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"Sasuke, what are you wearing?"

"Provocative clothing, which I aim to seduce you with, because I don't know what the fuck will convince you that I want you to fuck me. Hard."

"….You're drunk."

"Just a little, but that's not the point Aniki. I know you want this, and I do too. So if the feeling is mutual and no one is around, I want to know why you're not screwing my brains out by now."

"I'm not taking advantage of you while you're intoxicated."

"Damn it, why can't you just not give a damn for once Itachi! Even if I wasn't drunk I'd still want this! Do something for yourself," Sasuke said the last sentence with a lecherous grin ,"Just give in to what we both deserve and desire."

Itachi hesitated before responding, "…..I "-

-How the hell did it lead to this? To Incest? Well, Sasuke wouldn't know how to explain it in simplest terms, so let's just go back to where it all began six long months ago.


===========BEFORE GRADUATION====================

One of these days, Sasuke would invent the cure for idiocy.

Once the world saw how his blond friend had been cleansed of the imbecile virus(a miracle in itself), they would dub him God's Reincarnation.

Well maybe not God, (Being dubbed the antichrist didn't sound too swell either) so let's go with Einstein, who everyone loves to believe in.

People worldwide would come to him, begging to share the life-altering solution he'd created, and then Sasuke would make them grovel on their knees until mankind offered to make him earth's supreme ruler, and then he would enslave all who'd dared to piss him off throughout life, and-

"Hey asshole! Get that creepy smirk off your face. I swear, it's like you're plotting world domination or somethin (He preferred dictatorship). Anyways, you're supposed to be helping me with this calculus homework, which I still don't get, so stop dozing off and give me the answers."

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched.

"Hn. I offered my help to tutor you, not give you the answers, usuratonkachi. You need to actually learn this for next week's final exam. It's the only thing that can pull your pathetic grade up to at least a C. "

"Oi! I beg your pardon. That's not true… it would go to up to a C plus."

Oh poor Naruto.

Sasuke hadn't realized the disease had corroded his best friend's brain this extensively. But maybe he should have when he saw the retard using algebraic formulas to solve a calculus problem. Disappointed with the fact that nothing could cure the moron, he just sighed before retorting,

"All the more reason you should study you dumb fuck. With how little you've been progressing, you'll be lucky to get a D. Now stop slacking off and listen while I explain this once more."

"You seriously know how to motivate a guy."

"Yeah, well you know what? I'm feeling a little motivated to leave right now, so if you'll excuse -"

"Alright I'm listening! Don't go! I really do need your help." Naruto knew Sasuke loved to make people beg, so surely this would be enough.

Unfortunately for the blond, Sasuke was not in a resilient mood. Actually, he was feeling pretty vicious. And although it wasn't the whole world at his beck and call, he would settle for the source that denied him the privilege of being able to live out this fantasy.

"Get on your knees and plead for me to stay"

Apparently he'd expected too much.

"As if!"

That was okay. He knew Naruto's weakness (besides shitty, sodium-packed ramen) anyways and didn't hesitate to use it.

"Fine, I hope Kushina looks forward to pinning an F on the fridge for another one of your outstanding failure awards. Especially considering it's your last grade."

Naruto winced. His mother was a truly frightening woman. The last time he showed her his report card, he could've sworn her fiery hair had come to life and almost pissed himself when it looked as if it would consume him in her red, habanero anger.

But what about his pride?

He noticed Sasuke was already opening the door to leave his room.

What pride! He'd only kissed one person his whole life by none other than this jerkoff.

Lesson learned; never pick a guy with sociopathic tendencies for a friend, and or, anything in general. Because they are not, he repeats, they are not friendly (emphasis on the 'friend') and they had scary superiority complexes.

"Okay okay! See I'm on my knees, so stay! ...Umm please, for me?"

Turning around, the jerk looked as if still contemplating the thought of leaving. He just stared at the blond with narrowed eyes and a thumb under his chin. So after what felt like an eternity (half a minute) to Naruto, who was sadly impatient and impulsive, blurted-

"What, did you also want a blowjob?"

