A month later while Fran was listening to the radio and Albert was cleaning up from breakfast the event they had waited nine months for happened. Fran gasped as the first contraction struck her. Albert and Gilmore came to her side. "It's time." Fran announced wincing.

"Albert take her to the study." Gilmore went to the kitchen to wash his hands. Albert helped her out of the chair as her water broke and carried her to the study, which had been turned into a hospital like environment. He set her on the bed set up in the room and Gilmore came in a moment later. "Fran, I want you to take deep breaths until I get a reading on everything." Albert helped him wheel a sonogram machine next to her.

Fran nodded as he began to take a look at the baby. "Everything looks good. She's facing the right way and there's no problem with the umbilical cord," He made the necessary checks. "Everything looks good." he gave her a smile. "Now we just wait."

Albert pulled up a chair next to the bed and took Fran's hand in his own. "This time it's different." He assured. She nodded through another wince.

"I forgot how much it hurts." She gasped.

"It'll be over soon though." Albert replied.

"I'm scared," Fran suddenly looked deep into his eyes. Her hand tightening around his.

"I know you are," he whispered. "But try not to worry, it isn't healthy for you riht now." His other hand caressed her cheek. "I feel good about today," he continued to encourage her. "Trust me." He smiled.

She smiled back, "ok."

Five hours of labor, pain, and yelling later, Gilmore was handing Fran her second child. Albert and Fran stared at her in wonder. She had green eyes and thick pale white blond hair. She cried as Fran took her in her arms. Her little face was red from her bawling. Albert kissed Fran's forehead. "She's beautiful," he whispered.

"Sh," Fran cooed. She gently rocked the baby bringing her close to her face. Gilmore left the room quietly. "Irene, quiet now," she whispered in a gentle voice. Irene quieted down beginning to fall asleep. "Here Albert," Fran raised her arms to give the baby to him.

Albert copied her pose with his arms and bent down. Fran laid Irene in his arms gently then smiled at him. Irene opened her eyes briefly and then closed them again. Gilmore came back in. He had a birth certificate in his hands. "What's her name?" He asked.

"Irene," Fran answered. "Irene Ariadne Heinrich."