This idea has been in my head for a very long time but I'm glad I have finally been able to write it down. Hope you all enjoy.

Also, I would like to thank my two wonderful betas CantHelpThisSmile and Jewel Queen.

Note : I'm not very sure if there are any forests in Oakdale but for the story's sake let's assume that there is a vast stretch of a dense forest beyond the pond near the Snyder farm.

Cursed With a Miracle

There was a deafening explosion when the train crashed into the car that had stalled on the tracks. The only person who was riding the now battered car lay barely conscious with blood all over him. Realization was quick to dawn upon Reid and he knew that he was soon going to die. Yet he found a strange sense of comfort and strength in the bitter taste of his own blood as it dripped onto his hungry tongue. Next thing he knew he was being dragged out of his car. He was swinging between the black and white of consciousness so often that it was making it hard for him to comprehend his surroundings.

"He's not going to take it well. He never wanted to."

"Alex, there is no turning back from here. You know it."

"Let's take him away before he wakes up."

A group of outlandishly dressed people were huddled around the injured man.

When Reid regained consciousness he could hear some people talking and concluded that he must be in the hospital, considering that he was still alive. Unbearable pain shot across his body as he tried to open his eyes. But instead of finding a group of doctors clustered around him he found some strange people staring back at him. A flicker of recognition passed through his eyes. And suddenly he knew. The wave of realization that hit him felt like cold water splashed across his face. He wanted to scream, fight and do whatever he could do to break free. He did try, though, but in vain. Being a doctor himself he knew pretty well, now, that the reason why he still had his heart beating was something more than a miracle. He was cursed with a miracle, he thought, realizing the bitter irony of life.

"Please," the voice was calm and beseeching, "you are hurt. Don't make it worse." The pain was numbing his clarity of thought and he ceased his struggle.

The leader of the group, Alex, looked at him and nodded. Then she spoke in an urgent voice, "Hurry everyone. We have to clear up before the police arrive."

"They'll suspect. There's blood all over," the woman with red hair remarked.

"They won't." Alex's voice was calm and steady. Then she turned to the youngest member of her group and said, "Gordon, you know what to do." And with that Alex and the others drove off with Reid. Gordon waved and then walked towards the wreckage with a twinkle in his eyes. Alex's order could not have been clearer. He knew exactly what he had to do. It's been a long time since he had had an opportunity to display his skills.