Percy's POV

I was walking the streets of Olympus when out of nowhere I saw a screaming Apollo followed by a POed Artemis. Apollo crashed into me and we fell over. Now Annabeth died from a car crash with my mom and Paul I was the only one to survive the crash. Well most of the goddesses all the Nymphs and all of the Dryads loved me/thought I was hot and even some of the gods so with no Annabeth to them I was fair game and I was a game a lot of people wanted to play. Fortunately only one god on the counsel loved me, unfortunately the only one was the one on top of me.

"Oh hey Percy" Apollo said. "Want to kiss?" he said puckering up.

"No Apollo!" I yelled. "

And why not?" he countered. "

Because I'm not gay" I protested.

"I can make myself look like Annabeth" he countered again.

"I won't kiss you because uh I um got a"

"Girlfriend?" he interrupted.

"Yes I cannot kiss you because I have a girlfriend" I stated.

"Who might that be?" He said with a smirk knowing I was lying.

"Me" Artemis said looking down at us two on the ground.

Artemis POV

"Uh yea Artemis is my girlfriend" Percy said.

Everyone thought I hated Percy even him. But the truth is I love him like Aphrodite loves someone loves (Sorry if that's confusing). When I see him I just want to kiss him and well possibly more. So when I heard Percy say those words I wanted to faint.

"Well love birds, then kiss" Apollo said slyly.

"Oh no me and Artemis just started dating we haven't kissed yet she says she's not ready" Percy said.

I know he was trying to help me but I was mad when he said that.

"Well if you're not ready to kiss her then kiss me" He said he leaned in puckering.

Honestly it's embarrassing the first time I love a man in centuries I have to compete with my brother for him well, I wouldn't call it competing but you get what I mean.

"No I'm ready to kiss" I blurted.

"Oh" Apollo said with a smirk "By all means then"

Percy looked at me uncomfortably and then as he started inching closer awkwardly. As he was coming closer I couldn't wait I without hesitation leaned in fast and kissed him with all my might enjoying every second. I was so into it I could die. Then he pulled away but I went in for more.

He pulled apart again "Artemis!" he said.


"I said he's gone now you can stop"

"But I don't want to stop" I leaned in for more.

Percy POV

The truth is I've loved Artemis ever since the accident but I thought that If I kissed her like Apollo wanted she would take my manhood, make me eat it, hang me naked in front of the hunters, and have rocks thrown at me be made a god be chopped to pieces and tossed into Tartarus. But when she said she was ready I thought she was acting just so that way Apollo would leave me alone but I learned I was WAY wrong. Here we are making out in Artemis's palace.

"Aw! so cute you two!" Aphrodite Shrieked. "But my black mail time" she continued "Artemis and Percy you got a choice, Percy you can have sex with me or I tell Zeus about your 'new friendship'"

"How did you get in here?" Artemis squealed.

"I go were love is blossoming most with the gods." Aphrodite said simply.

"You are not having sex with him!" Artemis yelled

"Fine looks like Percy is going to die soon for making Zeus's daughter break her oath" Aphrodite said as she started leaving.

"Wait!" I said "How about a 3 way instead?"

"Seems fair" Aphrodite said.

"No!" Artemis cried.

"Listen" I whispered to Artemis "it's the only way I will only do minimal stuff to Aphrodite then she will never bug us again okay?"

"How will we trust that she will stop bugging us?"

"Aphrodite swear on the River Styx that you will stop blackmailing me/Artemis and that you won't tell Zeus or anyone" I said

"Fine" she ground "I swear on the River Styx."

So we went upstairs and the 3 way began.