….Glare, pivot, left foot forward-.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry! You know I don't think before I speak, so forget I said that. You're right, this is no time for jokes." There, a trilogy of apologies, a wound to his own pride, and an ego boost for the douche.

Satisfied, Sasuke turned and walked to sit back down on the floor where all of the blond's work was scattered.

"You know better than to provoke me twice, so shut it and pay attention. You can stop kneeling so pathetically now by the way."


"What is it?"

"My legs fell asleep."

"Then stay that way, so long as you don't get distracted"

Naruto did so, and proceeded to mumble something that sounded like –sadistic bastard 'should really beat you -.

"Come again?"

"I said 'fantastic master please continue' "

After two more hours of tutoring the infuriating twit, Sasuke called it a day and decided to head home. The hyperactive blond gave him twice a bigger headache when he was trying to use his brain instead of his blabbermouth

Naruto had decided to accompany him on his way out.

"Hey Sasuke, I've been meaning to ask you somethin."


"Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk about. I think I finally figured out why you have that stick up your ass and –hey stop glaring!- and sadly it's pretty obvious. You're a virgin right? So in my opinion, you need to get laid, and I guarantee you'll find true bliss."

There goes that twitch again.

"Let me get this straight. You, who's only had one kiss throughout his eighteen years of life- which you know was an accident-, is lecturing me about getting a sex life. You're fucking with me right dobe?"

"I fuck you not. Besides, I'm already a ball of sunshine without ever having had sex. You on the other hand, act like a cliché-nobody-understands-me teenager. Well I understand! And what I understand is that you need a good fuck to feel good. And you don't' even have to go out with her since you know your fan girls would do anything to be your first romp in the sheets. So by all means, hit it and quit it.", cue sunshiny smile.

"That's nice Doctor Drew (1) , but I didn't ask for your opinion . Desperate people don't hold much of an appeal to me, so no thanks. I'm fine with focusing on my education than getting a lecture from the teacher for staring at her tits during class." Sasuke said the last part with a condescending and knowing look.

Naruto went on defense, "Dude, it was health class. I was just wondering if it wasn't hazardous for Tsunade to walk around with those atomic bombs. She could be a terrorist! I was right about Deidara wasn't I?"

"No, you weren't. He was just an explosive test operator who took that job as an inspiration for his sculptures. You misunderstood when he'd claimed that to him art was a bang."

"Have you seen the motherfreakin spy kids shit he owns? He told me once that his sculptures were the bomb, and that he promised they would blow me away if I let him demonstrate them. How is that not suspicious?-Argh, we're getting off topic here! Look man, if you're not gonna do it then fine, be a prude. All I can say is that you should at least whack it more often, cuz it really wouldn't surprise me if Uchihas were too prideful to do that."

He so didn't need this.

"Whatever, are you done? I need to get going."

"Yes, and I think I've made my point, so see you on Monday bastard. Don't forget to pump it up when you get home!"

With a shake of his head, Sasuke bid him a farewell,

"Later dead last."

On his drive back home, Sasuke's cellphone started to vibrate. He obviously wasn't going to answer while driving, so he just decided to check who it was when he reached the Uchiha manor. Not like he would've answered anyways. He didn't like to socialize with people in general. The only ones excepted from that were Naruto (rarely) and his older brother Itachi.

Though, he also acknowledged that Itachi was always an exception for everything, the biggest one being the saying that goes 'nobody's too fucking perfect'. He was highly intelligent, a great athlete, popular amongst everyone, and devastatingly handsome.

Of course, so was Sasuke, but his brother was all that on a whole nother supernova level.

Fucking show off.

He remembered being a little kid he was confused as to how feel towards Itachi. He would feel jealous at all the praise his brother would receive from Father for even simplistic things like finding the god damn remote control, while little Sasuke received no acknowledgement living in his shadow.

Growing up however, he'd come to no longer feel resentment towards his Nii-san after realizing that no one acknowledged him more than Itachi, and that was all he'd needed. Which was why he couldn't help but feel abandoned when 5 years ago, his brother had abruptly decided he wanted to go study in America. He still remembered the final words Itachi had left him with right before leaving.

