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Every Halloween

Seven years later

The Snyder household bustled with energy as the family met for Halloween dinner.

"Grandma!" Little Carol and Johnson got out of their car and ran to meet their granny.

Lily hugged and kissed her favorite grandchildren. She knew the depths she had gone to get their parents together. And watching them grow into a happy little family made her heart weep with joy. Luke and Noah followed their kids into the farmhouse. They have been married for six years now and their life was bliss.

The October chills made everyone lazy and the entire family went to bed soon after the lavish dinner. Luke hoped that his children would not give him a hard time putting them to bed. Fortunately for him they had been running around with their cousins the entire day and seemed drowsy at dinner. Two year old Carol had fallen asleep in Lily's arms while he had cleared the dining table. He kissed Noah goodnight, feigning sleepiness.

Luke waited for the grandfather clock to strike one hour past midnight. He turned on his side, restless with anticipation. Even after years of following the same routine on Halloween he would still get nervous like the first time. An hour later, he quietly got out of bed. Making sure that his husband was fast asleep, he made his way to the nearest window. The farm was covered in a light mist that made it difficult for him to see.

The house was dark and silent. Luke quietly tiptoed downstairs towards the kitchen. He waited in the dark hallway for some time to make sure that he would not be interrupted by anybody. He picked up the bag of pumpkin pies he had secretly prepared that evening and sneaked outside.

He walked towards the pond. A cold wind was blowing and he pulled his coat tightly around him. As he neared the margin of the forest he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure standing in the shadows. Luke's heart beat faster as he approached Reid.

"Hey." Luke greeted him. Reid's dark auburn hair was unkempt and he had grown a lazy stubble but he still managed to look as sexy as ever. The thought made Luke smile.

"You got my pies?" He asked eagerly.

"Reid!" Luke pretended to be offended, "You only wait for the pies?"

"Come here." Reid took hold of Luke's wrist and pulled him close. Luke's heart still skipped a beat whenever Reid did that. Their faces were mere inches apart but Luke knew that his ex-boyfriend would not kiss him. So he would just put his head across the vampire's chest and listened to his heart beat rhythmically and strongly.

Arm in-arm they made their way into the forest. They always took a long walk in the shadows of the long trees. It was in those few moments that they would enter a world entirely of their own where their forms were concealed by the dark and the sound of their laughter was drowned by the whistling wind.

The first time Luke had wandered there he had been petrified but with Reid he did not care. As long as his guardian vampire was around Luke knew that nothing could harm him. After a few hours they walked back to the pond. Luke often marveled at how Reid never lost his way. He could predict every twist and turn in that maze of a forest even in the dark. But that would not stop Luke from wishing that they would, sometimes, get lost in those woods.

"You'll meet me again next Halloween. Won't you?" Luke always asked Reid the same question before they parted.

"Every Halloween, my word stands till eternity." Reid answered with a smile.

Luke walked back hoping that next Halloween would come soon. The long wait was never that hard for him. Though there were times when he wished that Reid would be the one sleeping next to him every night. But he would always tell himself that anything was better than not having met Reid again. It was just the satisfaction of knowing that Reid was still alive and somewhere out there that made him want to live once more.

Reid waited in the shadows and watched Luke until he was safely inside his house. He gave a little sigh before shouldering on to his own home. It wasn't enough, these few moments with Luke. He was always left wanting more. The flame of hope in his heart, the hope that they would one day lose themselves to each other, burned brighter every year. And he knew Luke felt the same way too.