I were you, because this windstorm will be the last thing you'll ever see in this life!"

"Get out of the way now Kiyo!" Alice worriedly shouted. Umbra, remaining content on his current position at the moment, stayed silent.

Instead of evading the spell or casting his shield, Kiyo tucked the book under his arm, and brought both his hands out, with his eyes glowing even more fiercely.

"Power of Fire!" A fireball appeared in his left hand. "Power of Wind!" A ball of wind then appeared in his right hand. "Combine!" He placed the two balls together, merging them. A magic circle appeared in front of him, this time being a mixture of red and white. "Unity Attack! Fire Tornado!"

From the circle, a scorching tornado made of fire sped right on course for the oncoming assault.

The blazing whirlwind and the cyclone collided, neither side giving an inch. Fudo was pushing to his very limits to come out on top, while Kiyo looked as if he wasn't even putting any effort, despite his wound.

"I don't get it! How could you have this much power?!" Fudo shouted as his attack was being pushed back.

"Because unlike you, I have something important to fight for! The safety of my friends, and I won't let you harm them, or anyone else ever again!" The Phoenix Caller answered, followed up by a loud roar.

Kiyo's voice was threatening, to the point it almost made Fudo terrified of him. Just one look into his eyes, His cyclone was starting to give in, especially since the Fire Tornado was directed right into the center of the spell, which was it's weak point. Fudo then looked right at Kiyo and he could swear he could see an angry phoenix screeching in the background.

"No! No!" Fudo was starting to give in, and his cyclone was seconds away from breaking apart. "Just what are you?!"

That was the last thing he could say before Kiyo's Fire Tornado overcame the Hurricane Cyclone. The attack then went straight for Fudo, engulfing him in it as he screamed. The tornado lifted him off the ground and sent him flying into the sky far away.

"He did it…" Alice said in slight shock, but amazement.

Kiyo panted, his eyes turning back to normal and losing their red hue. The extreme magic usage of the spell made him feel light, and not in a good way. His vision was becoming blurry, his senses were dulling, and he couldn't even hear Alice and Umbra. The next thing he knew was that everything was going black.

Kiyo opened his eyes groggily. He remembered that before he passed out, that he felt drained from using that spell, which he had no idea how he knew it. But to his surprise he was actually feeling a little better, as if his wounds and dizziness were never around. When he focused his vision, he saw Alice kneeling above him, her hands out forward, emanating a light pink wave over his body.

"Thank goodness, you're awake!" Alice said relieved.

"Yeah, but what happened?" Kiyo asked. His memory was a little foggy of the recent battle. "The last thing I remember is when I sent Fudo flying with that spell but that's about it."

"You collapsed afterwards. Thankfully I was able to treat your wounds in time, so you should be okay." Alice replied. Her hands stopped glowing and she extended one of them to help Kiyo up. Kiyo grabbed her hand, and with what felt like renewed strength stood up with no problem.

"Wow, I feel better that I ever have before. But how did you heal all of my cuts and bruises?" Kiyo looked himself over, seeing the large cut was gone, but the damage to his jacket and the rest of his attire remained the same.

"I used my Healing Magic to heal your wounds, as well as mine and Umbra's."

"Healing Magic?"

Alice nodded. "Yes. It's a rare magic that only a selected few can use. It just so happens I'm one of those few." She smiled.

"I see." Kiyo then remembered about Umbra. "Wait, what about Umbra? How's he doing?"

"I'm doing fine, thank you for asking." Said a voice reminiscent of Umbra's, though it was more high-pitched and squeaky. Kiyo heard it from behind him.

"So you survived after all, but what's up with your voice-" Kiyo turned around to face the Guardian, but instead of seeing the ferocious black, pointed ear, dog, he saw...a scottie dog with a rectangular body, allowing him to walk upright. He had Umbra's eyes, markings, even his arrow-shaped tail, though the eyes were bug-shaped. One word came into Kiyo's mind that described Umbra perfectly: Chibi.

"Umbra, is that you?"

"Yes it is." Umbra responded, in a cute high-pitched voice, unlike his more serious and deep one.

"Don't tell me this is what you really look like." Kiyo snickered.

Umbra growled. "For your information, this is a form that I assume whenever my original one is too damaged or I'm low on magic. But make no mistake; I'm still a powerful Guardian so you better watch what you-"

"Awww, you're so cute." Kiyo teased, poking at Umbra's underbelly.

"Stop that! I demand you cease this at once or I'll-!"

Kiyo then moved on to scratching Umbra's ears, which apparently stopped his complaining and made him feel more relaxed.

"Ahhh, that feels so good." He said, completely forgetting what he was mad about.

"So Kiyo, are you feeling any better?" Alice asked as Kiyo kept scratching Umbra's ears.

"Yeah. I feel great. Thanks a lot Alice." He thanked, looking over his shoulder and flashing the Feather Mage a smile.

"It was no problem really." Alice looked away, blushing.

Kiyo finally stopped scratching Umbra ear and stood up, now face to face with Alice.

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Go back to the Angel Feather Guild and bring the Tomb to the Master. Hopefully we'll know what to do with this afterwards." She said, pulling out the Tomb from her purse. "Though I have to say, that was amazing on what you did. How did you get the Relic to activate like that?"

"I honestly have no clue. Dumb luck maybe?" Kiyo answered nervously.

"Luck or not, we owe you a debt of gratitude Kiyo Hououshii." Umbra said.

"It was nothing, really."

Umbra just simply nodded and hopped onto Alice's shoulder.

"Well, I guess we should get going. Maybe we'll see you around sometime." Alice said, turning around so she wouldn't have to face Kiyo.

"What about him joining the Guild? You saw how powerful he was." Umbra whispered to Alice.

"It's okay Umbra. It's pretty obvious that he's not interested in our Guild, or else he'd say something by now. But I'm okay with it..." Alice answered back.

Truth be told, she still wanted Kiyo to join her Guild. She could tell by the way he defended her and Umbra that he has the same heart as everyone else in Angel Feather, but she knew she couldn't force him to join. It was however enough for her to meet an incredible mage. Alice started walking before she heard Kiyo say something that made her heart skip a beat.

"What do you mean you'll see me around? Didn't you want me to join your Guild?"

Alice slowly turned around and looked at Kiyo directly in the eye.

"You really want to join?!"

Kiyo nodded his head. "Yeah. I mean, I don't really have any place I need to be right now, and joining a Guild would be pretty interesting, especially if it gives me perks like getting those Rune Knights to back off next time I break one of their toys."

"Well then on behalf of the Angel Feather Guild, let be the first to say welcome to our family Kiyo." Alice exclaimed with her hand outstretched.

"Your family?" Kiyo said in a low voice before a smile graced his cheeks. He grasped Alice's hand with his own. "I'm happy to be apart of it!"

Kiyo then took Alice's hand and ran off in some random direction.

"Wa-wait Kiyo! You don't even know where the Guild is! You're going the wrong way!"

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