"Foolish Otouto, I'll return before you know it, so there's no need to miss me. Take care."

And then he was left to accept another sudden change in his life soon afterwards.

The day after his Aniki left, Sasuke had found the keys his father had been desperately searching for to drive to work ( because there was no way in hell he was going to show up at work in his wife's pink corvette and give Madara another reason to justify why Fugaku was oh-so-whipped) and to his utter surprise, the man had looked at him sternly (albeit blundering) and said proudly (albeit awkwardly) –

"That's my boy."

Sasuke had stood there staring at his father like a gaping fish while thinking along the lines of '….asdfghjkl….the fuck? Neglecting father say what?'

Fugaku had felt so out of place under that stare so he'd just decided to try to look composed while turning to slowly walk away from his flabbergasted son. Then he had headed for work.

How had Sasuke felt after the shock wore off?


He had thrived throughout his whole life to receive those words from his father trying to live up to his expectations, and in the end all he had needed to do was find some shiny mother-effing keys!

How anticlimactic. He should have figured it out when Itachi had found the remote.

The next day, he had thrown those keys over his house's fence where it had hopefully landed in the ditch that was located behind, so that it could rust real prettily.

Luckily (and unfortunately) enough, his father had afterwards started to push him to start achieving the bigger things in life. Which meant more work, joining the soccer team, learning the family business, and doing his best to become valedictorian since he hadn't graduated early like his big brother had.

At the end of the day, when he came home sweaty and dehydrated from playing on the field, to go study (again) in his room, his father would pass him by the hallway and say -

"As expected from my son."

Although he relished those moments, he couldn't help but feel like a replacement or that he was just being crafted into another Itachi. It was now starting to make him wish his brother was back home to poke him in the forehead and proceed to reassure him that he was his own person . It was in these moments where he felt he couldn't ignore the feeling of abandonment.

Oh god, he was thinking too much.

With a start he realized how fast the time had gone by and that he was already parked in front of his house.

He shook off the reminiscing thoughts. He honestly needed to stop being so dependent on his Aniki.

He got out of the car and headed towards the front door to continue inside. He really felt like eating some comfort food so he headed towards the kitchen. Once there, he started to raid the fridge in search for a delectable tomato. He had made sure to keep a very plump one hidden from the rest behind the milk carton, and oh God, he was already salivating at the thought of flavoring its rich juic-


Right were his precious red plump should be was a very horrific, vacant spot.

He went through the dairy section again at least five times and guess what? Still. No. Tomato.

What the fuck? How could it be gone when he was the only one in the house that even liked the vegetable (It's not a fruit!)? His parents already knew that he liked to separate one from the rest to keep for himself so they knew better than to relocate it. The only one that had ever ignored that and ate it anyways just to tease him was-

"Sorry Sasuke, I couldn't help myself"

He felt himself tense in shock at the unexpected voice.

The velvety tone struck him with familiarity.

Could it be?

He closed the fridge and then slowly turned himself towards the direction he had heard the voice coming from. There was no way that it was actually-


Yup, It sure was him. In the flesh. Literally. The man was casually leaning against the kitchen counter, shirtless. Apparently, he still worked out, judging by his six pack, and looked to be the right amount of muscle and slimness. He noticed how his brother's pale, bare chest seemed a bit damp and assumed he had just gotten out of the shower, judging by the dripping black hair tied in a loose ponytail. He was also wearing loose black sweat pants that rode low on his jutting hipbones and barefoot.

"Yes, and you are Sasuke. Is that any way to greet me Otouto? So my guess is that you're no longer meticulous about what foods to eat. I'll just finish this then."

If he hadn't been so engrossed at staring at his Aniki's torso, he would have noticed how in his right hand a luscious tomato was held. It had already been bitten, and was halfway done-correction- about to become less than that seeing as how Itachi was about to chew into it once more.

"Hey that's mine!"

With a playful smirk Itachi brought it to his mouth and kept it there for a few tense seconds. Then….munch. Chew, chew. Swallow.

"Well, it's mine now."

He probably should felt aggravated (because no one touched his mother fucking tomatoes), but he found himself captivated by the red juices smeared on his Nii-san's plump lips and how a cherry tongue came out to lick it up slowly. His focus reverted back to the naked upper body and how the black hair that clung over a naked shoulder was still dripping, but that's not what had caught his attention. No, it was the sly droplet that had found its merry way sliding down leisurely towards his brother's pink nipple, where it still clung.

Amazing how his brother could make even eating a vegetable look erotic. Itachi should advertise healthy eating because he guaranteed people would start it if they saw how his big brother made it look so sinfully good.

"You look flushed Sasuke. Are you really that upset? I was only teasing."

Itachi smiled softly and revealed what had been in his other hand that had been hidden behind his back.

"This is the one that was behind the milk carton. Take it."

Gawkily, he grabbed the offered plump.

"R-right. Thanks."

Shit, just what the fuck was that? He never stuttered around anyone! His brother was home again and all he could do was get hot and bothered by Itachi's presence. He needed to get his mind off of his Aniki's physical visage.

They both chewed in silence while Sasuke thought about what to say to his big brother after so long.

Finally, after finishing their snacks, Sasuke spoke up -

"So what brings you home Itachi? I thought it took at least six years to complete the course you're taking."

His brother smiled at him (such a perfect set of teeth!), "Ah yes, well, I didn't want to miss my Otouto's graduation as valedictorian. I must say, I'm impressed, but not nearly as much as I am proud of you."

Wow,If he'd been as pathetic as his fan girls, he would have let out a happy, sobbing squeal and would have jumped his brother to squeeze him in a death bear hug. But he wasn't, so he settled for looking away and muttering while feeling his face heat up again-

"Thanks. It's not as great as graduating early though."

His brother looked at him with narrowed eyes now and spoke sternly -


"Hmm?" He refused to look at his Aniki while his body was reacting strangely to him.

"Look at me." Itachi spoke in a softer tone that managed to calm Sasuke down enough to look up and obey his brother.


"Foolish Otouto, you should've seen that coming." His Nii-san chuckled.

Before he could retort in indignation, his brother spoke again," From what mother tells me, Father has barely begun to recognize your potential to become someone great. It's not your fault if you weren't receiving enough encouragement as of late, while I was pushed to achieve impossible feats since infancy. If I'dve been in your place, I wouldn't have bothered to try, and certainly wouldn't have done as great as you're doing now. So be more prideful in yourself, because I know everyone who cares about you is, including me." Itachi finished with a soft smile and tenderly closed eyes.

This was why he would never be able to become more independent. How could he when his brother's endearing words are what kept him feeling so complete? This is what he'd needed to hear the whole time he felt everyone was judging him and thinking he was just (as Sai had put it when describing Sakura) 'a waste of sperm and eggs'. It was refreshing to not feel as though he was a mistake in the reproductive system.

He regained his focus on Itachi and noticed how smooth and subtle his brother's inviting pale, pink lips looked.

Subconsciously, he'd started to lean forward his face towards his Aniki's until he was only centimeters away. Itachi was now also looking at him curiously. He didn't know what he was doing. He could only feel the eratic thumping in his chest and hear it in his head, but right when he closed his eyes as well to close the lip distance, the phone rang.

Sasuke jumped as if shocked by Sakura's taser. Just what the hell was he thinking?

Space! Space! He needed to step off of his brother's cool-aid!

He rapidly moved until he was standing at least two yards away. Sadly, two yards away, a chair that stuck out of table had gone unnoticed by the raven in his attempt to set a distance between himself and his brother, causing him to tumble and hit his head hard on the floor. Woops.

"Christ! Motherfuck! That hurts like a bitch."

Itachi looked at his brother in shock for a second and then snapped out of it to immediately rush in aiding him.

His Nii-san had kneeled and wrapped one arm around his Otouto's shoulders while the other cradled his delicate head

""Sasuke, what got into you? Besides pain, what're you feeling?"

Sasuke did his best to hide a moan of pain, plus his dizziness, and just ignored the inquiry. "Itachi, would you please get me some ice? I have a feeling it'll start to swell really bad"

No questions asked, Itachi stood up with one arm now wrapped around his brother's waist, and settled the younger on a chair. Yes, the one that had ironically caused him this misfortune. Tomorrow, he'd make sure to throw that chair over the fence where all the things that had fucked with him mysteriously disappeared to.

While his brother walked away to retrieve the ice, the telephone's voicemail was heard (He'd forgotten it was even ringing….tomorrow the phone would also go missing)-


"Sasuke, It's your mother, I just found out that your father forgot to mention your brother is coming back to live with us after graduating early. Again! He said he would arrive today so expect to see him soon. Call me if he gets home before me and Fugaku. Bye sweetie."

Well no wonder his family had seemed anxious these past few days. He 'd thought it was weird that they started polishing all of the awards and trophies that belonged to his brother and had put his own medals and honors on display also. Now he guessed it was to show that they still worshiped his Aniki and that they had even made another Itachi (a.k.a Sasuke) so that it would be as if he'd never left.

Itachi had been digging through the fridge to hurriedly put in some ice inside the compress he'd found in the first aid cabinet (thankfully it was still in the kitchen where he remembered). He didn't act like he'd heard a word the answering machine had said. No actually, he looked to still be worried and in a haste to get back to his wounded little brother. Once he was done, he rushed back with the compress to where his brother was sitting and tenderly cradled Sasuke's head with his left hand.

"Tell me where it hurts."

His Nii-san's face was way too close for his liking. (2) He was practically breathing in all the carbon dioxide Itachi was letting out! He needed to get some space before he passed out from all the heat getting to him.

"I can do it myself Aniki."

However, his brother was stubborn and looked determined to take care of his younger brother.

"Sasuke, just tell me. It's my fault for not reaching out to catch you when I saw you fall. "

He didn't want to say the reason for his sudden clumsiness was due to him having immoral impulses, but he reassured his brother it wasn't his fault either,"No it's not. I just-"

"At least let me take care of you this once. I miss doing this."

…..Well, when he put it that way.

Sasuke pointed to where the injury was and immediately felt the pain alleviated from the cool ice being pressed down on it carefully. Too bad it didn't help his face warming up again at having Itachi so close to him…again.

His Nii-san was starting to stare at him deeply and it was making him feel antsy.

"Sasuke, you've grown into a very handsome young man."

Itachi's eyes had strayed towards his lips and were now focused intensely with a glint of something he couldn't name portrayed on them.

Could it be that he also wanted to-

"You should go rest, you're breathing quite heavily. You should have told me you were also feeling faint."

He wanted to say that the dazed spell from the landing had worn off and that it was only there again from being in close proximity of his gloriously half-naked brother. But now that his brother had backed off and given him the compress to wrap his arm around him again in an attempt to guide him to the living room couch, he wisely chose to keep that to himself.

When Itachi reached the sofa he sat down and pulled Sasuke to sit right next to him. Sasuke tensed when he felt his brother start to pull his head down to where Itachi's lap was located.

"Just lay down Sasuke, You'll feel better once you've had a good nap."

Sasuke gradually did as was told and stretched himself out on the couch over his Aniki's thighs. He felt like such a little kid, but couldn't help but feel comforted by having Itachi being so caring towards him again. Not to mention that with the way he was situated, he could feel his big brother's hard muscles pressed against him. His skin had a scent that reminded him of the fresh smell the rain left the grass lingering with outside in a summer evening. If he were a poet, he'd find a way to put his brother's aroma into the best composed poem out there and make millions off of it.

Itachi left the compress on his head and was now looking at him downcast.

"Sleep little brother"

With a content little smile, Sasuke nodded and closed his eyes to let his mind drift off into a dark abyss.

He woke up to a blinding flash illuminating his face.

"Oh Fugaku, look at our boys! They're already cuddling together in their sleep, how adorable! I didn't know you missed your big brother this much Sasuke."

Blinking the sleep away, Sasuke took note of Mikoto standing infront of him with a giddy smile and a camera in her hand.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"When I walked inside and saw you two snuggling together like when you were boys, I couldn't resist taking out the camera. Now we can put this precious moment in a frame to display later!"

Upon looking at his position, Sasuke stiffened.

Sometime during his rest, Itachi had fallen asleep lain down face up, and had decided to pull Sasuke on top of him (while he was still half-naked). Oblivious little Sasuke had unconsciously wrapped his arms around his Ni-san's neck and had tucked his face between his collar and shoulder. Itachi also had his arms wrapped around Sasuke's waist in a protective manner.

He registered his father standing with his arms crossed behind his mother.

"Mikoto stop it, you're flustering the boy."

Sasuke immediately went to get up off the couch but a very possessive arm only tightened around him and kept him in place. Fortunately, that little movement managed to wake his brother up. Itachi groggily opened his eyes and moved a hand up to his mouth to cover up a yawn. Then he noticed Sasuke looking at him with an agitated frown. Nii-san only smiled at him.

"Otouto, I see you're awake. How are you feeling now?"

"Just great. Would you mind doing me the favor of letting me go now Aniki?"


"Oh Itachi, my first baby, you're back! I didn't want to wake you because I know it must have been tiring traveling so far to get here. I see you've already started bonding with your brother again, how cute."


"….That's why."

Itachi immediately released his brother and they both stood up far apart from the other. Sasuke didn't know what to make from the sudden feeling of loss, so he just ignored it.

Mikoto put the camera in her purse and went to hug her son in a motherly embrace.

"I'm so glad you're here to stay with us again. Welcome back honey."

"Thank you mother."

When his mom stepped back, Fugaku walked up to clasp his hand on Itachi's shoulder.

"It's good to have you back son, you were missed significantly. If you don't mind, could you go put on a shirt? It's rather chilly in here and I can feel you're freezing."

"Yes father. When I return, I'd like to discuss something very imperative with you all."

With that, Itachi walked towards the stairs and bounded up to where Sasuke assumed was his luggage in his old room.

He came back down five minutes later in a casual navy blue shirt and went to where the rest of the family was already seated in the living room. Mikoto and his father were in the love seat while Sasuke was on the sofa he'd slept on. When Sasuke realized he could no longer see his Aniki's bare chest, he felt strangely disappointed. Weeeeird.

Fugaku decided to bring up the subject,

"What did you want to talk about son?"

"It's about my living arrangements. I haven't been completely thorough about where I plan to live now that I've returned. I'm thinking of buying an apartment not too far from here."


So he wasn't going to spend time with his Nii-san? He was leaving for a second time?

Mikoto looked slightly surprised but quickly shook if off to put on an understanding smile for her oldest son.

"Oh. Well, I guess I understand why you'd want to move out. A grown man needs to learn how to live on his own without relying on his parents."

Fuagku interjected," Itachi, I hope you're not asking for our permission. You're an adult and this is a decision you make for yourself, so we're not stopping you if that's what you're thinking. Is there anything else you wanted to say?"

"Yes. I also want Sasuke to come live with me after he graduates. Only if he wants to though. If he plans on going to an out of city college, then I suppose I can't persuade him."

Then Itachi turned to him

"So Otouto, would you like to come live with me?"

Mikoto looked a little crestfallen at the prospect of also losing her baby boy and her expression said she just wanted to hold her youngest tight and never let him go…Yeesh.

Fugaku looked at him with a stern face that just dared him to say no to the prodigy of the family (and basically the world). Apparently he didn't care about continuing to bond with his youngest son any longer (if you count talking about his duties, family business and occasionally Father bringing up how great Itachi was with Sasuke agreeing -cuz it was his duty.)

He didn't need any convincing really. He planned to stay in Japan anyhow because moving too far would be too much of a hassle and more expensive. Plus, he didn't want to be separated from his brother ever again. He didn't say that though, instead he tried to appear cool and aloof.

"I've already received my acceptance letter to Senju University, so sure, why not?"

"It's settled then. I've already picked out a condo that's located relatively close to that school actually."

"Wow, that's convi- wait, a condo? I thought you said you were buying an apartment."

"I would have chosen an apartment if it was just me living there, but now that you've agreed, I believe a condominium would suffice for the both of us."

Well at least he wouldn't have to deal with a drastic change of scenery considering the extravagant mansion he'd grown up in.

Still, a condo? How badass was that?

"Sasuke, watch your language young man!"

Oh shit, had he said that out loud? So much for cool and aloof. He was hanging out with Naruto too much.

Sasuke looked at his mom with a bashful and apologetic look, "Sorry mom."

Fugaku turned to Itachi, "When do you plan on moving out son?"

"As I've said, after Sasuke's graduation, so probably a day later. Which is about a week from now, right Otouto?"


Father focused on him now, "Then I suggest you start packing already. Procrastinating is not an Uchiha trait."

"Yes father."

Mikoto stood up and moved slowly away from the living room with a melancholy aura. She went up the stairs looking very upset over the news she'd just received.

Sasuke felt slightly guilty for agreeing with no consideration for his mother (he knew she felt closer to him than Itachi), but he'd do just about anything in order to stay with his Aniki.

Fugaku watched her as well and just shook his head, "Don't worry boys, she'll get over it. You were bound to leave permanently sooner or later."

Itachi saw how he still wasn't convinced, "He's right Sasuke, don't fret over her motherly instincts taking over."

"I'm not, it's just that I didn't even think about how she-"

"Unless you want to stay here and continue to be…a momma's boy."

Momma's boy? How dare he? Sure he could be spoiled when he wanted to be, but he made sure he never asked for much. How shameful would it be to become like all those snobby rich kids out there.

"I am not a momma's boy!"

"Then don't get upset like one little brother. Nevertheless, we'll still visit here from time to time."

He sighed, "Okay then, this day has been pretty hectic for me, so I think I'll just go take a shower and head to bed afterwards."

Fugaku agreed, "That's fine, go right ahead."

Itachi looked apathetic as usual, but his eyes softened when they looked at him, "Sleep well Otouto."

His stomach started to feel fuzzy at the endearing words, but again, he ignored the strangeness, "Thanks, you too."

He then headed upstairs and walked to his room at the end of the hallway on the right. Closing the door, he went to his drawer to look for an extra set of boxers to bring with him to the shower that was connected to his quarters. He walked to the bathroom and locked the door before completely undressing and putting his clothes on the toilet lid. He turned on the shower head and stepped inside while waiting for the water to heat up. Once it was warm, he took his time finishing his essential bathing rituals. Finished, he stepped out and reached for a towel on the rack to dry himself with. Then he returned it and proceeded to put his boxers on.

He closed the door behind himself leaving the bathroom, and sluggishly made his way to his bed. He pulled the covers away and then pulled them over himself once he laid down. Finally, he let his mind wander through the day's frenetic events.

So this was it, a week from now, he would be moving in with his Aniki . He felt sorta giddy at the thought of how life would be like now with Itachi. He would most likely be seeing his brother every day and they would probably become as close as they'd been five years ago.

For some reason, that didn't actually seem to satisfy him as much as it should have. He felt like he wanted something more. Maybe it had to do with how flustered he'd been every time he'd glance at Itachi, or vice versa.

And the almost kiss incident! He really didn't know how to explain that. He'd felt an impulse to suddenly embrace his brother passionately without restrictions. Oh god, could it be that he was attract-no. No, no, no. That was totally wrong and disgusting. It was incest for Christ's sake. Again no, he guessed he had just been caught up in the moment and blamed it on his concussion giving him ludicrous thoughts.

Maybe Naruto was right and he just needed to get sexually active. That would surely distr-I mean dissuade his body's desire to act so immoral around people (Itachi) it shouldn't . He was not in denial



(1)- That guy that always shows up to listen and give advice to the bimbos that got knocked up on sixteen and pregnant. No offense to the other teenage moms, but all these girls want to do is bitch about the father or the new boyfriend.

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